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20 Purple and Lavender Bathrooms That Pop

Purple and Lavender bathroom

Purple and lavender bathroom may get a bad rep as a feminine color. But as it turns out, purple and lavender have a huge capacity to wow. Working well in everything from modern rooms to more classical affairs, give these purple bathrooms your consideration. Image: Witt Construction Purple tends to pair well with dark furnishing […]

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Beige Isn’t Boring. At Least Not In These Bathrooms

Beige Bathroom Design

Beige bathroom design may have a reputation for being a boring color but trust us. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just like white, beige can be a versatile color well-suited for a variety of design styles. These beige bathrooms are certainly heavy on the charm. Image: Putragraphy Marble flooring and beige countertops help […]

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Art Deco Bedrooms: Art in Small Spaces

Art deco bedroom desgin

It might remind you of the Roarin’ 20s. Art deco bedrooms, as a design style, is both delightfully vintage and yet forward-thinking at the same time. Bedrooms big and small have shown that no matter how much space they have, an art deco bedroom can be a work of art. Image: Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects […]

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20 Small White Bathrooms Designs That Are Big on Charm

Small White Bathroom designs

Don’t overlook the humble white bathroom. As it turns out, white bathrooms can be just as beautiful and grande as their more colorful counterparts. Whether they’re setting the scene in a modern, upscale flat or the bathroom is inspired by turn of the century designs, these small white bathroom designs are big on charm and […]

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20 Beautifully Done Brown and White Bathroom Designs

White and brown bathroom design

Let’s face it. Brown and white are the peanut butter and jelly of the interior design world. They pair well together, even in ways you wouldn’t expect. While they may not be particularly bright colors, a combination of brown and white can actually work very well in white brown bathrooms design, a space that often […]

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20 Solid Exterior Concrete Stairs Design and Layout

concrete staircase

studio-sw Exterior Concrete Staircase Design might not be the prettiest material but this versatile workhorse of the architectural world still has the same potential to stand out as any other building material. Concrete exterior stairs (like the staircase pictured above) can add a sleek, modern look to your backyard or front entrance. Here’s a few […]

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20 Functional and Gorgeous Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Bathroom Shelving Ideas

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, shelving is key. Bathroom Shelving Ideas can both significantly improve the look of your bathroom and add some much-needed storage space to an often neglected room in the home. Here’s a few Bathroom Shelving ideas to give you some inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project. Image: […]

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15 Kitchen Islands Ready for Hosting

Kitchen island designs can do a lot for your dream kitchen. Not only can they provide additional, usable space in your kitchen- whether for cooking or for storage- but they can also provide something of a gathering space. Pull up a few chairs, crack open a bottle of Cognac, and your kitchen island can help […]

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15 Gorgeous Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Architecture today has grown tremendously in regards to overall designs and methods. Designers in specific are capable to take visions inside of their head and bring them to life. There are more than just a few different ways to create aesthetically pleasing homes. In this article, we are going to discuss Contemporary Home Design Ideas. […]

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