15 Elegant Dining Room Designs

Dining rooms are some of the most important rooms in your home. From entertaining guests and gathering the family at the end of the day, the elegant dining room designs sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. So give your dining room a little credit. With the right touches, you can make any dining room shine.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Ericson Alvero

This contemporary dining room works on multiple fronts. From vibrant spaces of color to sleek, marble flooring, this dining room is minimalist, while still managing to draw the eye in all the right ways.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Schroeder

This modern dining room features clear acrylic chairs, the better to set the scene with. Art deco decor and open space creates a soothing, light filled room that’s perfect for entertaining.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Micoliver1226

This dining room is filled with clean lines and a bright color scheme. Dark marble counters set the scene while tropical decor helps to contribute to an open and airy space.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: John Lively & Associates

With gorgeous walnut furnishings and minimalist lines, this contemporary dining room draws the eye with a subtle color scheme and well placed decor.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Jiun Ho Inc.

This art deco dining room uses vinyl black chairs, plenty of interesting decor, and geometric designs to create an inviting atmosphere.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This gorgeous dining room uses oak paneled walls to its best advantage, setting the scene with black glossed tile and marble cabinets.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Lizette Marie Interior Design

With a pin striped back wall and walnut flooring, this gorgeous living room and dining room combination definitely sets the scene. What’s not to love? There’s comfortable suede furniture and clean lines present throughout this room.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Cynthia Lynn Photography

This contemporary dining room features geometric designs and a dynamic color scheme to set the scene.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: qcksilver

This mid century dining room features sleek lines and a warm color scheme in order to create an intimate atmosphere.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: AltaModa

With a light color scheme and furniture that blends together early 20th century and contemporary designs, this room is open, spacious, and filled with light and good cheer.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

With a spacious glass table and cheery cerulean chairs, this dining room brings 1970s art deco charm alive.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Nella Vetrina

Here’s an intriguing design, filled with sharp color contrasts and sleek furniture. Through the use of tan rugs, we’ve created a modular, contemporary space.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Grabher Construction

Tinted scarf curtains help create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in this contemporary dining room.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Macral Design

An elegant walnut table sets the scene, which intriguing geometric chairs and a handsome walnut china cabinet contribute even more to this dining room’s elegant atmosphere.

Elegant Dining Room DesignsImage: Nella Vetrina

This contemporary dining room features sleek, minimalist lines and strong contrasts to create a dynamic space perfect for entertaining.

And there you have it. With the right touches, any dining room can shine. Whether you’re drawing from contemporary or midcentury design styles, there’s a lot of room to grow when it comes to designing your dream living room.

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