20 Awesome Unique Designs of Kitchen Stools

Kitchen Stools

Kitchen bar stools make for wonderful seating in a kitchen space, perfect for small conversation while the kitchen is in use, or a breakfast bar for early mornings. Whether you want to create a breakfast bar, have extra dining counters, or create a space for homework, bar stools can help complete a bar top or counter top.

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Image: Home Bunch

Upholstery choices range from leather to vinyl to fabric, and in any case they can add color to neutral spaces. The leather in this space add square lines to the round stools by way of buttons, something that accents the other square and circle patterns in the space.

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Image: Architectural Digest

In this modern design, not only are the four seats unique in their geometric structure, but they allow for size and height adjustments.

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Image: Apartment Therapy

In this space, the scooped seating design offers slight back and side support without taking up too much room, a wonderful combination of traditional square and round stools.

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Image: Home Designing

Taking a unique stance with a strong space, these bar stool swings are a fun take on a traditional design. Offering the same hidden storage, the swings do not take up a lot of floor space and leave this minimalist kitchen looking sleek.

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Image: Trendir

Those who use the bar stools regularly are better off with backs, so that there is a supportive structure for long periods of sitting. Here the geometric structure not only make great use of the natural wood grains, but they offer a supportive back component.

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Image: Greige Design

Backless bar stools are ideal for kitchens were space is limited, because they often appear less bulky and take up less space. What’s more, they can be tucked underneath a bar top or counter top and stored away, like these sleek metal designs.

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Image: Trends Ideas

Round stools take up less space in the kitchen and create better flow.With the outward extended table, these adjustable round stools are the perfect companion piece for the movable dining area.

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Image: One Kindesign

Stools which are meant more for show, and limited use, can do just fine with a backless design. These stunning metal chairs are easily pushed beneath the edge of the counter top for storage.

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Image: Ignite Light

These unique designs are easily hidden when no in use and do not take up a lot of space. With the swinging arm extension, these bar stools move naturally outward for guest seating and inward for storage. Not only are they beautifully design, but they are the height of versatility and discretion.

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Image: House Beautiful

Upholstery for your bar stools can add a bold pinch of color or texture to a room without either. In this case, the whites of the stool upholstery complement the other white background colors, keeping the main splash of the color the over sized kitchen island. This symmetry makes great use of the geometric components of the space and leave it feeling more open and sterile.

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Image: Creative Blog

Open mesh backs create an air of space in this minimalist room.

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Image: Home Dit

Kitchen bar stools with backs versus without is a complicated question for any designer, the answer to which is really contingent upon how they will be used. With this space, the unique ledge offered between the two cabinets gives an opportunity to the pair of stools to fit nicely.

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Image: Foter

Here a smaller set of stools complement the smaller kitchen counter top.

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Image: Hwaml

Kitchen bar stools are a wonderful way to turn a kitchen into a natural extension of the dining area. Here, the large, open kitchen space is geometrically turned into a semi-enclosed space with the addition of the two bar tops and additional seating. This offers a semi-circle of seating arrangements looking into the beautiful kitchen space.

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Image: Thistlewood Farms

Square stools fit certain rooms and conform to the natural demands for space in a kitchen setting. With the strong lines in this larger kitchen, these wider square designs work naturally in the given space.

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Image: Wayfair

Kitchen barstools like these need to be a comfortable distance from the counter top or bar top, with eleven inches being the ideal. So having open space behind the stools is important. When in use they might extend into the natural foot path, but when not in use, they can move closer to the bar.

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Image: Décor Pad

Metal bar stools are ideally suited for the minimal look, with a sharp contrast to any space and a complement to modern kitchens.

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Image: Harper’s Bazaar

When you put bar stools in your home, you should consider shorter designs for shorter counter tops. The wooden stools here embrace that shorter sizing while also highlighting the few kitchen accessories made from the same wood.

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Image: R Wither Spoon

It is best to get bar stools that have structures slightly taller than the bar like the metalwork seats here, of course if your bar top extends outward, perhaps discreetly tucking them away underneath when not in use is your plan. For this reason, the majority of the stool–namely the seat section itself–fits nicely under while the intricate metal design is still visible.

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Image: BG Living

Not all counters are the same, which is why there is such variety in terms of the height and style of bar stools. In this space, the shorter stools nestle in quite nicely with the small kitchen island to convert it immediately into a dining table for two.


Overall, kitchen bar stools can fit any room. For accommodations of multiple guests, having height adjustable stools lets each guest raise or lower the seat to their satisfaction. This is particular important among younger family members. The shape selected for the bar stools greatly reflects personal preferences, and is best when it complements the surrounding pieces and the natural shape of the room.

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