20 Amazing Under Stairs Wine Cellar Ideas

Under Stairs Wine Cellar Ideas

If you have a home with stairs, you may have found yourself debating on what exactly you can do with that space under the stairs. The wall that seems to run both alongside and behind the stairwell has perplexed many. Before you decide to hang any pictures, this will be a prime opportunity to create a classy yet bold statement. The space underneath the stairs is perfect for…. drum roll please…. Your very own wine cellar! Your home will be dressed to impress with the musing of classical appeals. Cabernet and Merlot alike will have a graceful presence amongst the paired vintage vino on display. This particular concept is a fashionable opportunity to define your design and give your home a refined approach to the enigmatic area under the stairs. Amazing under Stairs Wine Cellar Ideas have made their way from a commercial idea to a true home design.

You will find in the twenty images below, the widened variety of looks and styles that are associated with a wine cellar. The shelving and compartmental aspects of the design are made from differentiated materials. You will note the lighting and sleek styles in each design that has an effectual purpose while you integrate your own personality into the space.

Image: A Wood Railing

Glass doors enter a sophisticated wine cellar that is set under the stairs. The wooden finish is natural while a clever use of lights are on a downward track for effect.

Image: Home Bunch

This cellar under the stairs is elegant and modern. The amber glow is beautiful with a black trim. The lighting and wine within an arched style creates a shining ambience.

Image: Architecture Art Designs

The layout of this wine cellar offers a spacious appeal with the use of dimension and visual perception. The modern block metal frame is detailed with stoic lighting and a fashionable design.

Image: HGTV

This dual door design alters the original cabinet under the stars idea and turns it into a delightful expression. The shelves sit directly under the stairway for easy access and a geometrical style.

Image: Decoist

A genuine wine cabinet serves as a cellar beneath the stairs. This cherished style is a part of the integrity of the rooms design.

Image: Avina Wine Tools

A modern tone is glamorously set with a lavish sitting area. Rich gold tones and genuine lighting highlight the sleek design of the horizontal view.

Image: Pin IMG

This witty style has circular openings for shelving. The bottles are finely displayed while adding personality to the design.

Image: Buzz Buzz Home

Sheer reflection is styled with a pyramid of designer wine bottles. Each slot has a holder to prevent rolling for a lasting impression for your home.

Image: Carolina Couture

An open stairway concept can still benefit from a wine cellar design. The back drop tiling is made of slate gray tones that are paired with trendy wooden finishes and glass doors for a completed look.

Image: Houzz

This chic and visionary design has a lengthened view. The sparkling style holds horizontal slides to hold your wine bottles whiles displaying them with a luxurious note.

Image: Instagram

A gloss black door opens the way to a chimingly lit under the stairs wine cellar design. The smart use of space and style are reflected in this modernly traditional space.

Image: Design and Remodeling Team

This cellar creates a portal into another time and place. The Elven door enchants you with details and scrolling accents that are inspired for your home.

Image: Rose Lawn Lutheran

An under the stair wine cellar remains open and refreshed with a glass door accompaniment. the hollowed out space under the stairwell is the perfect fit for this design.

Image: Gmaillogina

Wooden and white cellar shelving is well lit and dreamy for your next project. Seamless glass doors are a contemporary style that is simply fabulous.

Image: AFT Construction

A generous design is shown here with white framing and a grand display of your personal favorites that have become a true part of the rooms aura.

Image: Winespectator

This trendy and cozy cellar design is a lovely way to use this space under the stairs. The wooden compartments and chic boxes are all a part of the appeal.

Image: Facebook

We love this clever use of stony textures and enchanting details. The elaborate design is a charming wine cellar and a brilliant use of space and style.

Image: Dwelling D├ęcor

Another view of this design is going to focus on the dual tones of the lights. A soft yet vibrant green hue is collaborated with a rich wooden setting.

Image: Shelterness

The designer display shown here is a modernized appeal that is open and well fashioned. Black metal framing and a contemporary racked style offers a new perception to a cellar.

Image: Interiors by Studio M

The glamour and sleek notes are styled with a pairing of glass and trendy details. A contemporary home is enlightened with a gorgeous under the stair wine cellar.

We have seen expert designs and fashioned styles of an at home wine cellar under the stairs. The chic concept puts to use the space underneath your steps, creating an elaborately elegant appeal. Modern, vintage and creative approaches are paired with trending looks and intentions. Traditional racking systems are met with a clever floating wine rack for a brand new perspective.

You will cherish your wine cellar design while charming your guests. The fashioned presence of class and refined visions will be a part of your home and your everyday view. Enjoy your wine cellar and finesse the possibilities of each detail and precise style for your home.

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