20 Creative Boys Bedrooms You Must See

Kids modern bedrooms design

A child’s imagination is the gateway to inspiration when it comes to a baby boys bedroom. Little boys do more than just play outside. They can fly to the moon and pet a friendly dinosaur all in one day. Little boys are active, imaginative and full of laughter. A  boys bedroom should encompass their undeniable energy. This leaves many wondering how to intertwine a little boys dreams with functionality. When designing a boys bedroom you have to incorporate what inspirations they have with hints of who they may aspire to be. Little boys and bigger boys alike require a bedroom that is spacious with creative ways to stay organized. Clever cubbyholes and shelving are a great place to start. Many designers today are inspired intellectually creating inviting reading spaces and comfortable desk areas within the room. Infusing a little boys activities into the room is a way to personalize their space allowing the freedom to individuality.

The focuses are no longer the Baby Blue rooms we once were accustomed to. In today’s generation there are studies that show statistical values to the roles that colors play in the development of children. We are seeing a range of colors and hues that are animated and inspired.The use of various patterns and textures at one time were widely discouraged. As we progress into a new age it is quite the opposite. We are now seeing stimulating patterns and a brilliant array of textures take center stage. There are innovative lighting techniques that are appropriate for the days intentions and makes downtime warm and cozy. Whether the room is shared or awaiting the occasional guest, there are a multitude of options for sleeping arrangements. Dual beds can be used singularly or in a bunk style. The trundle bed is a popular choice as it can be tucked away until its needed. The use of stuffed animals, books and toys throughout the room are familiar ways to make them comfortable in their new room. The details of pillows and pictures are the finishing touches that are added to complete the look of the room. In the following pictures we will see artful interpretations of the imagination in each design.


Fullerton Residence

004 transitional-kids 38

This design uses a brilliant colorful theme blending patterns and comfort together.

The woven shades allow control over how much natural light enters the room. The use of primary

colors and muted hues throughout the room are well balanced.  A spherical modern lighting fixture

is centered in the space creating a fusion of delectable concepts.

Image: SPACE Architects + Planners

Chic Luxury

005 transitional-kids 38

This witty design is a home run.The framed trundle bed is as much fun as it is functional.

The shelving is streamlined and a perfect display case for memories. A desk space is accentuated

with plenty of lighting with a window bench and fencing for effect on the other side. The colors

chosen are well played and designed to win.

Image: Guided Home Design

Park Avenue Boys’ Room

006 contemporary-kids 38

This loft modern bedroom is an athletes sanctuary. With a variety of activities and plenty of

light there is never a dull moment. The captain beds allow for plenty of storage accompanied

by an inset styled frame. The shelving for trophies and personal items are cleverly placed.

From the loft space above the bed to the freshness of the window dressings this room is sure

to inspire greatness.

Image: Perianth Interior Design

Emperors Gate, South Kensington, London

009 contemporary-kids 38

This vintage modern design is a journey of spectacular notions. The book shelf and reading space

under the bed are sure to produce an adventure. The designer uses a clean wall design with a stated

flooring option that promotes an even distribution of light and color.

Image: Dyer Grimes Architecture

The American Dream | 2013 Street of Dreams

011 transitional-kids 38

This City infused trend is chic and inviting. Patterns and blended colors compliment the space.

The natural light opens the room allowing the deep furniture hue to appear immaculate.

Shelves and drawers enable organizational qualities to this modern comfort.

Image: Westlake Development Group, LLC

Allens Cove ~ Bainbridge Island

015 beach-style-kids 38

These quarters are designed for smooth sailing. The ingenious bed frame is fresh and playful.

Shutters add a sea side flair surrounded by a crisp blue hue complimented by the natural grains in

the flooring. The nautical accents envelop the theme completing its design.

Image: Vesna Somers, JD, Managing Broker

Strait Lane Estate

018 contemporary-kids 38

This modern design has the slightest echo of a past era. The noted patterns intertwined with

bold designs are flattered by varying pops of colors. The sleek window seat trimmed in

stainless brings this space into tomorrow.

Image: Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

The Farmhouse

019 farmhouse-kids 38

A bunker styled room allows creativity to flow freely. Like the end of a sentence this room is as well

stated as a punctuation mark. The clever ladder and per bunk lighting is a unique way to wake up

each morning. Letters top off this space denoting its purpose in true fashion.

