55 Fabulous Wall Shelving and Storage Solutions

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Open shelving — it’s inexpensive, practical, and oh-so-stylish. What’s more, it leaves your room feeling open and spacious. By taking advantage of unused wall space, shelves provide extra storage, give you a place to show off your prized possessions, and add an extra design element to your favorite spaces. Whether you need more space to put things in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom shelf design ideas on the wall you can get exactly what you need with a few shelves.

The best part? You don’t have to have any carpentry or design experience to add shelves to your space. All you need is a great idea and a few tools, such as a level, brackets, screws, and, of course, the shelves. If you’re not sure how to incorporate shelves into your overall decor, take a look at these fabulous examples.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Fiorella Design

These stainless steel shelves make this traditional kitchen feel updated and modern. Strategically positioned over the sink, these handy shelves offer a lot of practical storage.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Creating enough storage in a tight bathroom can be quite the challenge. Here, the designer has taken advantage of a mere few inches of unused space, located in a couple of kitchen nooks, to add storage and an extra corner shelf design element.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: IN Studio & Co. Interiors by Shari Misturak

By continuing the lines of the bookcase along the far wall, the designer of this office creates cohesiveness within the space. The shelves also add flair and style to the room.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Blutter Shiff Design Associates

Simple, elegant open bookcases offer loads of storage in this contemporary living room. Perfect for storing books, photos, and decorative items, these shelves are the focal point of this casual space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Roeckers, Inc.

Rustic and charming, these shelves add character to this enchanting kitchen. Here, the designer has chosen to display baskets and decorative items on the shelves, but you could use them for storing spices, dishes, or other kitchen items.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Susan J Moss, ASID

Built-in entertainment units, like this one, often have open shelves. This lovely system boasts small floating shelves, which are perfect for displaying vases and such.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Rockwood Cabinetry

Taking advantage of what would have otherwise been unusable space, these lighted shelves serve as a great place to store decorative items and guest towels.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Sean Michael Design

These stylish shelves make a grand statement in this trendy living room. Designed to stand out, these shelves add plenty of architectural detail to this space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: More Design + Build

These innovative shelving units are another great example of how you can take advantage of a tiny amount of unusable space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Fifth Element Homes

These floating shelves turn an ordinary wall into a stylish, cool and chic place where you can display art, decorative items, and more.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Ceremony: Interior Designers & Decorators

By leaving these shelves stark white, the designer of this home office nook creates a bold statement. The shelves also draw the eye upward, which makes the space feel larger.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Turn Collaborative

This modern living room features storage shelves that complement the decor and color scheme of the space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Laura Kirar Design

An ideal place to display photos and treasured items these dark wooden shelves serve as the focal point of this artsy bedroom.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Peg Nerens Interior Design LLC

Aesthetically intriguing, this geometric wall unit offers lots of space for storing books, photos, and baubles. Not only that, it turns this wall into a grand accent piece and focal point for the room.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: EJ Interior Design, Inc.

These gorgeous shelving units feature accent lighting, which draws attention to the fine pieces displayed upon the shelves. The shelves also draw attention to the floating sideboard, which would have otherwise been overwhelmed by the dining table.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Jackson Design & Remodeling

Sleek and simple, these white kitchen shelves serve a very practical purpose indeed. Used to store spices, these ledges are a great way to free up much-needed counter space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: David Neiman Architects

Beautiful and elegant, this wall unit, is stained the same color as the natural hardwood floors, which ties this space together brilliantly.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Narofsky Architecture

The clever designer of this space uses a mahogany shelf to hide an air-conditioning unit. By continuing the shelving along the wall, the designer turns the wall into an intentional showcase.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Weber Design Group, Inc.

Located on both sides of this massive entertainment center, these display shelves add depth and dimension to the piece.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: BlackLaB Architects Inc.

Used as bookcases in this modern space, these box shelves provide extra storage in the simply-designed room.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: brideandwolfe.com.au

Perfect for a child’s room or nursery, this lovely piece features slats, which can be used to display small decorative items. What’s more, these pieces can be changed out as seasons or tastes change.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Wisteria

These small shelves are decorated with shells and coral in an effort to establish a decorating theme for this hip bathroom.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Graham and Green

Used as snazzy shelves in this modern space, these shadowboxes are a great example of using unconventional decorative items as display cases.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Pottery Barn Kids

Great for organizing and decorating a child’s bedroom, these cute multi-colored shelves are a practical and stylish solution for cluttered spaces.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Pottery Barn

