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20 Beautiful Bay Windows with Seats in the Bedroom

Bay Windows with Seats in the Bedroom

Bay windows with Seats in the Bedroom is the new trendy design if you are looking into updating your bedroom view while incorporating efficiency and fashion. We have just the look for you. Beautiful Bay Windows with Seats in the Bedroom is a clever way to design your space. The multi-purposed concept is the perfected […]

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20 New Inspirations for Carpeted Living Rooms

Carpeted Living Rooms

Carpeted living Rooms design has traveled leaps and bounds as history moves forward. The original imagery of carpets tends to be purposed with a traditional appeal. Home design has moved forward and introduced trendy colors, styles and detailed patterns to your flooring options. Living rooms today are graced with new designs. Inspirations for carpeted living […]

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20 Excellent Home Indoor Basketball Court

Home indoor basketball court

Score points with your family and friends with a fun and trending concept. Hear the whistle blow in your own home with a home indoor basketball court. There are no bounds… or boundaries when it comes to this open design. The gleaming wooden floors and bright lights will inspire your next gathering or a fun […]

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Mediterranean Exterior Design

The mist of the sea fills the air surrounded by scenic historical scapes and a serene presence. If you have ever visited the Mediterranean, you will have peered with awe while a calm yet vibrant energy provides a refreshing charm. Designers and architects alike have captured the essence that the Mediterranean offers. Mediterranean exterior design […]

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Contemporary Homes On A Hill

As kids, going over the hill and through the woods meant reaching a cozy little cabin that had a freshly baked pie cooling in the window. In a more modern and contemporary day, you may be more likely to find an elite style. Grand Contemporary homes on a hill are distinguished and refined with elaborate […]

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20 Awesome Interior Texture Wall Design

Interior Texture Wall Design

When you are looking for a restyle that will make a large impression, you will begin to review several options from furnishings to repainting. A trending design that makes an visual impact is an Interior Texture Wall Design. The term texture includes many varied styles. The look adds depth to your walls that will enhance […]

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House with Terrace

In keeping with historical architectural tradition, many designers and architects include a terrace into a homes design. Terraces can be found at both ground level and elevated for scenic views. A House with Terrace is a definitive feature and asset to a homes design. The concept of a terrace is to create a personalized exterior […]

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