35 Majestic Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to designing a home. But never underestimate the decorative coffered ceiling. Adding dimension and an element of sophistication to any room, a coffered ceiling is a relatively simple addition to any room. Whether you decide to buy a house with a pre-built coffered ceiling or build it yourself, coffered ceilings are made to wow.

A Coffered ceiling is an architectural style that delivers a grand design. The dimensional aspects of a coffered ceiling are apparent with varied geometrical insets and design. The ceiling holds sunken panels that offer a decorative structure. The addition of a coffered ceiling to a room’s design offers a grandeur effect with detailed style. Through the ages, coffered ceiling styles have been utilized as a luxurious grand stand as a signifier of prominent civilizations. In today’s modern age, many designers have adapted the coffered ceiling with a fresh perspective. These ceilings have underwent a transformation from stone and gold, to wood and modernistic structures. There are many material options and colorful cues that can be incorporated into your coffered ceiling design.

Many designers use color to create depth in the coffered ceiling panels. A two tone effect or a clean wash of a single hue are both stylish and appealing to the rooms design. This particular style offers an intricate balance to the sense of space and the decorative thoughts behind the overall style. Below you will find illustrative examples of a coffered ceiling and how they reflect a historical value alongside a charming appeal.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Brooke Wagner Design

This mid century modern living room is cozy and intimate. But a coffered ceiling really seals the deal in here, elevating a casual living room into an artsy haven.bright white coffered ceiling is modern in style. Recessed lighting and in depth beams add to the rooms design in true fashion.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Lisa Bakamis Interior Design

This is where coffered ceilings really shine, in luxurious, turn of the century homes. Case in point. The high, coffered ceiling plays well with rich, maple columns and a tall fireplace.

A grand setting holds a traditional wood finish. The coffered ceiling is stark white in contrast with an artistic crossing effect that is set in intervals.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Michael Del Piero Good Design

Designed with a neutral color scheme and warm decor, this mid century modern living room is turned into a stunning, traditional gathering area with this coffered ceiling.

A modern room hold rustic touches underneath a pure white coffered ceiling. The panels hold texture with clean lines and a prominent style.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling
Image: Ryan Street & Associates

An oak coffered ceiling not only complements this room’s gentle color scheme but adds an element of sophistication to an already gorgeous room. A rustic style is set in a natural wood finish. The depth and character of the space is a fashionable vindication as it holds a Victorian shabby chic chandelier.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Susan Petril

This minimalist Mediterranean room is given a splash of charm and dimension with the use of a coffered ceiling. A chic white coffered ceiling makes the perfect addition to a classic styled room. The patterns and prints among the space collaborates beautifully with the balanced effect of the ceiling.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

Here’s an interesting take on coffered ceilings. In order to add interest and appeal to it, here we see paint between the panes of the ceiling. Not only does this compliment the room’s earthy color scheme but it plays off well with the room’s lighting.

A modern space is adorned with a taupe hue in the coffered ceiling. The detailed look has a neutral tone that has a sense of depth and warmth within the style.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Robert Granoff

This contemporary living room is given dimension and charm with the use of this oak paneled coffered ceiling.

This beam styled coffered ceiling offers a continuity of color throughout the room. A play on hues is well balanced with a charming decorative stance.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling
Image: LDa Architecture & Interiors

As you can see here, coffered ceiling don’t need to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding only a couple panes in order to make a big impression. As it is, this breezy, tropical room benefits from low-key decor and is brimming with charm.

A longer panel that is set above the windows offer a visual cue to this sea side room. This coffered ceiling style is complementary to the room’s intention.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Lauren Ostrow Interior Design, Inc

This gorgeous, Colonial style home is all neatly tied together, thanks to a coffered ceiling. A rolled and tufted sofa, along with the sophisticated trappings prevalent throughout this Colonial living room, really stand out when it comes to the ceiling, which compliments this room’s warm color scheme. This well designed space offers a sophisticated perspective. The warm tones are paired with a sleek white simplicity that holds a colonial charm.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

This eccentric space, which features an Oriental rug and art deco decor, is infused with charm and personality, thanks to the addition of a coffered ceiling. A colorfully inspired room is artistically expressive with an array of textures and styles. The coffered ceiling adds clean lines and a white foundation.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Significant Homes LLC

This coffered ceiling is especially interesting, featuring boarded panels and dark, oak panels. It evokes a certain nautical charm, which works especially well in this Cape Cod inspired living room.