A true statement piece, this rustic and charming wooden shelving unit offers a small shelf for displaying kitchen essentials and several wrought iron hooks for hanging coffee cups or utensils.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: West Elm

Traditionally designed, this wood bookcase features a lustrous, dark finish, which lends it a pronounced presence in the space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Trista

Trendy and modern, these unique shelves may be small in size but they are large on style. Finished with several contrasting bright colors, these whimsical shelves add a fun element to any space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Home Garden Max

Decorated with adorable, whimsical flower pots and vases, these cube shelves feature lots of bright color and an eye-catching design.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Etsy

This delightful themed bookcase has been designed to look like a fantastical tree complete with bookends crafted to look like woodland creatures.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Dalian Grandwills Co., Ltd

Simple yet stunning, this wall unit provides much-needed storage for smaller items. Made with a rare, boxy design, this unit is useful and intriguing.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: PerfekteVelle

An unusual conversation piece, this cleverly designed wall shelving unit curves to form an arch, which will capture the attention and imagination of everyone who enters the space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Dalian Grandwills Co., Ltd

Designed so you can mix and match them to form any look you want, these adjustable shelves offer a wide variety of options.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: The Land of Nod

A lovely addition to any nursery, these pieces feature small shelves upon which you can display toys or items that coordinate with your decorating theme.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: J1 Studio

Inspired by origami, this ravishing shelf offers lots of nooks and crannies for storage. The unique look of the piece makes it feel more like a piece of art than a shelving unit.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Trista

Designed to have a youthful vibe, these innovative shelves are perfect for a teenage girl’s room. Featuring pink and white stripes, these shelves are absolutely stunning.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Trista

The square version of the former shelves, these offer more storage space than the hexagon version. However, they are just as stylish and chic.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Way Basics

Adjustable storage cubes can be mixed and matched and/or customized to perfectly suite your space and needs. Available in a wide array of colors, these cubes are fully changeable.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Danya B

This gorgeous wall unit boasts an interesting geometric design that captures the heart and the imagination.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: West Elm

Crafted to look like enclosed cubes, these display shelves are both deep and boxy, which makes them interesting and unique.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Justin Hou

A crafty way to display your favorite items, these hanging box shelves create dimension, style, and interest in any room.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Design Within Reach

Fully customizable, these organization cubes can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Ideal for creating practical storage solutions, these cubes can be used anywhere in your home.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Welland Industries LLC

Small but practical and charming, these shadowboxes can be used to display photos or other treasured items.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Justin Hou

These stylish floating boxes add architectural detail while providing shelving space for your decorative items.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Danya B

Ornate and enchanting, these lovely shadowboxes feature a scalloped edge and narrow shelf space, which is great for decorative items, such as photos, small sculptures, and more.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Justin Hou

This adorable small unit is perfect for any room in the house. Storage nooks of various sizes allow you to display a wide range of items.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Martha Stewart Living

The ultimate stand-alone storage unit, this bookcase possesses square nooks that can be left open for display purposes or closed off with custom storage bins.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Cubit Shop

Create your own vision with these cubes. Featuring a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and depths, these bins are ideal for creating an entire sturdy wall of shelving.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Cubit Shop

Stacked to form an elegant bookcase, these storage cubes are anything but boring. While an ordinary bookcase would have fit in this space, it wouldn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as this customized unit.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

Designed so that you can close shelves that are not in use, this ultra-modern wall unit has a built-in streamlined look. Here, about half the shelves are in use while the others are closed.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

Similar in design, this unique shelving unit features a larger lower shelf that has been opened to create a makeshift desk and work space.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

If you don’t need a great deal of shelving, single units work just as well. In this photo, the shelf is being used to create additional storage.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

This is the same shelf as the former, but it has been used for decorative purposes in this photo.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

By closing one of the shelves on this unit, the designer has created enough space to display larger items on the lower shelf.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

Used to add an extra design element to this modern space, this practical creative wall shelving unit displays a number of items.

Shelf Design IdeasImage: Malte Grieb

Classic in black and white, this custom interesting shelving unit shows how you can mix and match shelves of different sizes and colors to create your very own look.

As you can see, there are several stylish and practical storage solutions that you can use around your own home. From ordinary open shelves and bookcases to trendy shadowboxes and decorative shelving, there are lots of ways you can add a decorative element to your room while creating a space for all your stuff. If you’re not sure how to incorporate shelving into your overall decorating scheme, use some of the ideas in these pics as your inspiration.

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