20 Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

When updating your kitchen, you will have gleaming new counter tops and trendy cabinetry to accompany them. Modern appliances and stylish accents will complete the design…… or will it? Many kitchens today have incorporated a kitchen island design into their theme. A key to pulling the elements in the room together is none other than the Lighting that is used to compliment your island. A simple concept, yet so necessary that it is the same as adding punctuation to the end of a sentence. Your Kitchen Island Lighting Designs will make a defined stylish statement. Lighting is the illuminating factor that brilliantly adds the smile to the face of our kitchen. Modern trends stylishly create lighting fixtures that will set the scene for the scheme of the design.

In the images below, you will find twenty well lit expressions of Kitchen Island Lighting designs. Each space holds a personal touch through the collaborating styles of fixtured lights. From contemporary to vintage, modern day lighting will find a home in your new updated kitchen. The surrounding details will complement the direction of the style. Reflective and thoughtful, the following inspirations will lend a refreshing perspective for your home.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Décor Pad

This kitchen island is glossy and new with a gorgeous elaborate lighting set. The pair of hanging lights are detailed with a white lattice that adds a vintage charm.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Flickr

A pair of polished lighting fixtures elegantly hang over an updated kitchen island. The concept is traditional modern with a candleight inspiration.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Dejavu e Designs

A black and creme kitchen is generously adorned with modern lighting. White hanging globes are designed and trimmed for a lovely detailed appeal.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: HGTV

The pattern from the stools trendily follow through to a waving design in the lighting addition. The stylish set offers a fashionable design with depth.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Show Your Vote

A clean and sleek style is furnished with a pair of hanging lights that replicate a stoic period. The poetic pairing has a reflective white theme and a traditionally modern design.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Style Caster

A bright idea is elaborated from a contemporary concept. The layered design holds a dimensional aspect for a modern black and white kitchen island.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Country Living

Sheer glass displays a bright light that accents this kitchen island beautifully. The infusing tradition and trend is of a gracious fashion and style.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Home Bunch

The silver lining of the style is held within a trio of silver and white light fixtures. Modern recessed lighting is finessed with a stylish kitchen setting.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: The Lettered Cottage

A cozy kitchen has a cottage appeal. The modern gleaming touches are accentuated with  lantern style lighting fixtures that hang over a trendy kitchen island.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Best of DIY Ideas

The classic glass bulbs are updated with a shining charm. The twinkling glass accents and pairings complete the look for an ideal kitchen style.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Instagram

This lavish kitchen setting is posh and couture with a dimensional aspect offered through an enlightened style. Recessed lighting and deep tones are expressively modern.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: 521 Kitchenandque

This kitchen design is fresh and chic with an everyday appeal. The use of lighting is set with a modernized declaration and brilliant styling.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Lamps Plus

Well fashioned lighting details are set in the center of the kitchen island for a stylish trend. The lanterned set holds the room for a well lit view.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Seagull Lightning

Innovative industrial themed lighting is an immaculate design. The overhead structure lends a revolutionary look for a generously styled kitchen.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Best Friends Frosting

An energetic slated blue tone offers a beautiful floral centerpiece that is dawned with a trio of modern hanging light fixtures. The kitchen island has a reflective theme with a true design.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Coding Light

The deeper tones complementary contrasts a modern kitchen. Golden cues are brightened with a delicate lantern styled lighting fixtures.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Bonnie Berk

A new updated kitchen has a wonderful island that takes center stage with three fashionable hanging glass globes. The lights are modern and trendy for your new restyle.

Cool Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Tidbits and Twine

Chef inspirations has a platinum appeal. The metallic finish is modern and full of a graceful presence that puts the finishing touches to the design.

Kitchen Island Lighting Designs

Image: Home Bnc

A country and rustic setting uses creative lighting with a mason jar theme. The bright style is both complementary and chic for a new kitchen perception.

Image: Barn Light Electric

Creme and lighten golden hues follow the rooms theme for a traditionally modern style. The kitchen island has a witty lighting design that hangs above for an illuminated appeal.

In the above photos , kitchen islands have received a stunning makeover with updated lighting. Hanging light fixtures bring an optical design to the room while balancing the generous tones throughout. Designers have collaborated varied themes and cues that inspire you kitchen with energizing tidings and clever cues. Creative uses of color and elements bring an accomplished design that will enhance your kitchen space.

Your new kitchen design will have a fresh perspective and an illuminated designer sense. The lighting fixtures you opt for will be at the center of your style. A charmed view of your kitchen island is a great way to start your kitchen regimen. Style or restyle your home with a dreamy kitchen that is sure to inspire your next recipe.

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