25 Bathrooms Tubs That Will Sure Make Feel Luxurious

The humble bathroom is, of course, made for the tub. And so in order to create a luxurious bathroom, make the tub the star of the show. Here are a set of luxurious bathtubs that will make any bathroom feel like a king’s.

Image: Soho Kitchen Studio Inc.

This contemporary bathroom, paired with a walk-in shower is already gorgeous. But a sleek, curved tub is a real game-changer here.


Image: Rasmussen Construction

Instant luxury? Just add sweat lodge style seating to bring the spa into your own home.


Image: Keesee and Associates, Inc.

Decking out the outside of the tub with a custom design pattern is an easy way to complement the rest of the bathroom and help your tub stand out.


Image: Veranda Fine Homes

This bathroom evokes a sense of European tradition, thanks to a French style tub.


Image: Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Marble flooring and a sleek tub add luxury without much fuss.


Image: Jonathan Raith Inc.

A white tub, complementing wood flooring, can be an ideal bathroom fixture for any sized master bath.


Image: The Morson Collection

Granite’s also a popular choice in many master bathrooms and it’s easy to see why. It adds color, texture, and a modern outlook.


Image: Foursquare Builders

Again, granite is an excellent choice. And by pairing that with a sleek, minimalist tub and wood cabinets, we’ve got something special and complimentary here.


Image: Badeloft

This minimalist tub perfectly compliments an open bathroom decked out in black tile and wood.


Image: DC Interiors & Renovations

This tub, angled and featuring sharp curves, wonderfully compliments a bathroom decked out with tile and an earthy color scheme.


Image: Miriam Moore Design Studio LLC

Neutral color schemes are often a popular choice in many modern bathrooms and it’s easy to see why. Neutral color schemes are an easy to give any bathroom a modern feeling, all while allowing the tub to stand out.


Image: AND Design + Construction

Stained tiles and wood paneling helps make this minimalist tub stand out, while infusing this room with plenty of charm.


Image: Robeson Design

Paired with an ebony seating area, this minimalist tub helps contribute to a contemporary space that’s high on charm.


Image: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

Art deco decor and a raised tub contribute greatly to a modern atmosphere. Lighting can have a huge impact on any room and here, ceiling mounted lighting ensures a subtle lighting scheme while displaying all the right details of the bathroom.


Image: Concrete LCDA

Featuring a more open floor plan, this bathroom’s dynamic and highly contemporary. And dark glass cabinets allow this beautiful bathroom to stand out, complementing everything from the color scheme to the art deco elements throughout.


Image: Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Rich tones bring an almost tropical feeling to this bathroom. And when in doubt, go for tile- it’s reliable and easily customizable.


Image: Craftbuilt, Inc.

This bathroom’s elevated to the next level with dry painted walls and a tiled bathing area.


Image: B&Q

Minimalist furniture and a stunning dark color scheme, which bright pops of green help accent, infuse this bathroom with contemporary charm.


Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Note the open floor scheme. A bathroom doesn’t need to be kept in the dark to work. And the tub’s the perfect accessory here, light and breezy to match the feeling of this bathroom.


Image: Jensen C. Vasil Architect PC

A roaring fireplace and a slightly raised tub demonstrate that the tub’s the star of the show and the bathroom can be a spa in your own home.


Image: Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

Tiled planks, plus a minimalist tub, seal the deal in this gorgeous bathroom.


Image: Urban Area

This bathroom almost feels like a full fledged living room, doesn’t it? But as you can see here, this is another bathroom that takes advantage of a wide floor plan, using a neutral color scheme to create a relaxing space.



A mirror does a lot to help this bathroom feel larger than it actually is, while an intimate tea candle lighting arrangement creates a romantic atmosphere in this bathroom.


Image: Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

Minimalist tub? Check. Wood flooring? Check. Fabulous contemporary bathroom? Of course.


Image: Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

A raised tub is elevated to the next level with a marble deck and tiled backsplash.

With the right touches, any modern bathroom can be a real stunner, take it from us. But it’s the tub that’s the star of the show so treat it like such.