20 Right Ways to Use a Storage Ladder

We have all seen smart storage solutions and shelving, including the trendy Storage Ladder. There are many ways to incorporate a storage ladder into your style, however there is always some question as to how to add this concept to your design. The space savvy solution holds the promise to transform your space while combining designer displays and efficiency to your space. Any room in your home can benefit from a storage ladder while adding a decorative charm in your home. Creative applications will result in a witty addition while providing a stylish solution. Storage Ladders are adaptable for various themes. Modern to minimalist and country to vintage will have a whimsical pairing when you use a storage ladder in your home design.

Below, you will find twenty clever ways to use a storage ladder. You will note the distinct uses and functions vary from room to room. Each ladder has its own purpose and charm that is dependent on its surroundings. Refined to chic styles will bring a decorative update to the room and provide a generous application to your storage needs. Daily essentials and timely treasures will create a fine display with a personal touch.

17.Bathroom storage shelf by ola

Image: indulgy

This white storage ladder is a smart way to bring functional design into your bathroom. The shelving uses baskets and charming decor to display decorative details while concealing daily items for a vintage and country appeal.

Something about this

Image: aunatural

Rustic baskets are trendily attached to a ladder for a storage style and an efficient use of space for your bathroom. The shabby chic style will become the center of attention in a gorgeous design.


Image: remodelaholic

Chic and elegant, this space makes a new way to use a ladder. The beautiful use of color and decor balance together bringing a finished look to the room.

pendant lights for kitchens the ladder and onion lanterns grey marble countertop hanging kitchen ware storage of Sparkling Pendant Lights for Kitchens

Image: decohom

Add a rustic touch to a modern kitchen with a clever way to provide additional storage space and style. The overhanging ladder allows for items to be stowed away while providing a chic lighting display and design.

Early Fall - Rustic and Woven - Ladder Shelf

Image: rusticandwoven

Neatly display your everyday wares with a storage ladder in your kitchen or dining room. The keen presentation saves space and creates a ready set dine style.

Know it says bedroom, but would love this for living room! - 48 Stunning Cozy Bedroom Storage Ideas For Small Space 29

Image : decoor

In the bedroom, a storage ladder can take up less space than a night stand while holding double the amount of essentials. Decorative and couture, this design is made to style your day.

Shabby Chic Bathroom With Ladder For Storage

Image: styletic

Eloquent spaces are envisioned with details and cues that meet for a dynamic design. This beautiful bathroom is vintage with shabby chic touches in a lovely display.

I love all things DIY & Home Decor.

Image: ideastand

Traditional bathrooms get a lavish addition when you add this storage ladder style to the theme. Towels, reads and daily needs are trendily stored with charm.

I love ladder bookcases... use in dining room or kitchen or bathroom for extra storage.

Image: sunny-mamzel

Modern black is simply stated leading to a designer finish. Sleek proportions balance the room with decor and daily essentials bringing a polished style to the space.

How To Decorate A Bathroom With Recycling, You Must Try It!

Image: gripelements

White is a classic tone that promotes a clean design with a chic notion. Woven baskets and greenery enhance the appeal with a graceful tone.

Looking for some living room inspiration? Mix natural, rustic furniture with cool coloured accessories and modern metal accents to create an on-trend urban cabin feel. Click for more ideas. #livingroom #homedecor #interiors

Image: barkerandstonehouse

Rustic and modern is detailed in this storage ladder style. Metal and natural wood fits together becoming a necessity to a cozy design.

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This complementing contrast has a black background and deep purple accents that bring out the white finish. This ladder is the perfect fit for the space and style.

Decoracion Hogar - Comunidad - Google+

Image: decoracionhogar

Delight your dining room with this storage ladder design. A trendy display of dishes and decor will add a brilliant perception to the room.

Blanket Ladder do it yourself - easy to make and you will love having a place for extra throws

Image: rusticdecorrewards

Instead of storing your comfortable throws in a chest, consider this style that displays them. Ease of access and a homey appeal make this storage ladder purpose a winning design.

Ladder Shelf from Through the Country Door®

Image: countrydoor

Double up your style with dual storage ladders in a sleek white finish. Neutral tones and decorative cues create an astounding style for the entryway of your home.

This large basket rack can either be mounted to the wall or utilized as a floor leaner storage unit. The farmhouse chic piece of decor can be used in the kitchen to stow fruits and vegetables, in your home office to get organized, or just about anywhere in the house for decorative storage purposes. It is made of reclaimed wood and metal. The unit measures 43.5"T x 16.5"W x 6.5"D.

Image: farmhousefreshhome

Keeping your foods fresh and off the counters have never been easier. This basket style storage ladder frees up space while maintaining  a delightful design.

Gratefully Vintage- Antique Ladder Decor


Provide a stylish frame for your picture frames in this refreshing design. Memories and cherished moments are displayed with a decorative touch.

Storage Solutions All Around the House • Great Ideas and Tutorials! -- Diy'able? -- Would love this!

Image: decoratingyoursmallspace

Big and small towels perplex us all when we do not have access to a linen closet. This smart storage ladder uses baskets in a rustic and chic style for your bathroom.

perfect little storage

Image: stylitchic

Bleak to chic storage ladder designs are evident here when you add a theme of colorful cues and patterns to the mix. Dark wood finishes and a sterling white surrounding make for a fine bathroom fashion.

This is awesome, when all else fails, DIY! I've been flea marketing for one of these but the cheapest I've found was $50 and most were for display only (not for sale)... Quilt Ladder for less than 10 bucks - DIY (ladders, quilts, prayer rugs)


Here we see a stunning view with warm creams and enriching black tones. The modern style is enchanting with a cozy and clever use of this storage ladder design.

We have reviewed twenty right ways to use a storage ladder in your home. While efficient, these trendy ladders offer a decorative promise to the room that it intends to keep. Everyday items and essentials are displayed with decorative designs allowing for a charming balance to the enter the style.

You will find your own creative use to add this concept in your home. From bedrooms to kitchens, you will fall in love with the sheer possibilities and potential that a storage ladder presents. Sharing memories and sleek styles are only the beginning. Functional fashion is added to any room with your own personal eye for design.


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