40 Sensational Kitchen Nooks — Perfect for Small Kitchens!


While creating lots of seating in a small kitchen can be challenging, you don’t have to sacrifice the things you want just because you could use a little more square footage. When it comes to creating seating and extra storage in an oddly u shaped or small kitchen, kitchen nooks provide the ultimate solution. And they do their job beautifully. From bench seating to built-in cabinetry, sensational kitchen nooks have everything you need to take your kitchen from functional to sensational.

If you want to create additional seating and breakfast nook with storage in your challenging kitchen, think about placing a kitchen nook in one of your open corners. If you’re not sure how to do it, look at these fabulous kitchen nooks. If these upscale kitchens don’t get your creative juices flowing, nothing will.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Designers have cleverly addressed accommodating styles with breakfast nooks. The concept was originally known as the “Breakfast Alcove” in the early 1920’s era. It soon adopted the term breakfast nook and became a trending home fashion. The design offered intimate dining and cozy seating in your own home without the fuss of a formal dinette for everyday dinners. Designers today have taken cues from history and have once again made the breakfast nook a popular addition to your kitchen. Nostalgic styles are brought to view offering an inviting design.

There is an array of breakfast nooks to choose from. Witty styles and architectural use of design have provided a modern twist to its vintage origins. Each style brings its own amenities such as storage options and decorative appeals. You will find in the images below, a treasure chest of options that range in style and color. Take note of how lighting plays on the design with both natural lighting and accessories. The styles are a true complement to any kitchen design that you are able to bring to your own kitchen.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: goforthgill.com

A custom bay window breakfast nook seat transforms this tiny nook into functional space that can be enjoyed by the whole family. And just look at the detail on the wood bench!

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: studio-k-b.com

Absolutely charming, this country-inspired kitchen nook features a stylish and plush L-shaped bench. Drawers located under the breakfast  nook seating provide storage space for rarely-used items.

A sleek and simple wrap around bench serves as storage while providing ample seating. The retro table is set in the center of the style while bright and open natural lighting brightens the space.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: jacksoncabinetry.com

There’s no way you could fit a conventional dinette set into this tiny space. However, this fabulous nook provides all the seating you need for a decent sized family.

A country inspiration mingles with a vintage touch. The detailed wood work is paired with cozy seating and a decorative rounded table with additional traditional chairs. The designer has created a charming option for both dining and additional storage.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: schradercompanies.com

Gorgeous and inspiring, this traditionally styled kitchen nook features comfortable bench seating along with a couple of dinette chairs, which provide seating for six or seven people.

A bright and cheery breakfast nook uses accessibility mingled with style. Chic soft pillows sit atop seats that double as storage. The complementary contrast of earthy tones and a stark white offers an undeniable style.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: kengutmaker.com

Working with very limited space, the designer was able to create a sensational nook in this traditional kitchen. Bright, colorful throw pillows add comfort, style, and a splash of color to the nook.

Elegance comes to mind when a stately rich blue and deep intricate wood finishes collaborate. The clever deep seating is accompanied by a traditional pair that is both romantic and decoratively purposed.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: venegasandcompany.com

Luxuriously upholstered, the impressive bench incorporated into this space is ideal for entertaining guests. The cupboards located under the bench are perfect for storing board games and other activities. This breakfast nook supplies a flow of style to the room. The crème base surrounding and a traditional modern table are a chic and stylish addition to your kitchen.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: kitchenstudio-ge.com

Elegant and sophisticated, this ornate kitchen nook proves that you don’t have to use a casual decorating scheme for your nook. Oozing class and charm, this space is just as beautiful as a formal dining room.

An inspired bench is designed for family and friends. Inviting depths of warm colors and a traditional styled table blends perfectly for comfortable surroundings and cherished memories.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: knowlesps.com

By placing bench seating in a small nook, the designer of this space has created an eat-in kitchen, a feature that’s highly sought after in today’s real estate market.

