40 Inviting Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Brown Living Room

One of the best ways to create a welcoming, comfortable living space is by using earth-tone living room designs like rich browns living room, refreshing tans, and deep oranges and reds.  These colors play well off of each other and bring the best of the outdoors inside.  Take a look at this photo set of twenty living rooms for some earthy inspiration.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: LDArc Architects

Choosing furniture in various shades of brown is a great way to start when decorating a room with earth tones.  Note the pleasing contrast between the opposing grains of the wood floor and rug as well.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: The Pankonien Group Design + Construction

This perfectly chosen rug reflects each of the colors used throughout the room in its attractive linked chain pattern.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: CheShindra

Some gentle brown accents and floral arrangements give depth to what would otherwise be a room done in black and white.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: A+B Kasha | The Art of the Pied-A-Terre

The lamp shaped like a tree branch is the perfect accessory for this natural-toned room.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Baker Court Interiors

The rich variety of browns coupled with the stonework of the fireplace make this the perfect place to curl up and relax.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Raven Inside Interior Design

Earth tones and sleek modern angles have a classy pairing in this elegant living room.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Six Walls Interior Design

The greens and burnt oranges in the carpet, pillows, and throw accentuate the browns of the furnishings like leaves on a tree.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Candice Olson

The patterned curtains and striped central love seat make for great accent points in this cozy-looking space.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Raven Inside Interior Design

This room exhibits a wonderful variety of browns against the natural backdrop provided by the large segmented window.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Redbud Custom Homes

The lush carpet and ornate lantern light fixture add romantic touches to this beautiful layout.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Nordby Design Studio, Architecture and Interiors, LLC

Choosing patterns such as the leaf motif on the chair and pillows is another great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Clawson Architects

Wicker creates a rustic feel and is also very comfortable, especially with a cushion and some well-chosen accent pillows.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: LI Remodel

The clay-red paint used on the walls and around the window is a stunning choice for this room’s layout.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: AMW Design Studio

Art inspired by nature, such as the picture of the stacked turtles shown here, makes a wonderful accompaniment to an earth-toned room.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Elizabeth Gordon Studio

Animal prints, like the zebra chair and cow skin rug, also look great with earth hues.  If you prefer not to purchase animal skins, don’t worry – it’s easy to find faux versions.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Le-Angelique

The lighting set up within the woodwork brings out the red-brown glow of the wood beautifully, drawing the eye across the room.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Eirian-stock

Light blues, creams, and white or off-white are all great color choices to pair with earthy browns.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Studio KB

Here earth colors are used in tiles on the fireplace and in patterns on the armchair and pillows, uniting the simple and the elaborate.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Dragon2525

This room carries its earth tone theme onto the patio with the two brown basket chairs suspended outside.

Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Image: Michael Matrka Inc.

Clay reds and earth browns are combined with carved wood, marble, and a bronzed bear statue in a style that honors nature and classical decor.

As with any decorating style, there are endless ways to use earth tones (brown) in a living space.  However, they will always bring a hint of nature into your home and create an atmosphere that is rich for the eyes and calming for the soul.

For those that got this far, here are 20 gorgeous living room furniture arrangements

The living room — it’s where life happens, right? It’s where you entertain and converse with your guests, watch movies with your kids, and cuddle with your spouse. This room, above all other rooms in the house, needs to be comfortable, stylish, and inspirational. If your shabby living room needs a little sprucing up, look to these gorgeous decors for inspiration.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Jeffrey King Interiors

Sleek and modern, this living room utilizes a neutral color palette accented with bold pops of color to create a calm, comfortable space that’s warm and inviting.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: qinteriordesign.rs

A comfortable, casual room designed for entertaining, this cozy living room features versatile furniture that can be moved about and rearranged to accommodate various activities.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Rachel Reider Interiors

Ideal for anyone who loves warmth and color, this living room design takes advantage of softly textured fabrics and contrasting patterns to create a comfortable space that’s perfect for lounging.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Eleven Interiors

A pale color palette spiced up with pops of orange here and there, lend this contemporary room an ultra-modern, sophisticated aura.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: COOP15 Architecture

A very hot color this season, lime green, adds just the right amount of excitement to this retro-inspired space.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Ownby Design

Rich earth tones and extra-plush seating make this living room a favorite gathering spot for everyone in the family.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: ArchiTrix | Design Studio Inc.

A smartly tiled, modern fireplace is the focal point of this contemporary living room. Bright throw pillows and a whimsical area rug tie the whole look together.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: The Anderson Studio

Unique furnishings and a stunning view make this room the place you want to be year round. Strategically placed artwork softens the angular edges of this space, lending it a homey, comfortable feel.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Usona

Steel gray floors coupled with simple white walls mimic the stunning view of the mountain range seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows in this sleek space.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Frank Pitman Designs

A true urban oasis, this living room combines richly colored leather with ultra-plush carpeting to create a room that’s to die for.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A heavily textured, woven rug and simple artwork turn this simple, yet elegant space into a comfortable retreat.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Meritage Homes

Designed with an abundance of rich color and texture, this casual living room has something to fall in love with everywhere you look.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Portico Design Group

Pops of peacock blue transform this white-on-white space into a lovely living room designed with everyone in the family in mind.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Morrison Homes

Sophisticated and polished with just a hint of whimsy, this plush space cradles you in warmth and comfort.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Usona

Minimalists love this space featuring an enticing sitting area and modern built-in cabinetry.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Jace Interiors

Complementary patterned fabrics and textiles make this living space truly warm and inviting. This room is ideal for anyone who loves layers of color, warmth, and texture.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Content Architecture

Creamy natural tones lend this contemporary space a softness and warmth that’s missing from similar spaces.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Marie Burgos Design

Flooded with natural light, this beautiful room’s decor is stunningly offset with a natural woven rug on the floor and exposed brick on the accent wall.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Muse Interiors

Worthy of royalty, this swank living space features luxurious furnishings, elegant artwork, and an inspired color palette.

Earth-Tone Living Room DesignsImage: Croma | Toronto on M5V 2P6

Whimsically modern, this living room possesses a lot of fun elements. From the quirky rug to the unique floor lamp, this room has loads of personality.

These stunning rooms are full of unique design ideas that you can use in your own space. Whether you prefer modern, country, or traditional decor, you can use these ideas to create any room you can envision. Just pick a few elements that you truly love and build your living room around them. Piece by piece, you will see your empty room become the room of your dreams.

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