20 Classic Bathroom Design That Will Make You Think Traditional

classic bedroom designs

There’s a new definition in town. The once¬† deemed only as a functional space has been redesigned and redefined. We are seeing Classic Bathroom designs that have evolved into a modern day fashion statement. Accents of all styles are widely used and adds a sense of decorative purpose to the room. Integrating

rugs and tiles are no longer seen as only technical factors. They are now a part of the decor adding harmony through out the design. Mirrors are reflective and

purposed in all sizes and shapes. The vanity has become a stylish partnering that is a great centerpiece to the space.

Windows allow for natural light and the window dressings create a private space. Shower and Bath styles are chosen with innovative integrity. A refreshing

outlook is a definite must have when choosing your style. Bring tradition forward and maintain your inspiration while integrating fresh concepts. The ambience

and structure of your space will be well defined with your vision. In the pictures below you will see an array of hues and notes. Designers use subtlety and depth

in their applications and the finished style is inspired.

Relaxing Space Traditional Bathroom Remodel

Classic Bathroom Designs

A Contemporary  space has a double vessel vanity in a rich modern finish. The tones are warm and

delicately blends the styles. With colorful floral accents this design is a perfect harmony.

Image: One Week Bath, Inc.

Jill Greaves Design Master Ensuite Freestanding Bath and Marble Shower

Classic Bathroom Designs

Glamorous and reminiscent this design has an upscale walk in shower and a modern styled bath.

The picture perfect window is perfected with a crystal chandelier. The marble surroundings are

complimentary with the clever design set in the flooring option.

Image: Jill Greaves Design

Carmel Valley Renovation

Classic Bathroom Designs

Branches lend a luxurious touch to this white couture styled space. A large shower and dual purposed

vanity brings the room together. Plenty of natural lighting paired with sconces are a great addition to

this design.
Image: Anne Rae Design

Traditional Georgian Property

Classic Bathroom Designs

An open design and and fresh dual coloring accentuates the cleverness of the window seat and savvy art work.

A smart walk in shower and sleek shiny floor add to the grandeur feel of this design.

Image: AQATA

Urban Elegance

Classic Bathroom Designs

Luxurious double vanities and a special middle vanity is well lit and spacious. The inset tub

has a cottage appeal. Marble floors and surfaces are elegant and simply dreamy.

Image: Laura Manchee Designs

Californian bungalow renovation

Classic Bathroom Designs

The Victorian window looks over the innovative sheer shower. A pedestal sink

and intricate tiling completes the picturesque design.

Image: Luisa Volpato Interiors

Colmar Court

Classic Bathroom Designs

A champagne dream interpretation is the best way to express this design. All of the modern appeals and

lavish accents and art make this a breath taking space.

Image: Anthemion Architecture LLC

Grace Crescent, North Vancouver

Classic Bathroom Designs

The Chandelier in this design is the perfect balance of classic innovation. Sconce lighting and a rich

deep wood finish is beautifully aligned with the soft yet stated colors.
Image: Kingdom Builders

Greenwich, CT

Classic Bathroom Designs

Fresh air is the theme of this design. The soothing tones are refreshing. A crisp white surrounds an

innovative chandelier. The accents and decorative fixtures set the lightness of the room.

Image: Valerie Grant Interiors

Chappaqua Complete Transformation

Classic Bathroom Designs

This space is chic and well noted.  The subtle contrast of hues are elegant and classic. The shelving is

adorned with charming accents that harmonize the lovely balances that are intertwined through the room.

Image: Daniel Contelmo Architects

Williamsborough Project

Classic Bathroom Designs

This French design is melodic with striping and a ritzy appeal. The vintage touches are trimmed in

fine detail. A wood floor and and an antique feel leads to a luxurious space.

Image: Design by Tula, LLC

Hawley Court Project

Classic Bathroom Designs

Traditional with modern cues inspired this lovely bathroom. This shower and bath duo are clever

in style. The traditional furnishings offer the space a cozy feeling. Sky lights are paired with patterned

tiles and neutral tones.

Image: VeDco Design Group, Inc

Master bath

Classic Bathroom Designs

This space is romantic and reminiscent. The curved sconces are majestically paired with an arched

mirror and vanity set. An inlaid bath is characterized with sharp window treatments. Creative built

in shelving are charming and well designed.

Image: Warren Home Restorations

Master Bath with Fireplace

Classic Bathroom Designs

Home is where the heart is in this natural setting. Warm and cozy,

a stone framed fire place sets the stage for a bath. A walk in shower

is blended masterfully with neutral tones and classic accents.

Image: Studio 10 Interior Design

Clasen Master Suite Remodel

Classic Bathroom Designs

A suite worthy addition, this space is extravagant and well articulated. Deep finishes and an exquisite

patterned back wall are just the beginning. Chandeliers and modern fixtures are set in indulgent tones.

Image: College City Design Build

Master Bath

Classic Bathroom Designs

Charmingly witty is this provincial inspired space. Double vanities are separated by a brilliant

window seat. With accessories and accents, the designer creates a lavish space.

Image: Remick Associates Architects + Master Builders

Luxury Shower with body sprays and frameless glass – Marble Master Bath, Chatham

Classic Bathroom Designs

Clever use of glass creates a dreamy modern style. Brightly lit and beautifully tiled this space is

elegant and intriguing. The design is fluid and moves consistently as an extension of the adajescent


Image: KraftMaster Renovations

Westport, CT Traditional Home

Classic Bathroom Designs

A dark finished vanity is enveloped in a classic white vision.The room is inviting and charismatic.

Simply stated and well defined , this space is breezy and lovely.

Image: Diana Sawicki Interior Design Inc.

Master Bath complete makeover. Fairhope

Classic Bathroom Designs

Picture perfect is a chic Tiffany style. Vintage and modern we see whimsical notes. The pairs of mirrors

play off of the french doors and windows. Stately and gorgeously accessorized, this design is enchanting.

Image: Restoration Style

Classic Bathroom Designs

An innovative fan is a savvy addition to this rooms surroundings. Wooden inspirations and tiling

insets are dramatic and creates ambience. A shower and bath pairing are thoughtful and paired

desirably with a neutral palette.

Image: Fairview Builders, LLC

The designs we have seen here have spanned from all aspects of style. Colors that are rich and reflective effortlessly

collaborate with each intention. The shower styles are simply luxurious. Bath styles have come a long way through

the years. They are now showcased in a splendor of tiling. Vanities are designed with today in mind. Resourceful and

trendy we are seeing mirrors and vanity styles that are elaborate and joyful.

The key to holding a great design for your bathroom is in all the details that are thoughtful and purposed. Shelving and

storage enable organization and the whimsical use of accents. We have seen artistic prints and framed photos that are

enchanting to the room. Flawless decorative touches harmoniously blends the vision and intention of the designer. Marble,

tiling and wood are cleverly infused with the designers choice of lighting. When using one or many of the techniques you’ve seen

here, you are sure to create a marvelous space that you can personalize and enjoy every day.

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