French Provencal hints are melodically charming with a traditional tone. The designer uses chic accents and a scrolling detailed design to amplify the cozy nature of this breakfast nook style.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: suttonsuzukiarchitects.com

A gorgeous kitchen window bench provides the perfect opportunity for creating a nifty kitchen nook in this room. Warm and inviting, this fabulously decorated nook features a great deal of texture and coordinating fabrics. A private setting in an open modern layout provides the perfect symmetry to the room. Amidst the airy space you find enriched woods and a pleasant sense of lighting and style.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: heydtdesigns.com

Brilliant and sublime, this bright kitchen nook takes advantage of an abundance of natural light, which spills into the space through multiple grand windows. This breakfast nook style is refreshing and well purposed. The use of textures and complementary accents bring this style together with a brilliant view.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: feinmann.com

Excellent for entertaining a large group of family and friends, this lovely kitchen nook feels homey thanks to scads of patterned soft fabrics featuring muted colors and a gorgeous dining table.

A charming nook is presented with light and airy tones. The rich design holds a nostalgic appeal with a fresh style that is both inviting and chic.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: riegerarchitects.com

Even if you truly only have space for a typical window seat, you can still create a kitchen nook in your space. The designer of this space has used a long, narrow table to make it possible.

A creative design is well stated with a depth of striped coloring and clever shape. The oblong traditional table unifies the ample seating with a cozy tenure of style.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Red Bud | Custom Homes

Lovingly created with custom benches enhanced with bead-board and a matching custom dining table, this stunning nook is to die for.

Perfectly sized, this breakfast nook has traditional notes while contributing a keen sense of continuity to the room. The white hue and earthy accents are clean and stylish.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Crafted Architecture

This marvelous nook has an uncommon curved bench seat that’s been enhanced by an ornate dining table and a couple of beautiful dining chairs.

An elegant splendor lends a charming essence to the design. Victorian accents and style meets tradition with rounded curves and scrolling designs. The dual tones add depth to a harmonious setting.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Archipelago Hawaii

Bright, bold upholstery adds passion and a little spice to this elegant kitchen nook. The wrought iron table adds a nice touch as well.

A modern and retro style adds the fun in functionality. The magnetic chalk board is an inspired way to occupy little hands while dinner is made. Clean lines and symmetry is a fresh and vindicated style.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Ruhl Walker Architects

This charming, modern nook features a chalkboard accent wall, making it ideal for families with young children. Streamlined chairs add extra seating without taking up much visual space, which makes the room feel larger than it really is.

A traditional style is brought to life with a dark finished table and a contrasting white bench. Decorative accessories unify the style into a pleasant space for any kitchen.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Kipnis Architecture + Planning

A hand-crafted bench seat serves as the focal point of this gorgeous kitchen nook. What’s more, this space can be redecorated seasonally or whenever your tastes change simply by changing the pillows and seat pads. A cozy and chic space has a bistro feel and a couture appearance. Patterns and accents are in a brocading swirl and an in-depth sense of color. Tones and hues meld together in an inspirational breakfast nook style.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Patterson Custom Homes

Elegant and refined, this kitchen nook boasts sumptuous fabrics and an impressive wrought iron table. This nook proves that great design is all in the details. A clever use of space and modern tones create an appealing breakfast nook that will complement your style and your next meal. This design is both cozy and well fashioned.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Sawhorse Designs

The unique shape of this kitchen perfectly complements the oval, center nook the designer chose for this upscale space. A cozy breakfast nook doubles as a chic and comfortable space. The bench is dressed with colorful prints and pillows for a warm style.

This shabby chic style holds an elaborate seating design with a rustic wooden table. The look is finished with vintage lighting for a genuine and welcoming appeal.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Pinemar Building Company

Full of life and personality, this darling kitchen nook is made special through the use of numerous accent pillows.

An art deco theme responds to a retro style. Colorful and artistic wavy tiling sets the stage for decorative accents and an intriguing sense of purpose. You will find limitless potential for an artist’s touch.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Streeter & Associates Architectural Builders

A massive custom table crafted from solid wood transforms the entire wall in this room into a comfortable space for your friends and family.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: McKinney York Atchitects

Bright and colorful, the whimsical design of this kitchen nook complements the unique tile work beautifully and makes the color scheme really pop.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: Country Club Homes Inc.

