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20 Contemporary Wingback Chairs to Fit Your Style

Contemporary Wingback Chairs t

Contemporary Wingback chairs add class and style to any living room. Their design is meant to curve around your back and give support while the wings are a good place to rest your head while relaxing after a long day. These options come in a variety of fabrics and styles from vintage-inspired to new age. […]

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20 Awesome Glass Sliding Doors in the Living Room

Glass Sliding Doors in the Living Room

Magical portals in fairy tales bring us from enchanted lands to fairy filled forests. It is where we first learned about honor, integrity and the styles of princesses and princes alike. In todays modern time we do not have  portals or magical charms. We do have charming backyards,decks and verandas that hold a moment away […]

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20 Attractive Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains

Modern living room curtains do much more than block out the light. Today they can be used to create semi-private social spaces, block direct light, maintain a constant temperature, or be neatly pulled to the side where natural sunlight can flood the space. Fabrics are available in many styles, with colors, shades, patterns, and accessories […]

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25 Wood Tile Design Flooring For Living Room

Living room hardwood tile flooring is a popular choice in many rooms. But you can take that one step further with hardwood tile. Combining the elegance and durability with wood with the steadfast charm of tile, hardwood tile is an ideal option for living rooms and bedrooms, regardless of your room’s theme. Image: Kyle Hunt […]

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22 Different Living Room Color Schemes That Will Rock You

Color is one of the first things we consider when we’re designing a room. And indeed, it rightfully is. A living room color schemes can say a lot about the room’s design- adding character and complementing the room’s decor. Color can even give a room personality. And as you’ll see with these gorgeous rooms, color […]

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20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Choosing the furniture arrangement ideas is, of course, one of the most important parts of designing a room. But how that furniture is arranged is important as well, if not more so. Join us and see for yourself as we use the following living rooms as example. Image: Mihaly Slocombe Here, we’ve created a space […]

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23 Ideas on How to Setup a TV in The Living Room

There’s no denying that for a lot of people, televisions are often centerpieces in their living room TV setup. But when it comes to decorating a room, televisions are often overlooked. It doesn’t have to be that way. As a matter of fact, televisions can be incorporated into a room’s design, just as much as […]

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