20 Black and White Bedrooms That Will Keep You Dreaming

Black and White Bedroom design

Wake up in the morning and feel like your still in a dream with a poetic black and white bedroom designs theme. Bedrooms now are not only a reflection of our everyday life. They are also a mirrored image of our inner dreams. Designers are bringing to life dramatic and billowy styles that are seamless. We are seeing a harmonious attraction of modern innovations and reminiscent nostalgia.

Designers are daring with imaginative lighting.  Artwork is grand and intelligent with a keen sense of the designers vision. Theatrical notes are sewn throughout leaving distinguished opportunities for novel styles and ideas to flourish.  Black and White are parallel in beauty and distinction. French doors and brilliant windows enhance the room. Below you will see creative and inspired designs that will give you a dream black and white bedroom.

Paddington Terrace

Black and White Bedroom Designs

This design seems to have stepped out of a novel. it is a dreamy space with a romantic chandelier.

The tones are subdued yet bold with  double doorways and a fireplace. Theatrically inspired this design

has depth of character.

Image: Darren Palmer Interiors

A perfectly pale interior with Nordic influences

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A comfortable place to get away, this simple yet well stated room makes you want to grab a book

and lounge for a bit.A private feel gives way to personal touches and clever lighting. Hints of color are

used to enhance the look of this design.

Image: Louise de Miranda

c a t l i n s t o t h e r s

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Hints of glamour are evident in the billowy chandelier accompanies  modern bedding and trendy pops of color.

A smart desk style and deco art pairs well with their surroundings.

Image: catlin stothers design

HHL 2010 – Bedrooms

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Stately and Elegant is brought together with modern touches and deep tones. The Lighting is a

perfect addition to the design and accompanies modern furnishings and a collage of textural senses.

Image: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Mountain House

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A rich chocolate is expertly contrasted with a crisp white creating a contemporary feel. The side lamps

and stark white rug are successful in transitioning the space .A natural floor presents nicely with the

natural lighting in the room.

Image: Tim Cuppett Architects

713 Poppy, Corona Del Mar

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Suave and sophisticated, we find this design modern with slight rustic hints. A streamline design

and modernized accents are delicately integrated. Plenty of scenic additions create a grandeur appeal.

Image: Jeri Koegel Photography

Streeterville Apartment

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Traditional with colonial extensions are a fashionable way to start the day. A colossal bed frame ignites the space.

The rug unifies the feel of the room accentuating the deluxe styling and cultural accents.

Image: Eva Quateman Interiors

Art in Situ

Black and White Bedroom Designs

This design is industrial and fresh. A loft style is chic and trendy. Art work and witty prints are

paired with solid colors and modern furnishings. The inspired touches are seen throughout the space

and is well designed.

Image: Jennifer Perlmutter Fine Art

Fountain House

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A collective soulful design is apparent in a variety of textures. The iconic chandelier makes a statement and is

liberal a collaboration of personality and charm.

Image: Boutique Homes


Black and White Bedroom Designs

The perfect pairing of Modern and rustic crates a chic space. The deep set woods and modern pops

of style and elegance makes this design classic.


Ritz Residence Boston

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Sleek and clever is this space. The lighting and decor accent the sheen floor. A beautiful window

setting gives this room a designer feel that is picturesque and well noted.

Image: The Morson Collection

50 E Chestnut

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Exquisite and refined we see stately window dressings and lavish bedding. Sleek tables and accents

are a precise fit. Soft lighting and hues are in harmony to the down town surroundings.

Image: Gary Lee Partners

The Metz

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A starry sophistication is highlighted with a point and tuck wall and segmented curtains. A dramatic

style incorporates innovation and enchanted dreams.

Image: The Interior Place (S) Pte Ltd

Chocolate brown and white bedroom

Black and White Bedroom Designs

Black walls and cottage delights bring this melody of comfort and culture. White trim and wood

furnishings are accompanied famously with floral and elegant accents.

Image: Ragan Corliss


Black and White Bedroom Designs

This design is persuasive and denotes an air of refined tastes. The bold style is subdued with

clean lines and subtle tones. A seamless desk space is highlighted with a jazzy patterned rug.

Image: GRADE

Navy and White bedroom

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A bed with drawers and smart bedding are paired with floor to ceiling curtains. Striping patterns

are placed effectively creating balance. French doors make an inviting space.

Image: Kenneth Davis Lux International

Guest Suite and Spa

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A play on patterns and light are capable and visionary. The designer has chosen cozy furnishings to

complement the cultural space.

Image: Catherine & McClure Interiors

Highland Park Contemporary

Black and White Bedroom Designs

With poetic symmetry this design is pleasing to the eye. The skillful use of historical pieces bring a

gallery feel to the space. Plush pillows and lavish deep color makes this design significant.

Image: Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC


Black and White Bedroom Designs

A chic space is dawned with witty bedding and sharp lighting. Posh and smart this design is

inviting and trendy. Oval night stands and shades of light are amorous and delightful.

Image: Modani Furniture

Modern Bedroom

Black and White Bedroom Designs

A polished appeal offers an elegant and sleek design. With lustrous accents and reflective attributes

this space is well defined and articulated. Chic lighting is the ideal accessory.

Image: Imagine Living

Light and dark, day and night we have seen an eclipse of a design where the two are one. Each attribute gracefully blends together. The designers have used lighting and plays on colors to create more than a mere bedroom. We see a space that welcomes our daily agenda and our sincerest dreams. Capturing the essence of the space is to bring the vision to life. You can see there is not a specific criteria that you have to follow. Designs are blurring the lines effortlessly. Depth of texture and comfort are vast in their role accompanying intricate touches that are glamorous and ideal.

Looking deep into your dream design you will find character and charisma. Dramatic walls and elegant bedding resolve the space while the enchanting finishing touches bring it together. When deciding on styles, you will have the liberty of collaborating as much or as little of the universal pieces that you find. It is your vision that you are encompassing into your space. Absolute and definitive will be true to your design and will be illuminated through your inspiration.

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