40 Bathroom Designs That Will Make You Believe in Black and White

black and white bathroom

Most bathrooms are in white because it looks clean and we all want a clean bathroom. But it never hurts to use a different color. Some bathrooms are not white but may use another neatural color. But then again, you can always add some accent colors to and and plan your color scheme well. The look of your bathroom may also be like the other spaces of your home. Others prefer to use black and white which is actually a safe combination. From ultra-modern hideaways to casual renovations, here are 20 funky black and white bathroom room designs that make the best of a dramatic contrast- black and white.

back and white bathroom fixtures

High-gloss appeal

Image: Doro Design

Here, this bathroom uses sleek, sharp lines and a no nonsense black and white color scheme to create a high gloss look reminiscent of the 1980s.

Who says you cannot add a floral curtain to a bathroom like this?Image Source: Joan Scheinberg Design Associates


If you want to add some color to your black and white bathroom, the lights can do it for you.Image Source: Dana Cohen-Vishkin


A traditional bathroom has details that are timeless and lovely. Image Source: Element 5 ArchitectureTriton Austin

white wash bathroom

Believe in wood again

Image: Bruno Ferreira

Black wood cabinets not only contrast nicely with the white furnishings, as in here, but help to contribute to a very ultra-modern look for this bathroom.

Bathroom with black and white striped wall

Stripes can work for you

Image: Noken

Striped paneling not only gives this bathroom a look of its own but helps tie in the rest of this sleek, bad boy of a room.

Even black and white bathroom can be subtle

Even black and white can be subtle

Image: Eurolegno

Here, instead of a strong overlay of black and white, we go for a more subtle effect. With mauve walls, we not only have a room that makes the best of its stark black and white contrast but that doesn’t overpower the viewer.


The pattern on the flooring is so modern but it doesn’t make the space look crowded. Image Source: Brooke Wagner Design


Subway tiles in black and white look nice in this bathroom. Adding stripes to another wall is a good idea too.Image Source: C.P. Hart Bathrooms


Branches on the wall bring nature into this space while still retaining its modern look.Image Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Art deco bathroom appeal

Art deco appeal

Image: Art DecO

Black and white, with the right touches, can be made to create a funky, conversational room- as we see here with these art deco furnishings and ultra-modern designs.

A little yellow can go a long way

A little yellow can go a long way

Image: Branchetti

A touch of yellow really goes a long way to help make the black and white furnishings in this room not feel so overwhelming. This space is not only bright but cheerful, thanks to a splash of color. Floral designs especially shine in a black and white layout.


A beautiful bathroom has checkered floor and black walls. Adding mirrors and glass doesn’t make it appear boxy. Image Source: Drury Design


The patterns on the floor tiles are beautiful and it adds charm to the simple white walls of the bathroom. Image Source: FJ Interior Design


If you love damask, then this bathroom will appeal to you for sure! Image Source: REFINED LLC

Post modern bathroom appeal

Post modern appeal

Image: See Materials

Is this a bathroom or is this a postmodern art exhibit? Well, in this bathroom the lines are blurred, thanks to beautiful yet functional shelves and appliances.

Contemporary bathroom luxury

Contemporary luxury

Image: Beth Dotolo

Even black and white can contribute to a comfortable, luxurious space, thanks to deep woods and contemporary furnishings.


This is a minimalist bathroom but it doesn’t look plain. The vanity has a unique pattern in blue bringing drama to the area.Image Source: Tagr Design


Black vanity and walls give this bathroom a more gorgeous look than just leaving everything in white. Image Source: Famosa – The Surface Studio


Black and white subway tiles look classic but timeless. Who wouldn’t love the look of this bathroom? Image Source: C.P. Hart Bathrooms

Set the mood with the right bathroom furnishings

Set the mood with the right furnishings

Image: Candie Olson

With the right touches, what might be a sterile space can look like home- especially with the addition of a vintage wood dresser.

Floral in bathroom can work wonders

Floral can work wonders

Image: KT Designs

Any room can work with a black and white heavy design- all it takes is knowing where to put the right touches. Floral patterns and subtle splashes of color work very well in these designs- making sure that the contrast of the black and white can really shine.

Metallics bathroom don't have to be harsh

Metallics don’t have to be harsh

Image: See Materials

This metallic, high glossed bathroom not only makes the best of the space available to it but utilizes sharp grays, blacks and whites to really make this bathroom glow.

A splash of red and orange helps make this bathroom shine

A splash of red and orange helps make this bathroom shine

Image: Ana Donohue

Here, a splash of red and orange spaced throughout the room not only helps keep this bathroom together but works well in this ultra-modern bathroom.

This bathroom hearkens to the future

This bathroom hearkens to the future

Image: Foster

With zeerust furnishings and smooth lines, this bathroom harkens to the future- all thanks to a sharp contrast between black and white.


Speckled walls for the shower area defines the space white the area where the bath tub is have black flooring. Image Source: Touzet Studio


The walls have mosaic tiles in black and white which doubles as a decorative element. Image Source: Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts (Bangalore)

Charcoal bathroom can work wonders

Charcoal can work wonders

Image: Mow Design

Charcoal grays really help give this bathroom a contempary appeal while blurring the lines between black and white.

Black and white bathroom can be elegant

Black and white can be elegant

Image: The Brooklyn Home Company

Even black and white can be elegant, as seen through these classic, clearly defined lines throughout the walls and furnishings.


Such a lovely black and white bathroom! Every girl would fall in love with the Zebra printed bath tub! Image Source: Nieto Design Group

5 star bathroom appeal in your own home

5 star appeal in your own home

Image: 3d Zone

Looking at home in a five star hotel, this bathroom is classed up through the use of stark black and whites and a smooth marble floor.

Funky and modern bathroom appeal

Funky and modern appeal

Image: Savio and Rupa Interiors

Here, this bathroom is funky and modern, with the use of softer tones and plenty of checkerboard.


Going simple with black and white tiles on the floor and walls. But a different set of tiles was used for the shower area. Image Source: Grant Davis Thompson, INC.


Decorative leaf wallpapers bring beauty to this modern bath. Image Source: Becki Peckham

Black and white bathroom for the elegant space

Black and white for the elegant space

Image: Tina Muller

Sleek tile and ceramic really help turn this kitchen into a beautiful elegant space.


Now this is a minimalist bathroom in black and white. Black is used for the bathing area. Image Source: c3studio


It is nice to add wallpapers to the bathroom just like this one. The black countertop of the vanity is pretty too. Image Source: R. B. Schwarz, Inc.

An urban bathroom oasis- all thanks to the right touches

An urban oasis- all thanks to the right touches

Image: Vern Yip

Any home can be turned into an urban oasis with the right furnishings. Here we have our black and white designs contrasted nicely with a warm wooden floor- which gives this bathroom a very comforting appeal.

Smooth bathroom lines and limestone help seal the deal here

Smooth lines and limestone help seal the deal here

Image: Sergey Baskakov

A very contempary bathroom, with smooth lines and speckled limestone walls, is helped even further with a contrast of black and white.


You can use stripes for the wall too. That will make the space look visually larger. Image Source: JCostaConstruction

With the right touches, black and white designs can work for you, giving your home an ultra-modern appeal. And yes, it works well for the bathroom too. Other people might think that you cannot use this color for the bathroom but after seeing the pictures above, I am certain that you have changed your mind about this. Also, take note of how the said colors were used in the bathroom. Do not over do it to avoid that boxy and dark space. And yes, this list will surely make you believe in black and white!