20 Bedroom Hanging Chairs that Make it Easy to Let it All Hang Out

bedroom swing chair

There are many different types of bedroom hanging chairs for bedrooms on the market. If you are looking for an alternative to conventional just plain old chairs, why not consider a hanging chair? These were popular in the past and are beginning to make a real comeback. Manufacturers are making these swinging chairs in many different styles that can be added to any style of decor. In the past, these items looked inexpensive and quickly looked dated as well. Let’s look at 20 styles that made our gallery list.

If you are looking for a chic addition to your bedroom design, you may want to consider a stylish hanging chair! A hanging chair echoes the retro musings of the popular hanging hammock. The clever style resembles Jacobsen’s egg shaped chair design from the 1950’s. The new chair became a prominent style of comfort. Designers collaborated the styles and created the Hanging Chair. You will find varied textures and styles that will bring an intricate addition to your bedroom design.

The hanging chair will accommodate any style. An array of forms come in heavier materials or a weaved wicker platform. The styles vary with color and pillows to elegantly harmonize the chair with its surroundings. The hanging chair is mounted to the ceiling and offers a relaxing alternative to traditional seating. Below you will find illustrative examples of hanging chairs in enchanted styles.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs


This hanging chair is a light and lacy version that is a beautiful addition to this serene space. The light color matches the rest of the room’s color scheme. This bohemian style hanging chair has an islet pattern and enriched colorful accents. The seat is to the side offering a cozy space in a private setting.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Sean Litchfield Photography

If you want more of a natural look, try and find a model that is made from natural materials like this wicker model is.

A red wicker structure gently hangs in the room bringing an earthy appeal and a keen sense of style to the space.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

 Image: Reed Design Group

This chair has an open top and a wide shape that may make it easier to climb in and out of. A white hanging chair holds an intricate pattern. The design of the seat conforms a wingback style adding depth and comfort to the room.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs


These chairs make a perfect addition to an outdoor living space. In this room, the weather-resistant materials used in these chairs are a great choice for a private garden space. If you want to recreate this look, make sure that the cushions you use are also made from weather-resistant fabric that will hold up to rain or other types of precipitation. All weather twine and weaving makes for a set of hanging chairs that are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The natural style is a savvy addition to any bedroom design.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs


This room is decorated in strong colors and the furniture is mainly made up of straight lines and corners. The chair in the corner works well as a contrasting element. Because of this, the eye is naturally drawn to the chair every time someone enters the room. This hanging chair is a sleek black offering a stately presence among its surroundings. The wooden and deeper tones complement the space into a delightful style.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Heather Vaughan Design

If you want a more retro look, consider looking for a hanging chair like this 60’s-esque model. The geometric print on the cushions completes the retro appearance. A clear retro styled semi-sphere sets the stage in the style. The accompanying designs and patterns put the final touch on the deco styled bedroom.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: GayleDesigns

Hanging chairs are available in many different colors, shapes and textures. The chair above is a good example of how to create a rich, monochromatic look in an interior space. A sensational space is a deep blue with wavering tones. The triangular shaped hanging chair offers a unique touch to a stimulating surrounding.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Christina Karras

If you find it difficult to get in and out of a hanging chair, you may want to try a model with a shallower design. These chairs do take some getting used to but this style is often easier to adapt to than a deeper seat design may be. A sensational space is a deep blue with wavering tones. The triangular shaped hanging chair offers a unique touch to a stimulating surrounding.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

A hanging chair looks lighter and more airy than other styles of furniture because they appear to float above the floor. Here, the light color used in the frame and the open weave makes this chair a great choice for this small space. A thicker basket link design gives a wider seating style. The pillow and decorative accents are aligned with the rooms design.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Curve Interior Design Ltd

The close weave and deep design of this chair make it a perfect, private reading nook. The padded seat ensures that it is comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. The designer opts to place the hanging chair in the center of attention amidst the conventional seating in the space.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: usona

This hanging chair has a thick hanging chain and a metal frame that works perfectly with the industrial feel of this loft space. A black basket weaving pattern is accented with a cozy blanket. The look is artistically clever and a comfortable addition to this colorful room. A hammock inspired hanging chair is in a clean and white tone. The sleek and simple design is the perfect accompaniment for this bedroom’s modern style.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: english bay photo

This chair’s wicker framework fits in well in this nature-themed space. The light color works well with the room’s color scheme as well. An industrial styled loft is accented with a modern styled hanging chair. The shingle effect of the chairs exterior is decoratively inspiring.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Ed Saloga Design Build

The market place has many hanging seats for bedrooms to choose from. The tailored cushions on this hanging chair turn it into a luxurious spot to sit and relax. It sits in the corner and does not take up much space in this room.A colorful chair has multi-colored designs mingled in the chair. The chair hangs amid a charming setting offering a pleasant stylish room.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Moda Interiors

A hanging chair with a clear outer layer means that contents are clearly visible. In this case, the designer filled the seat with comfortable pillows and a funky folded blanket making this a very comfortable reading nook. This chair has a winged back allowing for ease of comfort. The natural accents and bohemian prints are strategically unified in an stylish bedroom design.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Serena & Lily

If you want to make sure that your hanging chair ties in well with the rest of the room you may want to ensure that the color of your pillows coordinates with other elements in the room. A birdcage effect is paired with a tightly night twill creating an inspiring hanging chair design. The cushion is a muted color providing conformed comfort and stylish appeal.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Troy Spurlin Interiors

A hanging chair with a plastic outer layer looks more retro than many chairs that are made with other materials. An eclectic style is merged with a classic design. The hanging chair holds the essence of a quiet moment.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Megan Williams Interior Design

The light and airy design of this hanging chair mirrors the design used in the rest of the room. A bed side seat in a creative style holds the theme of the room. The Hanging chair offers a flowing design in colorful prose and placement.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Budget Blinds

A hanging chair does not always need a fixed frame. Here, woven yarn is used to create this particular seat. A rounded hanging chair is glamorously set with plush pillows in an open and chic setting. The style is a modern look with a cozy feel.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Lauren Nelson Design

A bedroom swing hanging chair does not always need to be monochromatic to fit in with an interior. This multicolored option works well in this fun and playful space. Comfort is blended into a cheery style. The white wicker chair hangs in an open design and flat backing offers a sleek design.

Bedroom Hanging Chairs

Image: Les Projets AC Projects

The hanging chair above is arranged with minimal cushioning to fit in with the clean lines of this spa-like interior. A fashionable hanging chair has a netted fringe offering a naturalistic and intricate design. The chair is both decorative and functional within the space.

As you can see from the seats above, there are many different looks that you can create using one of these chairs. You can find designs that are soothing and natural or ones that are funky and fun-filled. Only you will know which one is right for your needs. When designing your bedroom, you will find a plethora of options. The color scheme and style will vary from personal taste and functionality. The theme you choose will graciously accommodate your bedroom furnishings. Utilizing a hanging chair in the room can serve as a private reading space or a chic personal spot for phone chats or watching your favorite movie. You will find the hanging chair has several shades and styles. Many are woven in wicker and tweed while others are modernly set in a heavier structure. Many designers accentuate the design with accents and decorative touches. Pillows and shapely cushions create a stylish look and comfortable seating. Applying a hanging chair to your bedroom is refreshing and a charming way to enhance an inspirational design.

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