15 Amazing Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic often brings to mind cheerful memories of fireplaces and country family dinners. With the holidays on the horizon, what better way to celebrate them than in a beautiful, charming kitchen and dining room? Here are some amazing rustic kitchens, which we hope will help inspire you in your decorating endeavors.

Image:Simmons & Company

Refurbished wood is the name of the game in this gorgeous kitchen. With industrial lighting and wood planked walls, this kitchen is cozy and perfect for hosting.

Image:Centre Sky Architecture

With a granite counter top, refurbished wood cabinets and natural set stone walls, this kitchen brings to mind rustic, cottage designs.


Image:Chas Architects

Walnut flooring and a pleasantly aged kitchen island contribute to this spacious, rustic kitchen.

Image:Thompson Custom Homes

With a warm color scheme and birch wood cabinets, this gorgeous rustic kitchen brings Midwestern designs to the forefront.


Image: BEDE Design

Wood paneled ceilings and islands helps create a dynamic, comforting atmosphere.


Image:Legacy DCS

Featuring warm colors, this kitchen is spacious, open and filled with pleasant, oak and maple furnishings.

Image:Fedewa Custom Works Inc.

This rustic kitchen is decked out with teak furnishings and a gorgeous planked kitchen island, all the better to host a small gathering.


Image:Lawrence Architecture

With industrial lighting and refurbished wood furnishings, this gorgeous kitchen is perfect for hosting.


Image:JLF & Associates, Inc.

Refurbished wood cabinets and a faux wood countertop work very well here in this gorgeous, rustic kitchen.

Image:Stonewood LLC

Dark wood paneling compliments dark granite counters nicely here int his beautiful rustic kitchen.

Image:Mullet Cabinet

Chicken wire cabinets provide ample storage space and compliment this wood, rustic kitchen nicely.

Image:Home on the Range Inc.

With Southwestern art deco decor and gorgeous tiled countertops, this beautiful kitchen offers ample space for hosting and cooking.

Image:Advance Electric

This kitchen takes grandma’s kitchen to a whole new level. With a tiled, floral backwall and refurbished wood cabinets, this kitchen is a gorgeous example of taking Midwestern farmhouse styles and infusing them with new energy.


Image:Karl Neumann

With a naturally set, stone fireplace and a long faux wood kitchen island, this spacious dining room and kitchen still manages to feel earthy and intimate even with the wide amount of floor space available to it.

Image: Hometalk

This rustic, European style living room features wood cabinets and tiled back splashes to create an elegant, mature space.

Don’t discount rustic kitchens. With the right touches, any kitchen can shine.