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19 Purple Bathroom Design Ideas Bathed in Splendor

Purple Bathroom Design

Purple Bathroom Design has long been a color associated with royalty. Since it used to be one of the more difficult colors to dye, only those with rich purses and connections were able to come by the shade. Kings and queens of decades past wore purple robes as a sign of their status and decorated […]

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19 Original Yellow and Gray Bedrooms Design Ideas

Yellow and Gray Bedrooms

When redesigning your bedroom, if you want a cleaner style consider using two main colors Yellow and Gray Bedrooms Design Ideas and simply incorporating various designs and patterns within them. In this post, we will give you 20 options of a gray-and-yellow theme to show everything that you can do with such an easy concept. […]

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20 Balanced Modern Bathroom Designs that Blend Style and Harmony

Modern Bathroom Designs

Contemporary decor focuses on using available space and creating unbroken flow throughout a room. As you will see in these ultra- Modern Bathroom Designs, materials and simplicity are everything if you want to communicate balance, harmony, and of course, style. Common materials include tiles, glass, and metallic finishes with gorgeous natural light filtering into space. […]

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20 Tranquil Blue and White Dining Room Designs

Blue Dining Room

Two classic colors, blue and white, pair great in any room, but especially in a white dining room designs. There is something so fresh and high class about this color combination, and it pairs well with royal accent colors. The variations and balance of blue to white may differ, but one thing is for sure, […]

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19 Gorgeous Shabby Chic Dining Rooms Built to Charm

shabby dining room

While shabby dining rooms chic seems like an oxymoron, with the right materials and eye for design you can mix elements of the antique with modern class. This style can be accomplished by mixing natural, worn components like wood and ceramics with contemporary glass and metal. So if your style sits somewhere between rustic and […]

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