15 Luxurious Bathroom Shower Ideas

Luxurious Bathroom Shower Ideas


Image: FAP Ceramiche

Typical, boring … these Luxurious Bathroom Showers are anything but! A far cry from ordinary showers, these inspired spaces feature trendy tiles, state-of-the-art technology, advanced shower heads that really know how to pamper, and practical solutions to all your shower dilemmas. So, if you’re crowded, dingy, inefficient shower is giving you the blues, it’s time to upgrade to one of these luxurious beauties.

If you’re not sure what type of shower will work well in your space or with your decor, look at these snazzy examples for inspiration. From small shower stalls tucked away conveniently in a corner to extravagant showers the size of a standard bathroom, these stylish showers will get your creative juices flowing.


Image: Qawoo

Luxurious natural-stone tiles grace the inside walls of this beautiful glass shower. Complete with a convenient, comfortable bench, this shower is truly divine.


Image: Marquette Turner

When ordinary just won’t do, you can create art. Designed to complement the curved aesthetic of the room, this futuristic round shower is reminiscent of something you’ve see on Sci Fi.


Image: Bathroom Trends

With the addition of sleek tiles and a curved glass door, you can make any shower stall feel and look luxurious.


Image: FAP Ceramiche

This shower blends seamlessly with the decor of this upscale bathroom, which makes the space feel large, airy, and open.


Image: FAP Ceramiche

Beautiful tiles set this unique bathroom apart from others. Finished with a variety of shimmering, colorful tiles, this ultra-modern bathroom is a marvel.


Image: uncommonelegance

Peaceful and serene, this luxurious glass shower boasts multiple shower heads that possess numerous massage and intensity settings for a spa-like experience.


Image: Happy Irena

Extravagant and lavish, this gilded beauty serves as the focal point of this posh bathroom. Trimmed with gold accents and adorned with fine art, this shower is spectacular.


Image: Micheal Abrams

Sleek and modern, this handsome glass shower is perfect for this masculine space. Complete with state-of-the-art controls for a pleasurable shower experience, this shower also has a built-in sound and stereo system.


Image: Happy Irena

Beautifully constructed with an elegant etched mirror door, this luxurious shower complements the posh decor of this space perfectly.


Image: FAP Ceramiche

Exquisite, wine-colored tiles make this shower stand out in this modern bathroom. Equipped with a rain shower head, this seemingly simple shower offers the ultimate in luxury.


Image: Qawoo

Uniquely modern, this trendy shower features a split glass enclosure, skateboard-inspired control panel, and multiple intensity settings.


Image: Svetlana Nezus

Cleverly designed and set against a mirrored wall, this contemporary shower possesses a gorgeous marble wall and unique shower head.


Image: FAP Ceramiche

Luxuriously appointed, this lavish bathroom features an extra-large glass shower that suits the decor of this bathroom perfectly.


Image: Ziger Snead

Elegantly designed, the simple color palette of this modern space allows the glass shower to blend seamlessly into the decor.


A narrow shower, like this one, is ideal for small or narrow bathrooms. This designer has also used other space-saving fixtures to maximize the space in this room.

When it comes to designing an extraordinary shower, you’re only limited by your imagination. Whether you choose to let the unique design of your shower shine or choose to add  dramatic interest through the use of gilded accessories or fancy tiles, you’re in control of the fate of your bathroom decor. So, if you’re looking for ways to take your shower to the next level, now is the time to get started.