20 Ways to Add Color to Your Living Room

Color to Your Living Room

We have all heard that beige, gray and white is the new black when it comes to designing your home. Neutral palates have taken the style world by storm with its versatile adaptability and concise sleek style. As seen in photographs and imaging, the concept of adding color to your living room is a trendy way to dress up your design. How exactly do you add just the right amount of Color? We are going to show you throughout this article. The same stylish rules will apply to any room in your home, however we are going to focus on your Living Room.  From Country themes and Contemporary cues, you will find many options to Add Color to your Living Room. You must first decide which Color or Colors you would like to incorporate. Some may prefer a collage of hues, while others enjoy a singular source of shade.

Once you know your palate, you can then evaluate the layout of your space and theme. This will assist you in choosing how much versus how little of color you would like to add to your room. You can opt for small decorative pieces all the way to colorful furnishings that will fit into your style. Your living room will transform with an instant update when you incorporate colorful touches through out. In the twenty Images below, you will find a gracious collection of Living Rooms that will inspire your own home design.

A traditional two story living room with gray walls becomes a show stopper with vibrant pops of teal, pink and green. Accessorized by HomeGoods, this fun, chic and stylish living room is grand yet cozy. Plus, get tips on incorporating color into your home. Sponsored by HomeGoods. #sponsored

Image: addisonswonderland

A gorgeous Aqua teal tone is displayed throughout the design with the use of pillows , furnishings and fine accents that bring a dynamic appeal.

Living room decor - It's hard to say what came first; were the two paintings hung above the stonework fireplace inspired by the turquoise and charcoal gray of the furniture or was the furniture selected based on the paintings?

Image: homemagez

Here we see slight variations of a teal tone and gray setting. The collaborated colorful cues are a genius style for your design.

gray yellow

Image: decoholic

A chic cream living room gets a makeover with a sunny yellow style. Accents are expertly placed for a cheerful perception to your home.

Love the ceiling trim painted a different color as well! "In the living room, pale blue walls recall the color of the sky. The cream-color ceiling features an eggshell finish, which reflects light to make the room appear light and airy." The moldings slightly gold hue picked up gilded accents in room...punchy magenta add contrast to room's soft color palette - works with fireplace marble as well.

Image: bhg

Here we see a pleasant blue and cream themed living room that has been turned into extraordinary with vibrant flowers and matching pillows that recreate this room to a fashionable charm.

#NationalGrouchDay #GreenDecor This room makes me feel like I am breathing in the freshest air ever. It delights me!

Image: weranda

Gray and cream pair well together with the enlivened style of brilliant greenery that expands the room with an enchanted appeal.

i love everything about this - the pops of color, the wall gallery, the deep charcoal-colored walls

Image: dontpayfull

From light to dark, this composition of colors are a designer statement that brings this room to a completed sense. The chosen tones are expertly presented with matching undertones and a highlighted design.

Marvelous Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas 48

Image: decomg

Shades of blues and green are presented as decorative touches against a keen white surrounding. The design is trendy and well fashioned.

Decorating with darker colours - 10 of the best ideas

Image: housetohome

This illustration is the perfected example of how tones and undertones mingle together. The wall shades with the matting on the fireplace while the charcoal gray and pink match beautifully.

I love mirrored coffee tables, so I was excited when I saw these from HomeGoods! They go perfect in my living room and add that sparkle I need. All while being super affordable! Can't beat that. (Sponsored pin)

Image: homeandfabulous

This champagne tone is elegantly set with a dark black accent wall. A bouquet of light green, pink and cream make an exceptional.

Inspiring small living room decorating ideas for apartments (2)

Image: decorspace

Gorgeous white and gray designs have just the right amount of color when you add a blush of pink to the room through the use of decorative accents.

With love and light : Photo

Image: allshallbewell

Reminiscent of beach house memories, this eloquent blue is woven throughout this open concept living room offering a deluxe design.

black/charcoal, green and gold / Andrea Sectional Sofa with Chaise at Hudson's Bay

Image: thebay

A trendy and neutral layering of tones and shades are greeted with a brilliant emerald green that advances the style to a grand design.

Gray and Turquoise Living Room | Grey and turquoise living room with wood table. | Home

Image: lushome

Light shades of aqua are presented with the use of a corner book case and fashionable pillows and accents for a completely chic style.

interior design <3 charisma design

Image: uniquehomesdesign

Deep tones are themed with elegant patterns and crushed burgundy furnishings and designs. This living room is warm and cozy with an elegant style.

Pinterest: @claudiagabg

Image: hellomonica

Apple red is a wonderfully versatile color to add to any room. The modern and contemporary theme is enhanced with vibrant red tones.

Sheer, retractable shade would allow light to pass through from window but obscure daily disarray of desk in library.

Image: houzz

A neat way to add color is through a room divider made of sheer shade. This tangerine zest is a smart and energetic tone that is paired with muted hues for a highlighted design.

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Image: decoratio

Couture charm is presented with a shabby chic appeal. Blushing rose tones and antique white and cream make for an inspired living room design.

Neutral couch and chair with pops of color love it my whole house is red and white and black. Sure makes you happy with all this colo.

Image: houzz

Red is modern and trendy with a cream and gray collaboration. Artistic approaches and traditional tidings make this a brilliant space for your home.

Living Room Color Schemes

Image: livingrooma

Classic creme designs are adaptable and full of charm when you add floral touches and a sheer blend of rose, fuchsia and maroon cues.

Yellow and gray living room features a gray corner reading chair adorned with a canary yellow pillow next to an emerald green accent table illuminated by a polished nickel floor lamp placed in front of a gray stripe dresser topped with hammered metal planters under yellow art.

Image: decorpad

Trendy and stylish, this living room has a classic gray and white theme that is inspired by a brilliant yellow touch and a splash of posie red floral accents.

We have reviewed twenty stylish examples of how to add color to your living room. Interchanging colorful cues will enhance your theme with a brightened view of the space. Artistic approaches and floral hints are just the beginning. Pillows, furnishings and delightful accents all collaborate for a completed sense to your living room design. You will have the update your home needed with a few exchanges of interchangeable pieces and decorative touches. With the use of one or more colors, you will have a stylish living room that is inviting and well designed with your own personal vision.

Start your designing or restyle journey with colorful touches and thoughtful approaches by adding color to your living room. Creativity and personal impressions are definitely the keys to a successful design for your home.

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