15 Wonderfully Made Vintage Kitchen Designs


Image: Sadro Design Studio

If you like vintage decor, you will absolutely love these upscale vintage kitchens. Designed with all the modern amenities you could possibly need, these retro-inspired spaces have all the classic style you desire without the hassles normally associated with older kitchens. By pairing modern and upgraded appliances with vintage cabinets and accessories, the designers of these kitchens have created stylish, functional spaces complete with an endearing, enchanting retro vibe.

Do you love vintage decor? If so, look to these pictures for ideas you can incorporate into your kitchen to create a classic look. From refitted antique stoves to snazzy black-and-white tiles, these spaces have everything you could ever want in a vintage kitchen plus some.


Image: EMI Interior Design

Equipped with state-of-the-art modern appliances, this darling kitchen maintains a retro vibe thanks to the tile floors, quaint cupboards, and a few antique accessories placed here and there.


Image: Kelley and Company Home and Garden Design

This modern country kitchen, has a vintage feel due to several antique pieces placed throughout the room.


Image: Blackstone Edge Studios

Fitted with gas jets, the antique stove in this lovely kitchen steals the show. A true conversation piece, the old stove really sets the tone for the rest of the room’s decor.


Image: Canyon Design Build

Retro tiles placed behind the antique stove in this captivating kitchen draw attention to this imposing piece.


Image: Raffaello Pravato

Sleek custom painted cabinets lend this kitchen a classic feel. Equipped with modern wine storage and upgraded built-in appliances, this kitchen functions quite well in the modern world.


Image: Knight Architects LLC

Retro appliances and a coordinating funky back-splash make this kitchen feel hip and trendy while the warm hardwood floors make the space feel current and homey.


Image: Practical and Beautiful

Gorgeous and refreshing, this vintage kitchen boasts an exquisite exposed brick wall and classic tiles.


Image: Alvhem Makleri & Interior

Classically designed, this black-and-white kitchen has been expertly fitted with vintage cabinets and ceramic tiles.


Image: Alvhem Makleri & Interior

Crisp and clean, this vintage kitchen features classic tongue-and-groove walls and throw-back black-and-white floor tiles.


Image: Design Vidal

This lovely kitchen proves that design is all in the elements you choose for your space. Adorned with antique accessories, this room feels vintage because of the details.


Image: John Malick & Associates

Anchored by handsome vintage appliances, this beautiful kitchen has a unique, appealing aesthetic that can be appreciated by all.


Image: Chamberstock

A collector’s kitchen, this Coca Cola themed space has been furnished with priceless antiques and collectibles.


Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A stunning accent wall made from reclaimed wood serves as the focal point of this cleverly designed retro kitchen.


Image: Cornerstone Cabinet Company

Smartly designed, this vintage-inspired kitchen features a dazzling tile back-splash and a couple of cool bar stools, which give the room a bright splash of color.


Elegant and classic, this vintage kitchen boasts several lovely details that set the tone for the space, such as the breadbox, farm sink, and antique stove.

To create a vintage kitchen that functions in the modern world, select refurbished appliances that fit the time period of your decor. By doing so, you can enjoy cooking in a modern kitchen and still have that vintage look you love so much. And you don’t have to go overboard with the details either. If you choose a few key pieces for your decor, you will quickly create the vintage feel you’re going for in your kitchen.