20 Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas to Blend Classic and Modern Looks

Pedestal Sink Backsplash

Adding pedestal sink backsplash ideas to your bathroom is an important decision because the design you choose usually pulls the entire room together. If you also love pedestal sinks and plan to incorporate one into your next remodel, then this post is definitely for you. Though the bathroom is generally one of the smallest rooms in the house, loads of elements go into creating its style. Unlike a bedroom, where your choices are limited to wall color, bedspreads, carpet, and decorations, you must choose both durable and functional materials for a bathroom, plus match appliances to walls, tiling, and light fixtures. Here we give you ultimate combinations of cool backsplashes and classic pedestal sinks for some amazing inspirations.

Full Wall Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Decorpad

If you have minimalistic bathroom fixtures, such as this pure white pedestal sink, extend your backsplash tile to cover an entire wall.A soft, yet bold pattern like this one really makes a statement in a guest bathroom.

Mosaic Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

For a very cool look, take extra tiling from your floor and add a border into white subway tile backsplash. With this Moroccan inspired style, a metal pedestal sink really modernizes the look.

Soft Slate Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Decorpad

Mellow tones of gray flow through this subway tile backsplash. Meanwhile, a white pedestal sink and gold accents throughout the bathroom give it a majestic feel.

Rustic Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Home Design Lover

In a home with a simplistic design or a woodsy obsession, whitewash wooden planks and build your own backsplash with them. An ornately designed pedestal sink echos the antique feel of the space.

Traditional Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image:  Dena Benson

A marble top pedestal sink is accentuated by some traditional, tiled backsplash. As you can see, the tiling pulls in all colors of the room for extra balance.

20 Shades of Gray Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Flooring Creations San Diego

Multiple hues of gray work their way into this backsplash. Modern glass tiles rest behind a super sleek pedestal sink with gorgeous stainless steel finishes.

Whitewash Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: For the Love of A House

Tall washboards extend from the floor and create a clean backdrop for this simple pedestal sink. Light gray tiles match the mirror’s frame as well as the neutral wall color.

Chic Pedestal + Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Hooked on Houses

Regal, marbled tiles build this classy backsplash. Meanwhile, a pedestal sink create from glass piping reflects the ultra chic style of the space.

Contrast Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: TILE junket

In a bathroom with tiling this bold, a solid, subway tile backsplash tones down the busy design. Likewise, very simplistic elements like a white pedestal sink and frameless mirror ground the space.

Wallpaper Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Studio McGee

Contrary to popular belief, backsplash does not always have to be tiling. In this cool space, a patterned wallpaper does the trick instead.

Slight Separation

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: skonahem

This backsplash uses the same subway tiles as the rest of the wall, but uses a ledge for separation to define its presence. In addition, a white pedestal sink rests on modern black tiling.

Tuscan Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Roomzaar

The creamy, rough stone look of this backsplash is reminiscent of Tuscany. A very simple black pedestal sink suits the small space.

Bold Backsplash

Hooked on HousesPedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: HGTV

Hues of green, teal, navy, and gray make up this dramatic backsplash border. Smaller borders use the same glass tiles to create layers in the room.

Twin Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: House Beautiful Magazine

If you have a two sink pedestal like this one, consider using sleek columns of vibrant tiles to highlight them. Then keep other details in the space symmetrical as well.

Small Stone Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Lawson Brothers Floor

Small glass tiles make up this floor-to-ceiling backsplash. Meanwhile, a bowl sink rests atop a matching marble countertop.

Subway Tiled Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: newprairieconstruction

This white and black subway tiled backsplash keeps this small bathroom simple yet stylish. A bright wall color adds a pop and can be easily repainted to suit your preferences.

Matching Pair

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Rachel Grace

For a master bathroom, consider two pedestal sinks instead of a double vanity for a sleeker style. Tall baseboards can also be added for a vintage, clean setting.

Bordered Backsplash

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: Zillow

Long, glass tiles create a bordered backsplash in this bathroom. Meanwhile, a pedestal sink matches the other appliances in the room.

Marble Backsplacsh

Pedestal Sink Backsplash Ideas
Image: decoratualma

For a posh look, incorporate marble into your bathroom’s backsplash. This design fills an entire wall, with a built-in shelf for additional storage.

Pedestal sinks are a standard, yet gorgeous, feature in any bathroom. Once you add some stylish backsplash, you are well on your way to a beautiful new bathroom. For more inspiration, check out our post 20 Big Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms.

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