Wooden and white is a winning combination in this coffered ceiling style. The dual tones add a sense of depth and intricacy to the decorative hints of the room.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

This highly contemporary, minimalist room benefits from a deep, coffered ceiling, which plays well with the room’s amble lighting.

A captain inspired space dons a chic styling with a white coffered ceiling and recessed lighting that opens up the space for a comfortable style. The designer uses the low ceiling and cozy quarters for a styling advantage.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Broughton Woodworks

This Edwardian living room is infused with lots of personality and charm, partly because of the coffered ceiling, which, paired with white interior panels, adds dimension to this highly traditional space.

This rooms charms a majestic style with a detailed wooden finish that collaborates nicely with a white backdrop. The theme is continuous throughout the design offering a stately appeal.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Rudloff Custom Builders

While this room offers a decidedly more neutral color scheme, it’s by no means underplayed. A coffered ceiling, with charcoal panels, compliments the room’s color scheme, all while keeping this room from feeling bland.

A modern luxury is set with an effervescent dual toned coffered ceiling. The white hue is chic and perfected with luminous accents that draw the eye to the decorative details of the room.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Zoltan Construction LLC

By incorporating refurbished, rustic wood, this coffered ceiling is elegant but infuses this room with dimension and charm.

A high set coffered ceiling becomes a part of the room’s traditional and modern style. The natural beams is paired with a vindicated white to offer a charming design.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Rudloff Custom Builders

This living room, filled with rich mahogany flooring and white furniture and decor, is elevated to the next level with a coffered ceiling. Sky lighting plays well off of the ceiling’s groves.

A neutral palate is accentuated with a stark white coffered ceiling. The shaded contrast is a delightful collaboration and infuses the room with a decorative energy.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling
Image: Key Residential

Wood paneled ceiling panels help infuse this room with charm and a mid century modern outlook. A clever combination of styles and accents includes a white coffered ceiling. The ceiling is set among an inviting artistic approach bringing the rooms design into a harmonious style.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Rudloff Custom Builders

This gorgeous, mid century modern living room is given dimension by a gray paneled coffered ceiling.

A dramatic entrance can be made with a sleek white and airy gray toned coffer ceiling. The room has a style that magnifies the designer’s touch of whimsical prose.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

This highly contemporary room benefits from the use of this geometric coffered ceiling. A departure from the norm, this coffered ceiling adds dimension and interest to this room, which plays off this room’s ample lighting.

Architecturally refined, this coffered ceiling adds a geometrical depth and style to its design. The use of architecture is ingenious.The addition brings a refined appeal to the modern style.

Decorative Coffered Ceiling

Image: JWH Design and Cabinetry LLC

This beautiful living room is elevated to the next level with a coffered ceiling. Coffered ceilings can work in a variety of applications, including mid century modern homes and even eclectic designs such as this. This room’s already chock full of personality, thanks to bright splashes of red and conversation inspiring decor throughout the room. The coffered ceiling, which is the perfect anchor for a chandelier, certainly doesn’t hurt.

A glamourous design has a champagne touch with a white foundation. The look is full of inspirational charisma and lends a designer appeal throughout the space.

Whether you build it yourself or buy a home with a pre-built coffered ceiling, there’s no denying that the right one can work very well in a variety of home designs. By infusing the room with dimension and personality, your ceiling need not be overlooked anymore.

We have noted several coffered ceiling styles in the above images. The looks are harmonious with the surrounding of the rooms design. When deciding on a look and tone of your own coffered ceiling, you will want to consider the size of the room. A smaller room will benefit from shallow and clean lines. A larger space can hold a more dramatic effect using singular or dual hues and deeper inset coffered panels. The design is an architectural inspiration allowing for the broadest spectrum of styles to be adapted to the room. Lighting accents the ceiling with upward lighting or recessed styles. The room changes from day to night as the natural lighting dims providing a cultured look at all times.

The notion of a well styled room is genuine to the beholder. The designer has a personal signature placed throughout the space bringing an inviting aura to the room. The ceiling is often left behind in the decorative process. Utilizing coffered ceilings is similar to a framed painting. The ceiling, flooring and wall colors, frame the room’s design with inspirational integrity that becomes a harmonious collaboration of true style.

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