Image: Magnolia Homes

Harbor Blues

020 contemporary-kids 38

Here we see a modern traditional space adorned with intriguing pieces. The clean lines of the room are well suited

with the classic coloring of this design. Creatively bunked , these beds help create additional visuals to the spacing

of the room allowing for ample shelving and storage.

Image: Christopher Burns Interiors


025 beach-style-kids 38

In this whimsical space we see the articulate use of design. The  streamline bedding is a natural reflection of the

unique blinds. The vaulted ceiling allows for natural light to be prominent throughout the room. The inset lighting adds

a showcase feel to the room .This space features a rustic floor design and is picture perfect in its entirety.

Image: Stedila Design

Traditional Style Beachfront Custom Home. Seaside Park, NJ

031 beach-style-kids 38

This room is a treasure cove of inspiration. This bunk bed is comfortable and charming. The flooring continues the

theme pleasantly contributing to the contrast of the crisp walls. With woodsy and rich colors this space is sure to promote

a dream and a journey.

Image: Monetti Custom Homes

Traditional Kids

034 traditional-kids 38

Anything but simple, this space is charming and cozy. The delightful collaboration of color and

surface textures is refreshing. The rustic deco touches make this design artistic and clever.

Image: Stone Creek Builders

Riverside Drive Pre-War Residence

036 eclectic-kids 38

This is a  space for an innovated mind. Horizontal lines unify the rooms colors. The drawers,holders and shelving are

keeping this room organized. A chalk inspired wall promotes an ideal environment for thinking outside the proverbial box.

Image: Chango & Co.

Contemporary Loft Interior Design + Renovation, Kids Bedroom, DUMBO Brooklyn

038 transitional-kids 38

An envious view is highlighted here by a twist of crisp white and a world view above the bed.

The window seat is a graceful contribution to this elegantly efficient space.

Image: Meshberg Group

Duplex République

043 eclectic-kids 38

Whimsical dreams is this enchanting design. The scrolled french inspired bed frames are inspiring.

This room has a shabby chic feel using vintage touches. The modern accents and bold coloring are a perfect pair that

carries out this design in its entirety.

Image: am Alexandra Magne

Central London Town House

044 traditional-kids 38

This industrial styled space is hip and trendy. It directly connects the past with the future in its innovative design.

The comic status art is well matched with the playful accessories making this space fun and inviting.

Image: Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd

Timeless in Tiburon

047 traditional-kids 38

Classic collaboration is the design of this space.  Ample lighting and vintage traditional touches are

well versed in this space. The softer walls offer a balance of tranquility. The dramatic drapes that adorn

the picturesque windows serve as a back drop for the space.

Image: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

AltaModa Jonny

048 modern-kids 38

This is a room full of personality. We see the designer finely balanced the contrasting colors.

With flair and a unique direction all of the accessories meld together in a brilliant sense

of warmth and absolute comfort.

Image: Imagine Living

Saddle Ridge Boy’s Bedroom

053 transitional-kids 38

The design of this cozy room boasts a country and traditional space. With creative shelving

the book display is charming . The rich wood finish paired with neutral hues through out the room are

Cleverly coupled with the reds in the bedding leaving one feeling at home.

Image: Abby M. Interiors

604 Brightwaters Residence

056 contemporary-kids 38

This edgy design is artistic with a contemporary feel, The warm tones are accentuated by the muted hues throughout the space.

The mural is inspired blends well with the contemporary setting of the room.

Image: Fraze Design Inc.

When looking at designing a boys room it is important to think about their personality. In each room we have discovered  something about the boy whose bedroom it is. The Bedroom is their portal of sorts to dreams and inspirations. The organizational techniques we saw varied from hobby to hobby. This determined the amount of storage and the style that was needed. A true blend of Industrial, Vintage , Traditional and Modern are at our disposal when choosing a theme for a boys bedroom. Using a balance of hues throughout your space will ensure each task of the day is met with excitement.

Using a variety of  patterns will enhance your desired design. Window dressing and bedding are great ways to infuse your color scheme and design theme. When choosing lighting think about the daily activities taking place in the room. Natural lighting is a great asset to any room. The use of recessed lighting and chandeliers are stylish and trendy. You can find many different styles of lamps and shades to accompany your design. Pictures and props of all sizes and variety are used to establish the dynamics of who we aspire to be.

Enchanting journeys and whimsical dreams are the essence for a Boys Bedroom. Design to inspire. Live to dream.