20 Painted Bathroom Floor You Have to See to Believe

Painted Bathroom Floor

The idea of incorporating a Painted Bathroom Floor to your restyle may seem confusing. The questions will begin to form a line in your thoughts that will range from durability, finishes and some may ask ” is it really ok to paint your floors?” The answers to these questions may surprise you. Painted flooring includes wood, linoleum and tiling. Not only is this concept an inexpensive way to update your bathroom floor without overhauling through entire renovation, painting your bathroom floor also allows unlimited creativity. There are many materials and finishes that will make your new floor easy to clean while offering a lasting solution. Paint colors are versatile, interchangeable and blended to the exact tone you envision. Your work of art is adaptable and enlivened through your design.  Dimensional characteristics and stylish settings offer a chic and inspiring balance to your new bathroom space.

We have compiled twenty illustrations that display exactly how genius applications and style create a sky is the limit design. From cozy country touches to brilliant blends, you will see fashioned ingenuity that can transform the entire look of your bathroom. The perfect do it yourself aspiration or hire it done opportunity will become your next weekend project. As any artistic endeavor, the use of color and applications are key to a successful style. Stencils, finishes and most importantly your imagination are brought to the table, or floor in this case for a dynamic design.

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This sleek Aqua floor is smooth and reflective with an intricate design in a contrasting white. This lovely design is a must have for your home.

Our Work traditional-bathroom

Image: houzz

This design uses stencils and paint for a dynamic design. Black, grey and white is layered  in an alternating pattern with a black framing around the room.

farmhouse bathroom | Nate McBride and Kari McCabe

Image: houseofturquoise

This gorgeous wooden planked bathroom flooring gets a chic makeover with a scenic turquoise tone. The charming color and brightened appeal will give your bathroom an instant makeover.

epoxy 3D floor painting ideas for 3D bathroom flooring Awesome collection of 3D floor murals, painting, design images with self-leveling 3D epoxy flooring for all rooms, 3D bathroom floor murals, and other designs for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens

Image: 3dexart

This colorful collage of brilliance sets the pace for a dynamic space. The illustrative layering of vivid colors are both trendy and mesmerizing.

How to update and old vinyl floor with chalk paint to look like tile. In my post I'll share tips and tricks that I used to update my old floor using a stencil and chalkpaint in a few easy steps. Painted floor/chalk paint floors/ update a vinyl floor/ how to stencil a bathroom floor

Image: hip-and-humblestyle

Chalk paint is used to create an iconic black and white bathroom floor. The mesmerizing pattern is stylish with a discreet flair for fashion.

Buffalo Check Painted Floors DIY Tutorial

Image: theothersideofnuetral

This bathroom has a black and white picnic checkered painted bathroom floor. A weaving of color streams and layering are a clever way to show off your new space.

Meghan's $10 Bathroom Floor Makeover

Image: apartmenttherapy

Tile and linoleum are not the only options when it comes to painting your floor. This bathroom design has a dimensional blend of wood and diamond shapes for a smart style.



Enliven your design with a 3-d painted bathroom floor. The sandy beach and rippling waves will inspire an ocean breeze to your new design.

When you’re SO over your old bathroom floor, this might be the most inexpensive way to dramatically transform it (without replacing it!)

Image: hometalk

A white base and black starburst designs bring a retro appeal with a modern edge to your bathroom style. Witty and smart patterns are a classic addition to the space.

Painting Bathroom Floor


Vintage grey and pretty in lace is finely displayed with a stark white contrast. The complementary charm is a dreamy style that will enhance your bathroom design.

Mother of Pearl technique with Epoxy paint. For my countertops at the coffee shop. Going to look soooo cool!!!

Image: freepressrelease

An ingenious use of creativity and paint are put to use in this modern bathroom design. A pearlescent finish is an ideal style for a brilliant setting.

Wooden floorboards are painted white to match the rest of the scheme, but the montage of green photo frames and vase of flowers add a hint of colour to ensure the space feels light and fresh rather than washed out.


Country white and a breezy theme make this painted bathroom floor a stylish contribution. The graceful style is a lovely surrounding for your home.

Love this boho shabby chic bathroom with sea foam pinwheel painted floor, mismatched linen curtains and a hanging houseplant, of course!


Bohemian styles make their way to the bathroom with a distressed finish.  Highlighted  bright green and cream patterns offer a perfect contrast to the room.

We paint our walls, our furniture, and even our concrete...so why the heck can't we paint our tile? IT CAN BE DONE! AND IT WILL STICK! I'm the girl who painted her tile!


Bathroom tile hat has been painted offers a creative style that is customizable. The blended and seamless flooring design is beautifully presented.

This painted stencil bathroom floor project totally changed the look of the room. It was a lot cheaper than re-tiling the floor, too.

Image: homedepot

Black flooring with white floral bursts are applied with stencils for a smart and charming update for your bathroom floor.

3D floor murals for bathroom flooring with epoxy painting Awesome collection of 3D floor murals, painting, design images with self-leveling 3D epoxy flooring for all rooms, 3D bathroom floor murals, and other designs for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens

Image: 3dexart

The artistic 3-d floor will bring a dramatic edge to your style. The effects offer a flair of imagination with a detailed application that is preset or painted with your own talent.

Blue cast iron bath, chequer painted floor

Image: studiomay

Country chic flooring has a smart style that updates this wooden floor. Stencils and finishes are used to complete this classic floor design.

Kevin Walsh  via Cloth & Kind The Southern Style Now Showhouse opened this past weekend, and it has been a lot of fun following alo...

Image: marcusdesigninc

Update your wooden floor with black and white circles for a modern appeal. This concept is great for large or small spaces while adding dimension to the room.

Hand-Painted Tumbling Blocks Bathroom Floor | Making it Lovely

Image: makingitlovely

Layering patterns make for a block effect with a modernized design. The use of color and technique are a phenomenal style.

Paint the concrete, the add colorants to epoxy and swirl $5/sq ft: Concrete Floor Ideas | Concrete Floor Finishes | Flooring Tips


The use of color and glossy finishes create a classy design that is generous in style. The beautiful blending of tones are brilliant for your bathroom.

We have reviewed an array of bathroom floors that are trendy and creative. Painting your bathroom floors provide a witty expression to your bathroom while lending a functional fashion to your home. Through the use of expert application and a whimsical imagination, your new space will be exactly how you envision your design. This stylish solution will solve your flooring woes, and create a beautiful new way to style your space.

Dimensional and direct, your floor will display the modern theme your bathroom needs with a new and visionary appeal. Instantly update your floors with a painted bathroom floor. Grand ideas to smaller intricate details will come together for a fashionable style that will put a smile into your design.

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