100 Stylish Bedroom Closets that will make you think Its never “just” a Bedroom Closet

100 Stylish Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

If a riddle asked to name a space that held your inspiration, the most common answer would be your heart or your mind. When it comes to the

design world, the correct answer is your bedroom closet! Business or play this space represents the many aspects of yourself and your life. From  comfortable

jeans to a classy cocktail dress your closet is full of past,present and future aspirations. That little box of letters and drawings, the shoes you wore to

your favorite concert and lets not forget that favorite shirt are all items you can find in your bedroom closet.


Just like its contents, every closet design carries its own attributes. Choices like wood finishes and lighting will add definitive style. Balancing the effective

functionality of the space and the vibrant appeal creates a closet that will be your own.  A walk in style or a wall technique is fitting and conforming for your needs.

Designers today are upgrading the once little space in the side of the room to a designer showcase that you will simply call “your closet”.

Lake House

001 contemporary-closet 45

This elaborate closet is smart with a rich wood finish and spacious storage. Over head lighting illuminates the

design enhancing the grand appeal. Drawers and cabinets of all sizes are accompanied by a handy counter shelf.

Image: MAC Renovations LTD.

V Groove Robe

002 traditional-closet 45

The flush doors are designed with a delightful blending into its surroundings. They are matched well with the high ceilings

and a keen sense of the room.

Image: Dan Kitchens Australia

Toronto Restoration

006 traditional-bedroom 45

Niches and nooks are clever and full of inspiring space.  The hinges are noted as consistent and well

purposed. The thoughtful layout is integrated into the design accessorizing the charming design.

Image: Heintzman Sanborn Architecture~Interior Design

Sorrento Residence

007 beach-style-closet 45

Fashionable and chic this closet space is enchanting. Reminiscent of a passed era full of glamour and pearls,

this space is lined with mirrors accented by sconce lighting . The timeless white is classic in its design.

Image: Verandah House

Teen Girls Bath and Bedroom San Antonio, TX

009 contemporary-bedroom 45

Triple doors and a clever scrolled pattern makes a divine closet design. The face of the space is incorporated

into the rooms style creating a fluent consistency.

Image: Younique Designs

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom and Dressing Area.

017 farmhouse-bedroom 45

Whether its his ,hers or ours, these natural set wardrobe and closet collaboration are rustic and

elegant. The choice of a bare finish is refined and luxurious.

Image: Figura Kitchens & Interiors

Luxury High Rise

018 transitional-bedroom 45

An ingeniously designed mirrored layout is genuine to the rooms surrounding. The piping over the door

adds a decorative touch that suits the room and space.

Image: Anthony Michael Interior Design, Ltd.

St James – Guest Bedroom Wardrobes

025 traditional-bedroom 45

Organization is on the agenda in this well defined closet technique. A place for everything and everything in

its place brings this design to life at its fullest potential.

Image: Tim Wood Limited

Strait Lane Estate

029 contemporary-closet 45

A gentlemans lair is well designed for the modern man. A structural light fixture magnifies the design.

A combination of recessed lighting and down lighting make this space efficent and gala inspired

Image: Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

Contemporary Bedroom

030 contemporary-bedroom 45

Built in shelves and storage are a charming way to utilize space and design. With a dual purpose of being a display

and an organiztional genius, this is definitely an idea that is trendy and practical.

Image: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Robeson Design Fabulous Shoe Storage

031 traditional-closet 45

Whether you consider this a closet or a dream come true , this space is a well thought out design.

Beautiful and deco inspired chandeliers are a harminous touch. Floor to ceiling shelving is wittily

used as a display that takes center stage of the style.

Image: Robeson Design

Brook Bay

032 contemporary-closet 45

A closet of stately fashion is found with a refined finish and modern hardware.

The statuary and down lighting are well set in this space.

Image: Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects

Master Bedroom

033 contemporary-bedroom 45

The designer has a brilliant interpretation of a dual direction set with a pair of counters over top a chest of drawers.

Symmetrical and contemporary, this space is an asset to any space.

Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

TCS Closets

034 modern 45

Sleek and sophisticated this space is definitely designed to impress. With functional accesses

and a trendy collaboration of shelving and cabinets, this style is fashionable and suitable for an everyday lifestyle.

Image: The Container Store

Robeson Design Custom Walk In Closet

035 traditional-closet 45

Stream lined and organized this closet is well lit and well defined. There is plenty of space and options to

store a variety of items with ease. Modern lighting and clever reflections add the finishing touches to the design.

Image: Robeson Design

Nelson’s Bend, Port Royal

038 traditional-closet 45

Formal and gracious the ample white space is elegantly styled. An inset ceiling is accompanied by

mirrors and a delightful vanity. The lavish cabinetry is subtle and well stated.

Image: Jinx McDonald Interior Designs

Greenwich, Connecticut

046 traditional-closet 45

A shag rug and wide mirrors are paired with plush seating and built in drawers. The space

is creative and an innovative use of angular design.


W Hotel Residence

048 contemporary-closet 45

A one sided design is efficient and intelligent. The doors and drawers are splendid

with a comfortable window seat and a city top view.

Image: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Modern Style

049 modern-closet 45

The Modern framed sliding doors reveal a thoughtful and well placed closet space.

Basket pull outs and shelving are neatly collaborated with clever patterns.

Image: Kay Wade, Closet Factory

Spectacular Master Bedroom Closets

050 traditional-closet 45

Wood work and a cascading design for all of your best is beautiful and chic. The island and

bench with drawers are featured in a very well deserved style.

Image: Kay Wade, Closet Factory

Whether you are inspired by silk or chiffon, there is a closet style for you. We have seen in the above images,closets of all sizes and designs.

We have seen all white elegance and deeper finishes that have innovated the use of space in various ways. We have learned that we have several

color palettes to choose from. Art work and creativity of all spectrums are waiting to be explored. Collaborating styles and eras are a sure way to

integrate your own personal touches.

When choosing what is right for your space, don’t overlook the symmetry of the room. The ideal closet design for your needs will incorporate

shelving and drawers of varying sizes and types. Keeping organized in smart fashion is the goal of designing your closet. Glamorous and elegant

or stately and sophisticated,the choice is yours. Lighting options and furnishings are great accents that are used functionally and decoratively.

The freedom to creatively innovate your own space allows you to set the tone. When you place that finishing detail you will have almost completed

your design. There is one last detail that you must make sure to not forget. It is imperative you …….. go shopping!

You have a new closet to fill and enjoy.

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