19 Original Yellow and Gray Bedrooms Design Ideas

Yellow and Gray Bedrooms

When redesigning your bedroom, if you want a cleaner style consider using two main colors Yellow and Gray Bedrooms and simply incorporating various designs and patterns within them. In this post, we will give you 20 options of a gray-and-yellow theme to show everything that you can do with such an easy concept. When you start with the basics, it makes your redecorating projects versatile and fun.

Yellow signifies sunshine and is meant to increase energy within a space. But, too much yellow has actually been shown to lead to frustration because of its boldness. Starting with a neutral and building in pops of color is a wonderful way to do limit that negative effect, instead giving the space the right amount of vibrancy. In our designs, we tone it down with gray to build mellow yet cheery settings that are perfect to carry you into your dreams.

Zigzag Bedroom

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Image: Apartment Guide

As mentioned above, in this gray-and-yellow space, a zigzag design adds drama. Neither of the colors overpowers the room to keep it well-balanced.

Draped in Beauty Bedroom

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Image: Dwelling DĂ©cor

Again, this bedroom starts with a soft gray for the majority of the walls, then adds in yellow on the bed and with the bedside tables for that pop. A uniquely draped canopy completes the dreamy look.

Feng Shui Bedroom

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Image: Pop Sugar

Bright yellow curtains send an energetic glow into this otherwise-neutral space. The bold pop of color lends a fresh, breezy accent.

Pale Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: HGTV

Instead of using a bright yellow that may overpower this space, this bedroom opts for a softer color instead. It suits the light gray and whites for a refreshing room.

Elegant Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: Decoist

This elegant bedroom is mostly gray, with very subtle accents of soft yellow spattered throughout. A solid wall allows the bed to incorporate a cool design for added dimension.

Stately Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: House and Garden

Crown moulding circles this regal bedroom. Dark gray walls contrast the stark white of the bedspread and ceiling while a rich gold plays into the space in the form of a throw pillow and blanket.

Artist’s Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: By Kokey

The gorgeous colors from a bold abstract painting on the wall bounce off into other parts of this artsy bedroom. It combines blues, grays, and yellows for a three-tone theme.

Antique Elegance

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Image: Culture Southwest

A stunning chandelier draws eyes upward in this elegant space. Meanwhile, a delicate, wrought iron bedframe works gorgeously against the vintage floral pillows on this pretty bed.

Canopied Gray and Yellow Bedroom

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Image: Indulgy

Soft gray sets the tone on the majority of the walls, which lets the yellow on the bed and the bedside tables stand out. A uniquely draped intensifies the style.

Wallpapered Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: House to Home

Fill your room with fancy wallpaper for a unique look. A patterned duvet adds another element to the space, while the rest of the room stays solid to keep from getting too busy.

Statement Wall Bedroom

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Image: Home4Life Now

Clean wood paneled floors contrast with dark gray walls and a bright statement wall. Having a yellow wall brings the sunlight into the space and allows for other pops of yellow in the room.

Classy Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: She Knows

This bedroom very subtly uses grays and golds alongside dark blue in a classy design. Varying textures on the bed create defined style.

Yellow and Gray bedroom

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Image: Lifestyle Etc

Making your bedspread a vibrant yellow is a great way to brighten your bedroom. Set against dark gray walls, it also works to decorate with metallic gold finishes.

Photo already featured

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Image: Woo Home

Photo already featured

Pattern Perfection

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Image: BHG

A modern chandelier brings the focus to the center of this bedroom, where a picturesque bed uses different patterns and textures. Gold-edged bedside tables solidify this space’s contemporary charm.

Calm Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: Pin IMG

Soft lighting and pale accents create a calming effect perfect for dreaming in this gray and yellow bedroom. It also appears balanced with a centered bed and symmetrical bedside tables.

Basic Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: JSYK

Primarily black and white, this room uses small bits of gold for fresh flair. Otherwise, the mix of blacks, grays, and whites builds a serene setting.

Sunny Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: Abigail Ahern

Natural light showers this room in a beautiful glow. The yellow tones and gray hues harmoniously blend for a tranquil sleeping spot.

Opulent Mix of Yellow and Gray

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Image: Marichuy Rodriguez

Solid gray walls and a plan white bedspread allow the patterns in this room to stand out. Though seemingly random, they all come together in a balanced, fashionable way.

Spunky Yellow and Gray Bedroom

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Image: Primitive and Proper

If you keep the majority of your bedroom on a gray-and-gold theme, you can add flair with a bold bedframe of a cool color. This ones creates a retro vibe in this well-designed space.

Though it sounds basic to use only two colors as the foundation for your bedroom redesign, you can see that it actually allows for immense creativity. Finding ways to build a setting that fits your style is half the fun and using just two main colors keeps the space from becoming overcrowded. If you enjoy color-themed rooms, take a look at our 20 Luxurious Black and White Bedroom Designs that Really Pop.