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20 Country Living Room Furniture to Freshen Your Day

Country Living Room Furniture

Country Living Room Furniture themes are quite popular, and very flexible. These designs often highlight natural wood furniture and quaint countryside accessories like wicker furniture, cowhide, baskets, over sized pillows, and more. Seating and accessories work hand in hand to make an inviting and familiar feeling space. Image: Indeed Décor Capitalizing upon multiple materials, the […]

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20 Cool Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes

Image: Hall of Homes In this space, the black and white theme is maintained with the Cool Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets painted white. The structure allows for different storage options, easily converted when needs change. This means drawers for storing jewelry, watches, ties, and belts, shelves for shoes and folded clothes, as well as rods for […]

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20 Adorable Animal Print Bedroom Benches

Animal Print Bedroom Benches

Animal Print Bedroom Benches is a growing trend, one that is making its way into the home. Warm, neutral colors flourish among animal prints which is what makes them blend seamlessly into nearly any décor. Image: HGTV Side by side benches with subtle zebra prints go well with the blue accents in this space. Image: […]

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20 Awesome Unique Designs of Kitchen Stools

Kitchen Stools

Unique Designs Kitchen Stools make for wonderful seating in a kitchen space, perfect for small conversation while the kitchen is in use, or a breakfast bar for early mornings. Whether you want to create a breakfast bar, have extra dining counters, or create a space for homework, bar stools can help complete a bar top […]

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19 Rectangular Glass-Top Coffee Tables From Every Era

Rectangular Glass-Top Coffee Tables

Rectangular Glass Top Coffee Tables have been incorporated into furniture for centuries. Long used in cabinetry and (most obviously) windows, its chic look allows in light and displays items beautifully. We have created this post to inspire you to look beyond the traditional and give your coffee table a modern–and transparent–edge. Outdoor Versatility Image: Quatropi The […]

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20 Comfortable-Yet-Charming Oversized Reading Chairs

Oversized Reading Chairs

In some spaces, sleek furniture design works the best; in others (such as a nook, library, or den) comfort rules. These oversized reading chairs–while still stylish–are built for the latter. Their size is perfect for curling up with a good read, while their extra padding creates a cozy getaway. Any book worm or relaxation aficionado […]

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20 Stunning Moroccan Chairs That Make a Statement

Moroccan Chairs

Stunning Moroccan Chairs involves a high level of artistry and attention to detail. Drawing on the rich culture and architectural style of the North African country, pieces commonly include intricate carvings, elaborate mosaic motifs, and vibrant colors. Moroccans pull their inspiration from two conflicting elements–the sea and the desert. These are reflected in the blues, […]

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