20 Beautifully Done Brown and White Bathroom Designs

White and brown bathroom design

Let’s face it. Brown and white are the peanut butter and jelly of the interior design world. They pair well together, even in ways you wouldn’t expect. While they may not be particularly bright colors, a combination of brown and white can actually work very well in a bathroom designs, a space that often benefits from having a more modern look.

010 beach-style-bathroom 16

Image: Evens Architects

The white walls help reflect light and open up the bathroom. But the brown counters design really tie everything together.

011 contemporary-bathroom 16

Image: Amory Brown

Cheerfully vintage, this bathroom is aided by a big splash of aqua. But it’s the white tiles that really do the talking.

019 contemporary-bathroom 16

Image: Chris Snook

Rich white tiles and a chocolate wood-paneled counter give this already charming bathroom a contemporary atmosphere.

026 contemporary-bathroom 16

Image: Smart Design Studio

A small hint of light brown and white helps bring out the bathroom’s mauve coloring.

027 contemporary-bathroom 16

Image: Robert Dyson Design

Strong dark brown walls, tiling, and white accents helps this modern bathroom feel even bigger and more comfortable.

032 asian-bathroom 16

Image: Leicht Küchen AG

When in doubt, wood flooring can help invite an organic air into even the most modern bathrooms.

042 contemporary-bathroom 16

Image: Beccy Smart Photography

This is another great example of a wood-floored bathroom. White walls brighten up the space and wood flooring anchors it all together.

056 contemporary-bathroom 16

Image: alene workman interior design, inc

Spacious and regal, this beautiful bathroom relies on hints of mahogany to masterfully set the scene. Notice the marble tiles and how they enrich the space even further.

063 modern-bathroom 16

Image: Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

This bathroom has been given a relatively low-cost renovation with strong mahogany accents.

088 modern-bathroom 16

Image: Liadesign

This bathroom might be small on space but it’s got a lot of charm to give. Note the wood shelving around the mirror and the casual, brown tile, retro brown paint job incorporated into the backsplash tiling.

091 bathroom

Image: Summit Homes Group

Subtle hints of brown help add interest and bring out the brightness in the rest of the bathroom.

092 contemporary-bathroom

Image: Fyffe Constructions Pty Limited

Dark counters and off-white walls help this bathroom feel like a luxurious, five star getaway.

093 bathroom

Image: Nyla Free Designs

Dark colored furniture can help anchor an otherwise very light and open bathroom.

094 traditional-bathroom

Image: Art by Veni

This European style bathroom benefits from its rich, white furnishings and subtle splashes of brown tiling.

095 modern-bathroom

Image: Miller’s Fine Decorative Hardware

Brown accents help bring out the brightness in the walls and help the room feel spacious.

096 traditional-bathroom

Image: Architectural Hardware Designs

Intriguing brown tiles and white accents give this bathroom a luxurious, modern atmosphere.

097 transitional-bathroom

Image: ATD Contracting Services Inc.

This mid modern bathroom is short on space but white accents help play with the light and help the room feel even bigger while brown, wood counters enrich the space.

098 traditional-bathroom

Image: Palmer Interior Design

Wood paneling on the counters and tub almost gives this bathroom a vintage, Gentlemen’s club atmosphere while the white works double duty to help the wood shine through.

099 beach-style-bathroom

Image: Room at the Beach

Light browns paired with whites give any bathroom a gentle, comfortable feeling. It’s almost a country style bathroom but suitably modern all the same.

100 contemporary

Image: Liepold Design Group LLC

Brown tiles and accents really bring out the brightness of the room while giving this bathroom some much-needed warmth.

Brown and white can be magical when paired together. Whether the room is modern, classical, or ranch style, brown and white work well to help give your bathroom some much needed personality.