6 Eco-Friendly Green Homes That Nailed It!

An Eco-friendly green home is a relatively new housing trend that has been driven by the climate change concern. Popularly identified as green homes, these houses are constructed in a manner that is resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. All aspects of such a house right from interior design to the construction and maintenance have been done in such a way that they are cost-effective, durable and comfortable. Eco-friendly green homes will therefore feature most of the following aspects:

energy-efficient lighting, high-efficiency plumbing appliances, energy-star electrical appliances, and fresh air ventilation systems

1. Home on Pemaquid Pond

eco home contemporary-exterior


 Eco-friendly Roofing

Green roofing is preferred in these homes because it is attractive and cost-effective. A green roof essentially translates to having some green cover on some part or the entire roof. Different types of grass and bushes can be used as green roofing materials depending on the material underneath. Green roofing reduces surface runoff, purifies the air and even creates a playing ground for the kids in case it is flat.

2. Gwenmarlin road flinders

contemporary-exterior (1)


Materials: Eco-friendly and affordable

Materials used to build these homes are both friendly to the environment and cost-effective. Wood has been the primary material for quite a long time but due to issues of illegal logging, it has been replaced with aluminum and steel. Raw materials used to construct such homes include cement, ceramics, bricks and glass. For the ceiling and trusses, such materials as mild steel are used. Paint has to be non-toxic while all the materials used to finish the house are preferably recycled materials.

3. Howe Park Passive House



Eco-friendly Rooms

Room locations are selected on the basis of the amount of natural light that will be penetrating in. the use to which each room will be put is determined early to decide the location of the room in a position where there will be sufficient light and heat in relation to its use.

4. Artist Eco Studio

Artist Eco Studio


Eco-friendly home solar panels

This is a popular feature in green homes, where solar panels are used as sources of electrical energy. They are placed on the roof in a direction facing the sun to ensure that you get sufficient solar energy. When designing these homes, a provision is left on the roof where these panels will be fitted safely.

5. Gateway Residence



Eco-friendly Interior layout

Most Eco-friendly green homes feature an open layout to reduce the cost of construction while capitalizing on ventilation and lighting. In an open space setting, it is also easier to arrange furniture and add a touch of nature such as having one of the rooms connected directly to the external environment.

6. Exterior 02

rustic-exterior 4


Dual-pane low emittance windows

Low emittance windows are used in such housing designs because they provide optimal insulation and therefore reduce the cost associated with heating and cooling in conventional homes. They also block the entry of UV rays, which has significant negative effects on your skin and belongings.

In summary, an Eco-friendly green home is a house designed in a way to reduce carbon emissions and conserve the environment in multiple ways. Besides reducing construction costs, these homes are elegant, comfortable, durable and easy to maintain.