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20 Bold and Hot Red Bathroom Design Ideas

Red Bedroom Design Ideas

The red bathroom designs is a busy room in your home. It is the very space that you bring on a new day. You want a bathroom space that is full of energy yet has a stylish review. Incorporating new fixtures and sleek designs will jump start your restyling efforts. This may leave you wondering […]

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20 Big Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Every home has one thing in common, a bathroom. Let’s face it, some spaces are not the large spacious small bathroom designs you see in magazines and on reality shows. They are what realtors term as “cozy”. This should not render your room to be destined as a catch all space that you rush in […]

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20 Gorgeous Black And Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

When you hear the words trendy, bright and brilliant you may think of the color yellow bathroom design. This shade has long been associated with confident and joyful aspirations. In the world of design it is rare that you a monochromatic style of only one color. Yellow is often paired with a direct contrasting shade. […]

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20 Elegant Black and White Bathroom Inspiration Designs

black and white bathroom design

Through history we have associated prominent elegance with black and white bathroom inspiration designs. If you attend a formal event you will be amidst a sea of black and white colors with the intricate blending of style. These tones offer the perfect contrasting harmony. They are subtle yet strong and dramatic yet romantic.Whether you are […]

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100 Fabulous Black White Gray Bathroom Designs

Fabulous Black White Gray Bathroom Design

When it comes to a bathroom makeover, you may decide to bring a modern style to your new design. A black,white and gray bathroom holds an endless opportunity for style and elegance. The bathroom is a space that can hold varied textures, color and surfaces. Your bathroom is generally smaller than the other rooms in […]

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20 Tranquil Colorful Green Bathroom Designs

Green bathroom design

Change tradition in your next bathroom upgrade. The mainstream concept that bathrooms have to be boring is outdated. Colorful Green bathroom design is both energetic and lively. Whether its in notes or promptly displayed, adding green to your bathroom is a trend that is not going away. Bathrooms are an ideal space to integrate functional […]

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Find your Zen in these 20 Asian Bathrooms

Asian Style Bathrooms

The elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are intricately balanced  within the Asian culture. In an Asian bathroom design  we see the zen inspired use of these elements that are sure to make you feel calm and serene. The Feng Shui influence brings meditative qualities to your day and will have you designing your […]

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20 Creative Boys Bedrooms You Must See

Kids modern bedrooms design

A child’s imagination is the gateway to inspiration when it comes to a baby boys bedroom. Little boys do more than just play outside. They can fly to the moon and pet a friendly dinosaur all in one day. Little boys are active, imaginative and full of laughter. A  boys bedroom should encompass their undeniable […]

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20 Purple and Lavender Bathrooms That Pop

Purple and Lavender bathroom

Purple and lavender bathroom may get a bad rep as a feminine color. But as it turns out, purple and lavender have a huge capacity to wow. Working well in everything from modern rooms to more classical affairs, give these purple bathrooms your consideration. Image: Witt Construction Purple tends to pair well with dark furnishing […]

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