Traditional and elegant, this sophisticated kitchen nook feels like a formal dining room. Ornate wood panels and exquisite molding define the space and make it feel separate from the main kitchen.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: LOCZI Design

Extremely modern, this custom kitchen nook boasts a few surprising design elements, such as the extraordinary light fixture and the marvelous chairs.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: German Furniture Warehouse

If you rent or don’t want to create a custom built-in breakfast nook kitchen, you don’t have to. Cleverly designed furniture turns this space into a charming nook and maximizes the space.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: House and Home Magazine

Brilliant and sunny, this sensational kitchen nook takes advantage of a stunning view while non-imposing dining chairs make it easy to move around freely in the space.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: A Nest for All Seasons

This entrancing kitchen nook features a custom wall unit that’s been lavishly crafted to include bead-board details and lots of open shelving.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: remodelingsouthsound.com

Tucked away in a minuscule corner, this darling cozy kitchen nook doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it provides much-needed seating in this gorgeous room.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: andreaschumacherinteriors.com

Furnished with elaborate and ornate pieces, this upscale kitchen nook feels extravagant thanks to lavish textiles, upholstery, and fabrics. Also, the elegantly turned legs of the pieces used lend the space a dignified aura.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: eatwell101.com

Gleaming, rich wood makes this space very warm and inviting. Finished to match the woodwork in the rest of the cabin, this seating area complements this space beautifully.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: chrisandcamiphotography.com

Refined and sophisticated, this kitchen nook features fine furniture and rich, velvet upholstery, which creates a luxurious aura.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: klondikecontracting.com

This inventive kitchen nook makes great use of the tiny corner in which it’s tucked. Without this darling nook, the corner would have been wasted space.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: theskyisthelimitdesign.com

A splendid dining table with elegantly upturned feet gives this kitchen nook an extravagant feel. The custom, curved bench seat also allows for additional seating.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: bestandcompanynyc.com

Fabulous and practical, this nook has been created with just a few pieces of well-suited furniture. To keep from overwhelming the space, the designer has chosen a small table with a slim profile.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: deepdalehouse.com

Built to blend beautifully with the custom cabinetry used in this space, this kitchen nook features an L-shaped bench seat, country-inspired wooden table, and a few luxuriously plush accent pillows.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: timandersenarchitect.com

Stunning and captivating, this modest nook has been decorated with brightly colored curtains and accessories, which make the space personable.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: adlsf.com

An exquisite leather wrap-around bench seat transforms this small space into an opulent dining room for the whole family to enjoy.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: ousekaboodle.com

Gracefully executed, this magnificent kitchen nook has been created to include a custom bench seat, which draws attention to the unique shape of the room.

Sensational Kitchen NooksImage: amdgarchitects.com

This cute space is smartly decorated with lots of bright color, which makes the stark-white custom benches warm and inviting.

Sensational Kitchen Nooks

Image: Sherwin-Williams

Breakfast kitchen nooks are a great design element of any small kitchens. Not only do they make the room interesting and aesthetically pleasing, they really maximize the space while making it more functional. If you’re looking for storage and seating solutions for your tiny kitchen, think about incorporating a kitchen nook. As you have seen in these pictures, you don’t need a lot of space to build an enchanting, stylish kitchen nook.

We have seen a variety of fashionable and trending breakfast nooks. These space savvy designs are both functional and stylish. They carry the theme of our kitchen into a charming aspect that is an asset for any family or gathering. The storage possibilities are endless as the shape, size and depth are all intricately balanced in the design. The clever benches are surrounded with colorful hues and décor.

When designing your own breakfast nook, you will consider the specifications and the space you will be utilizing. Breakfast nooks come in all shapes with the capability of mixing and matching table styles. Having removable cushions and backings make it simple to restyle for any occasion. Once you have chosen your design and style, you can create the perfect Breakfast nook for your home. The multi-purposed space is delightful and a charming addition to your kitchen.

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