20 Ways to Add Color to Your Living Room

Color to Your Living Room

We have all heard that beige, gray and white is the new black when it comes to designing your home. Neutral palates have taken the style world by storm with its versatile adaptability and concise sleek style. As seen in photographs and imaging, the concept of adding color to your living room is a trendy way […]

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20 Ways to say Hello to Your Hallway

When designing or restyling your home, you will look at each room and create a plan or layout. Every space will have a theme and setting that will reflect your own personal eye for style. One space in your home that is often overlooked is also one of the most important. The Hallway  serves as […]

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20 Smart Ways to Use Your Wall Space

Wall Space

We have all encountered that little blank Wall Space that never seems to fit in with the rest of the room. We have found trendy and smart solutions that will allow all of your Wall Spaces to come together in stylish harmony. Artistic designs and thoughtful pieces have been repurposed to complete your theme.  Designers […]

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20 Painted Bathroom Floor You Have to See to Believe

Painted Bathroom Floor

The idea of incorporating a Painted Bathroom Floor to your restyle may seem confusing. The questions will begin to form a line in your thoughts that will range from durability, finishes and some may ask ” is it really ok to paint your floors?” The answers to these questions may surprise you. Painted flooring includes […]

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20 Right Ways to Use a Storage Ladder

We have all seen smart storage solutions and shelving, including the trendy Storage Ladder. There are many ways to incorporate a storage ladder into your style, however there is always some question as to how to add this concept to your design. The space savvy solution holds the promise to transform your space while combining […]

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Clone of 20 Creative Bathroom Shelving

The bathroom in your home is a busy space that holds your daily essentials and necessities. Not all bathrooms are equipped with cabinetry that can efficiently stow away your items while providing the ease of  both fashioned and organized access. Creative Bathroom Shelving can be a stylish addition to your storage solutions. Bigger to cozier […]

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20 Breathtaking Bedrooms with Spiral Staircase

Bedrooms with Spiral Staircase

Spiral stair cases are a wisened design that has been passed on through not just decades…. they have been evident through centuries of our history. Empires of old have used spiraling staircases with a historical presence. Most spiraling staircases are decoratively associated with the vintage echoes of European designs. These intricate expressions are modernized for […]

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20 Beautiful Bay Windows with Seats in the Bedroom

Bay Windows with Seats in the Bedroom

If you are wanting to update your bedroom while incorporating efficiency and fashion, we have just the look for you. Beautiful Bay Windows with Seats in the Bedroom is a clever way to design your space. The multi-purposed concept is the perfected use of space, storage and style. The refreshing views of a bay window […]

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