20 Mesmerizing Bedroom Murals

One of the most versatile concepts in home interior design today is trendy with varying scapes. As a good book can transport your thoughts through space and time, a mural can bring you a stylish scene that is sure to enhance any room in your home. When designing your bedroom, you will want your style to reflect a thoughtful approach with a personal touch. Mesmerizing Bedroom Murals can be nostalgic while savoring cherished memories as it can also create a wistful wonder to your day. Dreamy and charming, murals are as bold or whispered as you would like lending an expert view to a creative space.

In the following images you will find 20 illustrations of brilliant bedroom murals for your home. You will note the colors and hues are blended for an immaculate appeal and a clever way to inspire your room. There are many vivid settings that range from vibrant to subtle energy that is introduced with this keen concept.


This bedroom mural is filled with deep blue skies and starlit dreams. This realistic cloudy night is a whimsical style to add to your chic and casual design.


Contemporary Mural Collections - Back to the Wall

Image: backtothewallmural

Whispering florals are visionary with a sage backdrop. The mural has pastel tones that are soft and the perfect pairing with a vintage bedroom setting.

Brown and Blue Bedroom


A designer approach to cherry blossoms are sage green with a brilliant branch style mural. This bedroom is traditional with a serene surrounding.

Make your guests say 'wow' with this stunning ink in water effect abstract art colourful wallpaper. See more wallpaper murals like this at wallsauce.com

Image: wallsauce

Artistic directions use colorful cues in a billowing smoky style mural. Contemporary cues are followed while a modern style is set in a sleek grey tone.

Simmons Building | Photo Gallery | Oceanfront, Ranch, Golf, and Intracoastal Estate Homes


This ornate ceiling mural is detailed with a divine and inspired embellishments. The intricate hues and images are generously displayed for a cherished bedroom style.

Master Bedroom


This bedroom has a keen blue tone that is expertly designed with a white and cream pairing. Delicate yet stated white branches and accents make the perfect mural for this bedroom space.


Image: positivespaceart

Vintage and pretty this beautiful bedroom has antique gold accents and a soft pink surrounding. The gorgeous mural is a creative and charming component of the design.

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Fine lace is centered across the bedroom wall for a country chic design. The mural is fashionable while mingling vintage touches for inspiration.

Brewster Velvet Wall Mural


A scenic setting is mixed with a broad display of golden feathering stems and realistic bouquets of pink roses and shared mint greenery for a wonderful bedroom mural.

Awesome cloud wall mural! #product_design

Image: adesignerlife

In a modern industrial setting this photographic mural of shadowed clouds and a brighter day bring out the sheer genius of the overall design.

Back to the Wall - Custom Designed Mural Wallpapers

Image: backtothewall

This turquoise mural is artistically envisioned with light movements and designs that collaborate with the contemporary lines of a modern bedroom.

Murales Fotográficos SOLSTICIO OTOÑAL. Decoración Beltrán, tu tienda online de fotomurales. www.complementosdecoracion.com

Image: complementosdecoracion

Contemporary deco furnishings are balanced with a natural mural that invites you through the mystical mist of the trees lending an enchanted view of the day.

Ocean Ridge Micro Mansion by Frank McKinney


This gorgeous teal and stark bedroom are contrasted with a wavy layering of tones and hues for a generous mural that is a charismatic addition to this trendy bedroom design.

Japanese Garden Bedroom Wall Murals Bedroom Furniture, Home ...

Image: prifx

This vibrant mural is as energizing as it is refreshing. The bold colors offer a gentle sway of style that turn this bedroom into a fantistic design for your home.

Simple and minimalist bedroom ideas (14)


This tree mural has the photographic eye of design that meets a minimalist style. The sophisticated bedroom is black and white with a sleek disposition.

family trees on walls | … Tree Wall Murals Stickers Best Wall Murals Wallpaper for your Home

Image: wefollowpics

This glowing surrounding is set in a neutral tone with a billowing tree that dances across this bedroom mural. This modern design is fashionable with a nostalgic touch.

aquarell wandfarbe selber machen anleitungen einfach diy einrichtung

Image: deavita

An abstract watercolor wall mural is creatively applied with visual cues and a slight layering of gradual teal green and white tones. The setting has a contemporary vibe and a lovely design.

Restrained industrial style with a unique accent wall [Design: Gaile Guevara]

Image: decoist

For the geography geniuses and those who love to travel, this industrial design is trendy and modern with a black and grey theme and a solid bedroom style.

Image: wonadea

This geometrical mural perspective is set in a modern grey and an enlivened yellow design. The space savvy style is a smart addition to the room.

Disegno 'Plum Blossom' in full custom de | de Gournay

Image: degournay

A gorgeous contemporary bedroom has a charmed mural design with the flittering of blossoming branches and beautiful wisps of color on a neutral palate.

We have toured through 20 bedroom murals that are sure to enhance your envisioned design. You can artistically create your own mural or purchase one with an easy application guide. You will find varied styles, textures and tones are at your stylish fingertips. With modern day inmovations, you can fashion a favorited image or memorable photo into a brilliant mural for a promising and trendy addition to the room. Simple yet stated effects are brought together with the use of dimension and layering in imagery and colorful cues that genuinely make your mural one of your own design.

Start your day with the creative style that can transform your bedroom into your own scenic escape. From oceanic views to wooden enchantment , you will be sure to find yourself in your new favorite space. Murals can be a weekend project or installed with ease in the matter of a day. Your theme and style will be displayed in a brilliant expression.

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