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19 Gorgeous Shabby Chic Dining Rooms Built to Charm

shabby dining room

While shabby dining rooms chic seems like an oxymoron, with the right materials and eye for design you can mix elements of the antique with modern class. This style can be accomplished by mixing natural, worn components like wood and ceramics with contemporary glass and metal. So if your style sits somewhere between rustic and […]

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20 Stunning Dining Rooms Interior Designs

With the holidays behind us, what could be better than hosting your brood in your own stunning, awe-inspiring dining rooms interior designs? Well, having that dining room to yourself, maybe. But anyway, here are 20 of our favorite dining rooms, each stunning in their own ways. Enjoy and bon apetite. This cozy dining room uses […]

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101 Gorgeous Dining Rooms Design Ideas Sure To Inspire

Image: Locati Architects Although formal gorgeous dining rooms design has given way to family rooms and multi-purpose spaces, families still love to gather around wood dining table to enjoy a nice meal and get caught up with one another. In fact, most social events hosted in someone’s home involves dinner or some other sort of […]

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35 Amazing and Neat Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular Dining Rooms

If you’ve ever come across a modular home or room, chances are, the first thing that came to mind were scenes from science fiction or the Jetsons. Modular homes are meant to be simple and minimalist- easy to customize and bring into your home. With partitions, walls, or even simply furniture, one can turn a […]

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20 Opulent and Luxurious Dining Rooms

Graceful, elegant, opulent, and luxurious, these fine dining rooms fairly ooze class and charm. If you enjoy dining in swank surroundings, these designer rooms are for you. Featuring furnishings and accessories from some of the greatest designers, these spaces are truly breathtaking. So, if you’re looking for inspiration to transform your luxurious dining rooms, look […]

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20 Opulent Traditional Dining Rooms

Traditional Dining Rooms

In today’s on-the-go culture, many meals are eaten in front of the TV, in the car, at the office – and in a rush.¬† Having a space in your home to share a meal with friends or family can help you put aside the everyday hustle and bustle to enjoy a more opulent traditional dining […]

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15 Elegant Dining Room Designs

Dining rooms are some of the most important rooms in your home. From entertaining guests and gathering the family at the end of the day, the elegant dining room designs sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. So give your dining room a little credit. With the right touches, you can make any dining […]

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