100 Wooden Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Wooden Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

Wood is a popular choice for many aspiring designers when it comes to designing a room. It is used in different furniture and even for decors. From ancient times to present, wood has been one of the most common material for building and for other handicraft work. That is why carpentry is one field that many people engage on due to the popularity of wooden products just like wardrobes. Most of the time wardrobes are made from wood, although there are already new modern materials used to make them. What varies are its finishes and color. Here are 35 bedroom wardrobes that, in fact, make good use of beautiful wood designs.


Here, this contemporary marvel is made into a warm, livable space with lots of ash wood splayed throughout the bed room- from the bed frame to the cabinetry. Image Source: Huelsta

The texture of the wood matches well with the bamboo bed in this simple bedroom.Image Source: Joel Kelly Design


A lovely contemporary bedroom that sure has enough storage with this wooden wardrobe. Image Source: De Meza + Architecture


You can see here that on two sides of the wall are wardrobes to store the owner’s clothes, bags and all.Image Source: KUBE architecture


This alder wardrobe helps give this room a warm, contemporary appeal. Image Source:Zald Furniture


This walnut wardrobe is so smooth and finished that you would be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t wood at all. But here it does so much to help coordinate this room’s classic, contemporary design. Image Source:: misuraemme.it


I’d guess this bedroom is owned by a man because of what you can see from the wardrobe. Neat design, right?Image Source: Hufft Projects


A small bedroom that looks beautiful despite its simplicity. Look at how the wardrobe is designed wherein the handle seems to create a pattern.Image Source: Architextual


Instead of covering the entire wall with the wardrobe, the area near the window is converted into a bench with storage too. Image Source: Intexure Architects


Pine, especially here, can be a beautiful addition to any master bedroom. Image Source:: Sliderobes


This red oak wardrobe helps creating a very visually appealing and contemporary space. Image Source: Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture


Here we’ve got a combination window seat and wardrobe, which gives this urban master bedroom a luxurious element and a conversation piece. Image Source:Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders


Looks like this one has masculine colors but would also pass as a master bedroom. Wooden wardrobes are positioned on both sides of the bed. Image Source: John Maniscalco Architecture


The wardrobe here is simple yet it gave this space a very beautiful appeal. Image Source: Studio Schicketanz


This one has a unique design of a wardrobe. As a matter of fact, it kind of look classic. Image Source: Création Maryse Crôteau


This birch wardrobe contributes to a room that’s clean, minimalist, and absolutely stunning either way. Image Source: iTrade Tube


This black wardrobe only heightens the appeal in this modern masterpiece. IImage Source: Sliderobes


A open wardrobe space in the bedroom that has a combination of two types of wood. Anyone would love to have this! Image Source: Archidea


A sophisticated bedroom won’t be complete without a wardrobe. For this one mirrors are added to the doors. Image Source: Lompier Interior Group


The wall wasn’t wasted because aside from the wardrobe, shelves were installed in there too.
Image Source: Harrell Remodeling


This gorgeous brown glazed red oak closet gives this contemporary room some interesting contrast and appeal. Image Source: Sliderobes


Neat bedroom with a simple design and of course, a wooden wardrobe too. The headboard is upholstered for a softer look despite the edgy style of the interior. Image Source: Claudia Leccacorvi


I like how this bedroom used wood for everything! I really is stunning! Image Source: Jonwil


This mahogany wardrobe is not only highly functional, with plenty of storage space, but is beautiful too. Image SourceiTrade Tube


Take a look at the wardrobe area where there is a bench near the window and some shelves on the sides. Image Source: Delson or Sherman Architects pc


This bedroom has beachy feel with colors of the sea seen on the ceiling and even in the wardrobe.
Image Source: Our Town Plans


With a cherry finish, these pine doors contrast nicely with the rest of the room while giving this room an at-home appeal. Image Source:Sliderobes


Another neat bedroom design with sleek lines everywhere. I’d get to sleep at once if this bedroom is mine! Image Source: De Meza + Architecture


Here, we’d got a white vinyl closet trimmed with dark maple, providing an elegant and modern look to this master bedroom. Image Source:huelsta.com


This alder wardrobe adds a hint of prestige to this modern library. Image Source:presottoitalia.it


Under a sloped ceiling, this bedroom is a total charmer! Who wouldn’t fall in love with the lights in here?Image Source: MCM Design Studio


Glossed white cabinet doors and pine trimming compliment the bed frame nicely and give this room a luxury appeal. Image Source:huelsta.com


This stunning white oak wardrobe is practically a piece of modern art in itself- giving this room a conversation piece and focal point. Image Source:Zalf Furniture


Combine an industrial and contemporary feel for a bedroom and you will get something like this.Image Source: Faye McAuliffe Design


This looks like a loft bedroom and it is very beautiful despite the small space it has. Great wood work! Image Source: Studiohw | Heather Weiss

With the right touches, any room can be a real stunner. Wood isn’t something to fear. On the contrary, it can add a very modern and contemporary appeal to many rooms when done right. As a matter of fact, wood is one of the favorite materials used for home furniture and others. And we cannot question that because wood is really a good organic material which is sturdy and beautiful. We hope you loved this list we gave you today!

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