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20 Ways to Add Color to Your Living Room

Color to Your Living Room

We have all heard that beige, gray and white is the new black when it comes to designing your home. Neutral palates have taken the style world by storm with its versatile adaptability and concise sleek style. As seen in photographs and imaging, the concept of adding color to your living room is a trendy way […]

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20 Right Ways to Use a Storage Ladder

We have all seen smart storage solutions and shelving, including the trendy Storage Ladder. There are many ways to incorporate a storage ladder into your style, however there is always some question as to how to add this concept to your design. The space savvy solution holds the promise to transform your space while combining […]

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20 New Inspirations for Carpeted Living Rooms

Carpeted Living Rooms

Carpeted living Rooms design has traveled leaps and bounds as history moves forward. The original imagery of carpets tends to be purposed with a traditional appeal. Home design has moved forward and introduced trendy colors, styles and detailed patterns to your flooring options. Living rooms today are graced with new designs. Inspirations for carpeted living […]

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20 Wonderful Skylights in Living Room

Skylights in Living Room

Skylights in Living Room are a concept that most do not realize can be added to your home within it’s existing structure. We are going to discuss some of the benefits of having or adding wonderful skylights in your living room. The economical equation is a primary factor that proves to be beneficial in the […]

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20 Mesmerizing Beige Living Room Furniture

Beige Living Room Furniture

Thinking back through fashionable history, we have had many iconic moments. Words such as timeless and classic are used to describe these home designs. There are many trends that come and go through the industry. One  home fashion that seems to be the proverbial diamond  that never goes out of style is the concept of […]

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20 Awesome Floating Shelves in the Living Room

Floating Shelves in the Living Room

If you are a member of the bookshelf Club you may want to consider incorporating new shelving Concepts also. Floating shelves may not exactly be new, however they are a quick way to update your living room or office space. Bookshelves will always have a home in our designing hearts. The idea of floating shelves […]

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20 Living Rooms with Multiple Coffee Tables Ideas

Living Rooms with Multiple Coffee Tables

Conversation begins with the enriching exchange of culture, histories and classic reads. They can also begin with coffee, recipes and how to tips. Either way you look at it, conversation is filled with  brilliant thoughts. The true beginning of most at home conversations is graciously started at the coffee table. Functional furnishings are stylishly included […]

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