20 Man Cave Designs for Your Ultimate Finished Basement

Updated August 12th, 2016. If you have a basement in your house and you want to make use of man cave designs, there are different ideas that you can consider in designing it. Instead of wasting the space or just use it as a storage space, turn it into something useful. Most of the time, it becomes an entertainment area or a space allocated for fun. It can also be a gaming room too. Having a man cave in the house gives us a certain spot in the house where we are allowed to have extra fun and relaxation too.

A man cave is another term that refers to a finished basement. Improving the look of a basement became popular and many people have opted to change their once boring basements into an ultimate man cave of delight! We have gathered a series of basement design ideas that you can use as inspiration once you decide to redo yours.

In this new day and age, food may no longer be the quickest way to a man’s heart. Two words will warm the heart of your guy quicker than steak and potatoes. Instead try the words Man Cave. The space in the house that has become a catch all can be repurposed into a mini retreat that will keep the big boy toys out of your living room. The Man Cave is a plethora of decorative opportunities.

The foundation of your design is within the interests of the beholder. Nostalgic emblems of history to a modern entrancing setting may be appropriate. The preferred hobbies and activities should be incorporated within the design. You will find several options to strategize the space for the needs of the room. A mixture of tinkering space, games and television amenities are brought to new depths with styles and cabinetry to accommodate the tasks ahead and at hand.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Madison Taylor

Totally neat! This is a very beautiful basement that could be used as an entertainment area for Friday night movie marathons!

This man cave has a focus on entertainment. Brilliant recessed lighting creates a stylish look and a modern appeal. The flooring holds depth while reminiscent pieces offer a masculine sense to the style.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Synergy Design & Construction

An open floor plan basement corporate a bar and seating, pool area, gas fireplace, and theatre room. I like the blue colors here combined with wooden features.

This space is multi purposed with intriguing styles. The space is separated into a media room and game area. A fully stocked bar is ready to entertain guests. The designer uses a blue under glow under the pool table for a modern effect. The light wood tones and stainless touches create a harmonious comfortable style.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: CHC Creative Remodeling

I guess the family would spend more time here while watching movies and playing billiards. This design holds a creative vintage pub inspiration. The red touches highlight the bricked walls while the overhead lighting broadens the space. Entertaining comes with a large television, plush leather and pub style bar and tables for cards and midnight snacks. A pool table sits to the side and is the finishing touch on this functional man cave.

Man Cave Designs

 Image Source: Alex Jewett: Godden Sudik Architects

You don’t have to drive far just to get a glass of wine or to have fun with friends because you can do that in your own basement if it is designed like this. Built in overhead televisions are visible from the classic poker table that sits below. A dim setting is illuminated by stark white lighting and blue neon details. A bar is situated at the end of the room for convenient spacing and a bar style atmosphere.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Gage Homes Inc.

Aside from a wide screen, there are three other televisions here. So, you need to be choose which screen you would really attend to. This design mingles a fantastic concept with tradition. A two lane bowling area has all of the electronic frills and is accompanied with a traditional seating area to accommodate cards or games. 4 overhead televisions create a personal sports center that makes this room truly where one could spend the day.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: About:Space, LLC

Another beautiful man cave with wooden elements and warm tones. I can tell that you can do everything here!

This man cave has an inviting sense with a stunning modern appeal. The room has a classic wood finish throughout complementing the enriched tones. A media center and pool table complement each other with cozy seating and an open layout.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: EVonn Studio Designs

A contemporary basement with all those glass elements and beautiful lighting that brighten up the area.

Infused golden hues and touches create a modern contemporary style. The soft glowing light is striking against the swirling artistic light fixture. A blue and purple essence envelops the room with decadence and modern superiority. Expert furnishings and finishes harmonize the space into a vibrant man cave.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: A&A Design Build Remodeling

A basement with large TV viewing area, decent-sized mini-bar and billiards table.

