25 White Armoire wardrobe Bedroom Furniture For Small Spaces

white armoire wardrobe bedroom furniture

White Wardrobe Cabinets For the Bedroom are a chic way to incorporate additional closet space into your room even if it’s small. White is timelessly classic with an infinite grace. Clean and concise styles have long incorporated a white setting. When pairing a wardrobe to the scene, designer cues and efficiencies are presented. Whether you have a need to create an alternative closet space  or are extending your current closet status, you will find a wardrobe to be beneficial to your cause. Creative storage with concealed drawers and shelving are clever with modern innovation. A stylish way to fashion your own boutique design will be in the detailed accents and decorative touches you inspire.

In the twenty telling photos below, you will see a collaboration of adaptive white wardrobes for your bedroom. The path to organized style is a trendy way to add finessed functionality to your room. Doors and drawers become designated to hold your essentials and your favorited fashions. You will note the ease of  endless potential that a wardrobe can bring to the setting.

Tall Mirrored Wardrobes


Image: MyDomaine

Illuminating mirrors line this tall wardrobe cabinet, making a grand closet space. Clever doors are sleek with a reflective and luminous style.

Open White Wardrobe

Traditional Home

Image: Traditional Home

A boutique-style setting is filled with open shelving and a charming centered chest of drawers. The built in wardrobe and shelving are simply elegant in design.

Modern Wardrobe


Image: Houzz

Sleek, long cabinet doors are equipped with thin silver handles to create a hidden wardrobe wall. The immaculate appeal is clever and innovative for a concise style.

Cabinet Wardrobe


Image: timzowood

A small country-style standing wardrobe is complete with three square drawers and a small closet space. The perfect addition to your organized regimen will keep your home clean and clutter free.

Spacious Wardrobe


Image: Alkemie

A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is showcased with studio lights. A cove of cabinetry is modern and trendy allowing for a a conclusive design throughout.

Large Wardrobe

The Wow Decor

Image: The Wow Decor

Detailed mirrored cabinet doors are at the center of this wardrobe of drawers. Shelf and vanity spaces extend on either side of this full piece.

Walk-in Wardrobe


Image: mylusciouslife

A double-sided wardrobe creates a walk-in closet feel, displaying clothing racks while concealing other items behind its mirrored doors and small drawers. The cheerful theme is airy and trimmed in delightful tones.

White Wardrobe


Image: Stylecaster

An elaborate vanity and wardrobe design is a specific style that has a deluxe arrangement of drawers and shelving. This flawless approach has a promising style.

Standing Wardrobe

Eclectically Vintage

Image: Eclectically Vintage

A barn-door style is displayed in a country white that perfectly sets in an inconspicuous space in the room. Surrounding decor are perfectly paired in this theme.

Boutique Wardrobe

Brooks and Falotico

Image: Brooks and Falotico

A grand boutique wardrobe is filled with tons of drawers, gold racks, and shoe display shelves. In the center, an island is set with a marble top that is a lavish touch to the design.

Windowed Wardrobe


Image: DecorPad

A display case wardrobe is exquisitely designed with you in mind. Your collection of trinkets, fashions and memories will be a graceful presence in your own closeted wardrobe design.

Wall Wardrobe

California Closets

Image: California Closets

A wardrobe piece fits comfortable into this wall space. It holds closet doors on either side, concealed shoe shelving, drawers, and has fun red-webbed cabinet doors.

Cabinet Wardrobe


Image: Founterior

A wall of cabinet doors holds a historical essence and vintage charm. The floor to ceiling concept is truly a lasting and cherished part of this home.

White Wardrobe

House & Home

Image: House & Home

Tucked into the crown molding is a wall full of cabinets and drawers. This wardrobe space is complete with simple gold handles that add a stately and modern appeal to the space.

Mirrored Wardrobe


Image: Gilded Mint

Mirrored doors hug the center of this wardrobe wall. On the top, A pretty lattice is displayed while the center doors are curtained. Detail is the key to this delightful setting.

Skylit Wardrobe


Image: Freshome

Modern lighting cast a glow over a modernized A framed wardrobe concept. The updated tones highlight the array of drawers and shelving for a an organized style.

Standing Wardrobe


Image: hotrenopins

A beautiful Victorian wardrobe is exquisitely set in a white finish. The elaborate embellished details frame a widened mirror for a luxurious addition to your bedroom.

Cream Wardrobe

Belgian Pearls

Image: Belgian Pearls

A framed queen wardrobe is detailed with crown and floor molding, square columns, and circular hardware. In the center are double doors and three long drawers for plenty of storage.

Wall Wardrobe


Image: Freshome

Behind the bed is a large eleven-doored wardrobe tucked into the wall. The perfect space saver includes mirrored doors and is handle-free.

Window Wardrobe


Image: Lady-Gray-Dreams

Vintage country themes are full of a cozy and treasured style. Charming wardrobe doors enchant the room with a whimsical tone. Glass and ivory are perfectly paired for a picturesque design.

A white wardrobe adds an essence of lavish delight to your bedroom space. We have reviewed trendy traditions and couture charms in each inspired arrangement. The detailed designs are a true expression of a thoughtful theme. Doors, drawers and shelving will bring a heightened sense of organization to the room that will keep your bedroom neat and stylish.

Create a classic style that is functional and fashioned for your home. Orderly and ornate meets seamless styles that will embrace your space in a timeless setting. Wardrobes in the Bedroom will transform your busy day with the sleek ease of design.