20 Amazing Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Cathedral Ceiling Design

The style has reached new heights of fine designs. In the modern search for fresh and trendy looks, we find ourselves in a perplex collaboration of colorful themes and enriched settings. Many designers are looking up for a newer style to add inspirational structures to your bedroom. A cathedral ceiling bedroom design in your bedroom will enhance your room to the next level. When you think of a cathedral ceiling you may think of a simple vaulted ceiling. With today’s innovative appeals, there is a new view and a wide interpretation of  a modern day cathedral style. Shapes of symmetry and tones offer a balance of an effectual design. A contrasting view is dimensional with dual tones and finishes that complete the looks and styles of your ceiling.

A cathedral ceiling brings an open feel to the room. With an airy appeal the senses are awakened with enhanced lighting and a generous style. Designers have infused decorative beams and colors that  create a look that is anything but simple. A high ceiling carries fans and chandeliers that offer a delightful look to the room. Harmonious aspects are brought together in a well met design. Below we have images that will show primary examples of the charming character that a cathedral ceiling can offer your bedroom.

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Mastro Residence

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: James G Lover

A room with a view holds an angled cathedral ceiling. White beams are paired with natural wood and a lighted ceiling fan.

Custom Residence

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Patterson Construction Corp

A white cathedral ceiling is highlighted with modern recessed lighting and a Gothic styled chandelier that takes center stage in this rich design.


Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Thompson Custom Homes

A rustic ceiling is enchanted in a cathedral style. The look is accented with a birdcage designed light fixture that holds an appealing touch.

Contemporary California Farmhouse

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Griffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

A paneled look has symmetrical beams that cross over adding dimension to the all white ceiling. The lighting is a lantern style that adds a wonderful touch to the room.

Sullivan’s Island Beach House

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Ink Architecture + Interiors

This style is sleek with a modern style triple blade fan. The natural lighting is elegant and thoughtful when paired with clean lines.

O’Toole Residence Master Bedroom

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Max Crosby Construction

An intricate design is styled in a rich finished A frame structure. The stylish woven ceiling fan add a lavish tone to the room.

Hamptons Style

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: RS Myers Company

A subtle vault is accentuated with a bright crystal chandelier that offers an elegant style to the room.


Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Kevin Spearman

Natural wood lends a rustic hue that is expertly paired with dual candelabra styled chandeliers for an enchanted look.

Owner’s Bedroom

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Echelon Custom Homes

Horizontal slats run the length of the ceiling. Inset lights are accompanied by a circular window that lets the sun in to a spectacular design.

Los Altos Residence

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Eric Aust Architect

A clean design holds bright lighting and a chic lighted chandelier offer a sleek style to an inviting space.

Loft bedroom with rich wood cathedral ceiling, white floor and white bed

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Home Stratosphere

This ceiling is elemental in a deep finished wood with an inspired built in window. The ceiling has two dimensions that are intriguing and delightful.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Chicago Tribune

This style has a resemblance to a doll house. Charming  windows sit atop the design offering a creative style.

Wood Cathedral Master Bedroom Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Residence Style

A calico of wood finishes offer a completed look with a window that is smartly placed above an airy ceiling fan.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Home Bunch

A geometrical beamed design is crossed across the ceiling in a two toned style consisting of a wooden finish and a white surround that is befitting of any room.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Adore Your Place

A pleasant white cathedral ceiling presents a delicate curved trim that adds a fresh perspective to the style. Natural lighting offers a direct sense of a chic style.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Sublime Décor

An arched designed cathedral style is well met in a trio of neutral tones that accentuate the grand scenic views of the room.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Classic Chic Home

A classic bare hint of gray touches the ceiling with an elaborate crystal chandelier that is both elegant and luxurious.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Décor Pad

A brilliant iron light is spherical with a modern tone. The ceiling has a splendor of lighting that is true to the intention of its design.

White Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom

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Image: Jadore Decore

A white ceiling complements the golden hue on the walls. The Victorian chandelier offers a sincere look to the style.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design

Image: Black Band Design

A vaulted white ceiling holds wooden beams that are in line with continuous windows that are chic and clever.

A genuine choice for your bedroom is a beautiful cathedral ceiling. With so many options to enhance your ceiling, you will be able to suit your style in exact perfection. Wooden beams are no longer only used for a structured purpose. They are decorative and well designed attributes to the space. Dual tones and clever finishes are beautifully paired together to create depth to the design. Natural lighting and significant chandeliers offer an illuminated appeal to the room. It trends well with any design style that you choose offering a vibrant sense of charming touches. Some designers add a symmetrical structure while others keep simple lines to contribute to a harmonious balance.

Cathedral ceilings in your bedroom have a grand theme of luxury and elegance. The open design and brilliant lighting are paired ingeniously to befit  your day. This style accents your design in a fashionable modern day style. The inspired view is refreshed with bright and subtle hints of elaborate and decorative cues that contribute to a completed style. Windows sit atop the room allowing for sunlight to stream in and the moonlight creates a path to starry dreams at night. Bring a cathedral style into your design and enjoy the space in a whole new light.

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