19 Fresh Oval Dining Table Designs Your Guests Will Love

Oval Dining Table

These Oval Dining Table Designs take a traditional shape and find ways to freshen it. From varying widths to interesting materials, they delight in any dining space. Many of the designs we show in this post hover on the edge of extremely modern. Others are versatile enough to work in almost any dining room and with any theme. Feast your eyes on these beautiful styles to find inspiration for your own.

Sleek Centerpiece

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: UOL

This dark wood table creates a drastic contrast to the clean white interior of this super sleek kitchen and dining room. Its size creates a cozy dining experience and fits into a small dining space.

The Future of Dining

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: The Kitchn

This Oval Dining Table designs curve at a slightly sharper angle than most, giving it a futuristic feel. Combined with the metallic base, it brings this otherwise classic dining space to the modern age.

Ultra-Thin Oval Dining Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: ladolcevitablog

The sliver-thin design of this marble table appears to be both sturdy and airy. Its circular base and curved sides manage to give it a sharp, bold look.

High-Rise Oval Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Bob Reuters TL

Surrounded by plush, modern chairs, this dark oval table sits high off the floor. Its stylish design and added height make it a focal point of the room.

Modern Marbles

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Bloglovin

Elegance and poise communicate themselves in this posh dining space through a gorgeous chandelier and fur seat covers. The dramatic marbling of the oval table completes the high-end feel.

Simple Pleasures

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: dwell\

The narrow design of this oval table paired with its metallic asymmetrical legs creates a bold centerpiece. Circular chairs surround the piece and the bright natural light in the room creates a clean space.

Pale Perfection

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Femkeido Interior Design

The pastel color scheme of this dining room is complemented by a chic, white Oval Dining Table Designs. Small details like an abstract art piece, matching tulip vases, and a light wood floor finish the breezy scene.

Mid-Century Modern Oval Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Husligheter ✭ Maria Soxbo – Scandinavian design blog

Solid oak construction keeps this oval table sturdy while mid-century modern legs also give it a fashion-forward appearance. Modern-backed chairs with leather seats add the final touches.

Antique Oval Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston

This vintage table and chairs delights with its classic, white finish and distressed edges. A unique bench works as seating against one wall and an assortment of candlesticks accent the room’s theme.

Beautiful Birch

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Quick Home Design

A completely birch table set complements this all-wood room. With bright light filling the space, it lends to a natural, Zen vibe.

Rustic Oval Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Overstock

Cream and dark wood combine in this oval table set for a homey and rustic flavor. Its simple style suits this neutral dining space.


Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Modern Dining Tables


Breezy Oval Dining Set

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Gallerie B

Wicker chairs and a lovely window seat surround this airy table. Foldable sides also accommodate smaller dining rooms.

Tuscan Oval Dining Table Design

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Hayneedle

This Tuscany-inspired dining set includes traditional dark wood and carved legs common in the Italian region. Set against a stone fireplace with rich curtains and a wrought iron light fixture, you are immediately transported to the hills of Italy.

Formal Oval Dining Table

Oval Dining Table Designs
Image: DecorPad

Button-tufted chairs surround this classic oval dining table. Its solid wood design presents a formal air in this spacious room.

Woodgrain Oval Dining Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: DelightFULL Unique Lamps

The gorgeous top of this oval table works well against a hardwood floor. Its sleek white base and mid-century modern chairs enhances this useable-yet-modern dining room and kitchen.

Dining on the Dark

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Côté Maison

A very thin tabletop creates dimension in this modern room. Sleek, black chairs surround the oval table and gold bulbs act as a contemporary chandelier.

Versatile Oval Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: allissiasattic

Mismatched chairs surround a cream colored oval table with a dark wood surface. This table would blend well with a neutral theme or a brighter, more eclectic, space.

Geometric Wood Table

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Decoist

A unique wood inlay and geometric border sets this oval table apart from similar styles. The dark wood base matches the legs of the modern leather chairs surrounding it.

Kitchen + Dining Match

Oval Dining Table Designs

Image: Modern Dining Tables

Cool wooden chairs enhance the modern look of this dining room. A large oval table acts as the centerpiece with its marble top matching the backsplash on the walls.

Oval dining tables–though cornerless–manage to add edge to modern dining rooms. They also work as charming centerpieces for more traditional or subtle designs as a classic option. If you love a style you have seen here but need full-room inspiration, check out our post,  101 Gorgeous Dining Room Design Ideas Sure to Inspire.

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