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20 Ultra-Chic Modern Living Room Designs

Pink Living Room

Long gone are the days of the ornate stuffy parlor.  Modern living room designs are airy, welcoming, and filled with accents and special touches that make the homeowner’s personality shine through.  Since your living room is where you’ll spend a majority of your waking hours at home, as well as being the first impression guests […]

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20 Creative and Innovative Living Room Wall Decorations

Living Room Wall Decorative Ideas

Have you been trying to decide on the perfect piece to use for living room wall decorations?  Before choosing a simple framed work, take a look at these twenty creative living room wall decorations.  These examples make use of new styles you can buy or even find among your own belongings.  Take a look! Image: […]

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20 Bold Modern Bedroom With Fireplace Designs

A few hundred years ago, having a fireplace in the house’s bedroom(s) was essential for keeping warm on cold nights.  Nowadays we have other, updated methods of heating our homes, but having a fireplace in the bedroom still provides a cozy atmosphere like no other heating system.  Feast your eyes on the twenty photos below […]

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20 Refreshing Green Living Room Designs

Green Living Rooms

Using an earth tone like green in interior decor brings a touch of nature into your living room.  Green looks especially beautiful when paired with other muted colors, or when used sparingly such as on a single wall or a large piece of furniture.  Here are twenty wonderful green living room designs that utilize this […]

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40 Inviting Earth-Tone Living Room Designs

Brown Living Room

One of the best ways to create a welcoming, comfortable living space is by using earth-tone living room designs like rich browns living room, refreshing tans, and deep oranges and reds.  These colors play well off of each other and bring the best of the outdoors inside.  Take a look at this photo set of […]

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20 Astounding Modern Open Living Room Ideas

Furnishing and decorating an open-concept space can be challenging. The key is to create a cohesive space throughout while maintaining clear distinction and separation between the various areas incorporated into the open living room ideas space. For ideas on how to do just that in your open-concept living room, look to these fabulous pictures for […]

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15 Beautiful Foyer Living Room Divider Ideas

Living Room Foyer Dividers

Image: Charco Design and Build Creating designated spaces or zones can be challenging, especially in modern open-concept homes. When one room has to serve multiple functions — entry, living room, dining room, office, etc. — it can be difficult to create a design plan that flows well and makes the space super functional. The designers of […]

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15 Stunning Tuscan Living Rooms

Tuscan Living Room Designers

Drawing inspiration from Doric and Meditteranean design styles, a Tuscan style room not only brings together the best of modern and traditional design elements but is sure to be a real conversation starter. Here are 15 stunning Tuscan style living rooms, showcasing the best of Tuscan designs. (note from Byron, please omit before publishing. I […]

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