15 Kitchen Islands Ready for Hosting

Kitchen island designs can do a lot for your dream kitchen. Not only can they provide additional, usable space in your kitchen- whether for cooking or for storage- but they can also provide something of a gathering space. Pull up a few chairs, crack open a bottle of Cognac, and your kitchen island can help you host guests or family. Here are 15 beautiful kitchen islands ready for hosting.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Cornerstone Architects

Here, this ‘L’ shaped island not only blends in well with this contemporary decor, but provides adequate seating for half a dozen people with taking up too much space.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Carthage Stoneworks

Not only is this marble kitchen island outfitted with a sink, but it’s fully capable of comforting seating a small family or a couple of friends- pulling double duty as an elegant dining room table.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Gepetto

This kitchen island serves double duty as a functional cooking space but here it especially shines as a clean, modern table for hosting guests. What’s even better about this island is that it works well in this small kitchen.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Annette English & Associates

With classic, mid century cabinets and clean, airy designs, this kitchen island works especially well as a small space for a couple of guests.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Steve Zagorski Architect

With a convienent nook to stow the stools when not in use, this functional kitchen island, plus sink, is perfect for meals, without being too overbearing.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Ahmann LLC Architectural Services

Here, this modern kitchen also provides an excellent space for storing chairs- serving as a convenient cooking space by day, and an elegant bar by night.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Nathan J. Reynolds-Poulin

This gentle, swerving kitchen island is not only highly functional but with a granite top, is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Wendy Resin Interiors

With a cool gray body and a slate top, this beautiful kitchen island works well in this classic kitchen.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Max Crosby Construction

This kitchen is elegant and gorgeous, outfitted with cork wood cabinets and a marble kitchen island with a functional sink.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Jessop Architects

This post-modern kitchen, with minimalist lines and outfittings, shines with the use of a birch bar outfitted on the end of this glossed white kitchen island.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Studio S Squared Architecture

Not only does this kitchen island feature nooks for holding cutlery and wine but a minimalist space for guests and a functional sink.

Image: Mauricio Nava Interior Design

This contemporary kitchen island not only features a stove top system but plenty of space to host guests. Imagine wowing your guests with an outright cooking show.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Greymark Construction Company

With gentle wicker chairs and a marble island top, this kitchen island and sink system provides adequate seating for guests and family.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Darci Goodman Design

This classic kitchen is not only paired well with old world style tiling but this beautiful black-topped kitchen island, with nooks for fitting chairs, is a perfect seating set for guests without being too overwhelming.

Kitchen Island Designs

Image: Olga Adler Interiors

You would be forgiven for assuming this island is just a table set in the middle of this beautiful kitchen. But along with providing adequate seating, this island also provides all the storage space islands are good for, right in front of the sink where the action’s happening.

Kitchen islands are not only functional but they can be aesthetically pleasing seating areas for guests too. With the right touches, your kitchen can be a room to be proud of.

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