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20 Painted Bathroom Floor You Have to See to Believe

Painted Bathroom Floor

The idea of incorporating a Painted Bathroom Floor to your restyle may seem confusing. The questions will begin to form a line in your thoughts that will range from durability, finishes and some may ask ” is it really ok to paint your floors?” The answers to these questions may surprise you. Painted flooring includes […]

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Clone of 20 Creative Bathroom Shelving

The bathroom in your home is a busy space that holds your daily essentials and necessities. Not all bathrooms are equipped with cabinetry that can efficiently stow away your items while providing the ease of  both fashioned and organized access. Creative Bathroom Shelving can be a stylish addition to your storage solutions. Bigger to cozier […]

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20 Stylish Brown Bathroom Designs

Brown Bathroom Designs

When considering a color for your new bathroom style, your imagination may balance concepts from a bright surrounding to a serene setting. The array of colorful aspirations are available to complement your opted theme. A brown bathroom designs has a versatile color palette that pairs well with any style. The color brown has evolved through […]

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20 Awesome Ideas for Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Sets

Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Sets

Double sink vanity sets are a modern way of creating his and hers spaces in any bathroom. Making the best use of available wall space, such sets allow for additional storage, often collective and individual. Unique designs can embody brighter colors, antique detail work, and much more making them suitable for any bathroom decor. Image: […]

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19 Purple Bathroom Design Ideas Bathed in Splendor

Purple Bathroom Design

Purple Bathroom Design has long been a color associated with royalty. Since it used to be one of the more difficult colors to dye, only those with rich purses and connections were able to come by the shade. Kings and queens of decades past wore purple robes as a sign of their status and decorated […]

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20 Balanced Modern Bathroom Designs that Blend Style and Harmony

Modern Bathroom Designs

Contemporary decor focuses on using available space and creating unbroken flow throughout a room. As you will see in these ultra- Modern Bathroom Designs, materials and simplicity are everything if you want to communicate balance, harmony, and of course, style. Common materials include tiles, glass, and metallic finishes with gorgeous natural light filtering into space. […]

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20 Luxury Bathroom Designs Gallery

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Home luxury bathroom designs have a long-cherished tradition of appealing to our senses. The intentional pairings of color, fabrics and textures can hold lasting impressions. You may notice when you walk into a space, the surroundings offer its own ambience. The characteristics of the room can provide us with a deep breath after a long […]

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20 Bathroom Open Shelving Design Ideas

Bathroom Open Shelving

One of the biggest challenges we face when updating our bathroom open shelving design is space, time and budget. No matter the size of your bathroom, we have a vindicated style cure that will fit inside your weekly schedule, your monthly budget and your bathroom. Whether you are striving for a modern appeal or a […]

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