15 Stunning Tuscan Living Rooms

Tuscan Living Room Designers

Drawing inspiration from Doric and Meditteranean design styles, a Tuscan style room not only brings together the best of modern and traditional design elements but is sure to be a real conversation starter. Here are 15 stunning Tuscan style living rooms, showcasing the best of Tuscan designs.

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Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Hill Design + Gallery

Notice here, we have a very heavy use of traditional color that a lot of Tuscan style designs favor, such as semolina yellows and browns. A dry painting technique contributes to creating a textured wall- and this technique is something you’ll be seeing a lot of when it comes to Tuscan designs. Notice a heavy use of iron and marble to create the dynamic architectural designs throughout this room.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: About Space Interior Design

Lots of heavy saffron shades and refurbished wood furnishings contribute to creating a gorgeous space. Notice the wrought iron fireplace- wrought iron is also a staple of Tuscan designs, contributing to a traditional, classic appeal.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: J. S. Brown Design

Notice here, we have another room that relies on dry painting techniques to contribute to this room’s unique character. A refurbished wood vanity and sliding glass doors adds personality to this room while iron and clay decor brings to mind the best elements of Tuscan designs.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Debra Campbell Design

With a stunning brick fireplace, this Tuscan living room is absolutely gorgeous. Notice we also have a lot of semolina yellows and Chianti reds. These colors not only give this room a warm appeal but help contribute to this room’s definite traditional feel.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: JMA Interior Decoration

This room also utilizes a lot of Chianti reds, along with saffron yellows. Notice we have a good use of white, marble architectural features, which definitely emphasizes this room’s classic roots.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: McNamee Construction

With a high vaulted ceiling and a wrought iron chandelier, this room definitely shines. Notice the use of red tile and a Persian rug- giving this room a very traditional flavor.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Gabriel Builders, Inc.

With classic furniture, a rough hewn stone fireplace/back splash, and wrought iron used throughout this room, this room is a gorgeous, comfortable space.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Fratantoni Luxury Estates and Interior Design

With wine red and brown furniture, along with ebony upholstery, this room is elegant and sophisticated. Notice the stone fireplace and the wrought iron chandelier.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Schippmann Interior Design

Boasting loads of deep reds and browns, this Tuscan living room draws a lot of inspiration from classic design techniques. Notice the vibrant Persian rug and how it ties everything in this room together, along with a heavy use of wrought iron furnishings.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Sesshu Design Associates, Ltd.

This room, on the other hand, is a little more subdued- using more subtle shades of semolina yellows and tans to create an inviting atmosphere.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Debra Kay George Interiors

Here we have another excellent example of the dry painting technique, which helps give this room the characteristic textured walls Tuscan rooms are well known for. Notice the mahogany coffee table and how it blends well with the rug. Wood flooring and iron fixings help cement this room as a warm and inviting space.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Elle Interiors

With tiled flooring and a stone facade, this beautiful, high vaulted room is a spacious, Tuscan wonderland. Notice the color scheme- tans and oranges are very common in Tuscan spaces. Tuscan designs can work well in both small and large spaces- it’s all a matter of how you choose to furnish it.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: OZ Architects, Inc.

Notice here we’ve also got a room that works very well with a high vaulted ceiling. You’ll notice this with a lot of Tuscan rooms. The beauty about these designs is that with the right touches, they can work perfectly with whatever design quirk you may have to deal with when it comes to furnishing a room. Notice the classic style furniture- this is very typical of a Mediterranean or Tuscan design. A mix of wood flooring, tiling, and a rug give the floor space of this room a unique character.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Jim Boles Custom Homes, LLC

The fireplace of this room is definitely its focal point. With tan and semolina brick, this fireplace is definitely typical of many Tuscan designs. Notice how reds and tans are very prominent throughout this room. Tuscan designs can work well when you don’t have a ton of space to spare. Here we have these gorgeous corduroy sofas, arranged in a conversational circle around a round coffee table, with a rug to tie it all together.

Tuscan Living Room Design

Image: Noel Cross Architects

With rich saffron and olive tones, this living room definitely shines. Note the use of dark leather seating and a hearty rug. This marble fireplace, flanked by wrought iron furnishings and a gorgeous ottoman, definitely pulls this space together. Notice the flowing, semolina curtains and refurbished wooden wardrobe and coffee table.

Tuscan designs are a very popular choice for living room designs, and it’s not hard to see why. Through warm colors, wrought iron furnishings, and dry painting techniques, Tuscan rooms are timeless, bringing together the best of tradition and modern sensibilities.

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