This man cave is the envy of all with iridescent lighting and a pop art touch. Rich and warm colors blend together with clean black accents while surrounding a media area, classic pool table and perfectly sized bar along the wall. This room is spacious and thoughtful with design.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: VM Concept Interior Design Studio

The owner of this basement is either a baseball player or a baseball fan because of all the decors we can see here.

A sports themed space has a kitchen and nostalgic touches of games and sporting teams. The retro style is reminiscent of a sports fan who has collections through the years on display for musings of all ages. The room has a bar for entertaining and a spacious setting for celebrations.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Mark Pinkerton – vi360 Photography

A bar, arcade and a viewing area will certainly make this a favorite spot for the family.

This man cave boasts a boys dreams for the modern man. Video games and neon inspirations fill the room with nostalgia. A curved bar sets the stage as lights and vintage signs separate this room from an ordinary room and the ultimate man cave.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: CHC Creative Remodeling

With a basement like this, you really have a lot of things to do. There is even a gym!

Is it a hideaway or a man cave. We think it’s both! This room has a separate work out room, pool table, foosball, a bar and a pinball machine. There is also a media area and a museum of vintage signs and charming pieces throughout the room. The trend of the room is highlighted with wooden and stone accents and energetic colors.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Just Basement

White and grey quartz countertops topped custom walnut cabinetry. This man cave have a modern design and masculine colors. You can also see here a bio-fuel fireplace near the bar.

A sleek modern slate gray has black leather furnishings to accentuate the angles of the room. The deep and muted tones offer the room depth and dimension. The style has an elegant touch with recessed lighting and clean lines.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: White Space Architecture

This may be a small basement but it looked larger with the mirrored elements and the lighting. Aside from a pool area and bar, there is also a wine cellar in here.

Warm autumn tones are enhanced with rich woods in a traditional and retro space. This man cave holds a pool table and functional bar for entertaining guests. The colors add an aromatic sense of style. The design inspires wine rack and creative shelving that complement the theme.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Oakley Home Builders

If I am no mistaken, this one has a mahjong table, viewing area and even a dining area.

Traditional meets modern in this inspirational space. The room holds a classic card table along with a retro arcade style game. The leather furnishings create a comfortable media space that is perfect for watching games or movies. The designer places a full length bar at the entrance of the room for ease of access.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography

A classy basement with patterns everywhere. The chandelier add some classic touch into it.

A medieval modern design comes together to create a decadent style. A plush seating area accompanies a decoratively scrolled pool table with modern accents throughout the style.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Dewson Construction Company

I like how they treated the columns in this basement. That area rug is a gorgeous addition to the space.

The designer in this space accents the geometrical design with dual tones. The room is structured for game fans with a bar and decorative comforts.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Beaugureau Studios

If you feel like playing the games you love, then this basement is the perfect place to unwind.

The traditional wooden structures create an inviting space for multiple games and friendly conversations.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Spinnaker Development

A sophisticated basement with a bar and wine storage and gaming areas. Clean lines and a modern design accentuate this room for entertaining and relaxing moments. The sleek colors meets a chic design offering a well met room.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Siegel Architects

Aside from a TV, this man cave also have a place for table tennis playing. The lights on the ceilings and shelves are nice.

This large room brings a cozy media space with comfortable furnishings. The silvery blue shade highlights the style with a fresh perspective.

Man Cave Designs

Image Source: Great Neighborhood Homes

As you have seen in the above images, you can turn any part of your house into a true man cave. The inspirational styles we have seen range from traditional and classic to sleek and modern. The keen sense of the space is a true dedication to style, entertainment and relaxing evenings. Lighting has accentuated the ideal of the rooms as the accents and décor have created a themed design.

A traditional basement was made to good use with a pool area and entertainment area. This style is both comfortable and cozy with traditional wood trims and earthy tones. The space allows for a lounging media area and a pool table for additional recreation.

After seeing these basements, for sure you are thinking of turning your space into one similar to the ones above. Of course, consider your needs too and your budget. But you really don’t have to spend a lot for decorating. As a matter of fact, you can use what you already own and just be creative with the decors and arrangements. Then you will get your dream man cave! Start small with a TV and the rest will follow!

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