19 Purple Bathroom Design Ideas Bathed in Splendor

Purple Bathroom Design

Purple Bathroom Design has long been a color associated with royalty. Since it used to be one of the more difficult colors to dye, only those with rich purses and connections were able to come by the shade. Kings and queens of decades past wore purple robes as a sign of their status and decorated their magnificent palaces with it. So why not make your bathroom a regal affair by using one of these luxurious designs for inspiration? From bold options to subtle splendor, you’re sure to find something you love in Purple Bathroom Design

Moroccan Majesty

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Digs Digs

Multiple purple hues fill this Moroccan-inspired space. Arched windows filter in natural light while a shimmering backsplash modernizes the room.

Lavender Luxury

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Rilane

Lavender coats the floor in this spacious bathroom. Cream and pastel accents keep it bright.

Completely Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Maison Valentine

Every surface in this pastel bathroom is a perfect match. Modern appliances reflect the chic design.

Posh Plum Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Architecture Art Designs

A spectacular chandelier pulls together this opulent bathroom. Every finish, from the plum ceiling to the antique clawfoot tub, suits the splendid decor.

Contemporary Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Deco Holic

Even the shape of this psychedelic bathroom oozes 70s charm. No edges exist, with even the bathroom vanity carved into a wavy design.

Textured Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Arch Daily

Plank wood floors streamline the elongated style in this bathroom. A floating toilet and sink enhance the modern look.

Rich Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Style Estate

Gorgeous silver accents fill this elegant bathroom and suit the rich purple wall color. A lampshade chandelier also are mimicked in the small light fixtures on the walls.

Lilac Love

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Real Simple

Even in a small space, incorporating a soft lilac color adds vibrancy without overpowering the room. Keeping everything else clean with white accents completes the look.

Hint of Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Ferguson Shamamian

Cool glass and metal pieces throughout show off a unique style. The slightest hint of purple shines through in the wall color.

Two-Tone Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Home Base

This traditional bathroom combines two hues of purple for a stately space. Silver and white match the gray stripe and white trim circling the walls.

Palatial Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Decozilla

Purple tiles cover the walls of this royal bathroom. A recessed ceiling and ornamental wallpaper complete its lavish theme.

Rustic Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: The Room Edit

The stunning metallic bathtub sets the tone for this rustic bathroom. Paneled wood walls are painted a deep purple, with rough wood shelving and a plaid curtain finishing off the cozy setting.

Marble + Magenta

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Yellow Home

Marble tiles coat the floors and sink in grandeur. A soft purple highlights the gray and purple veins in the designs.

Glowing Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Blog Contrast

This entire space glows with a purplish hue. The bathroom flows directly into a platform bed for a mimimalist design that is full of flair.

Picture Featured Twice

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Home Stratosphere

Picture Featured Twice

Purple Accent Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Zillow

The lightest of purple paints this wall, while darker tones can be found in the intricate mirror, floral shower curtain, and circular rug. A bold tile design decorates the shower while small floor tiles add charm.

Pretty Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Minmit

Tall washboards stretch up the walls to meet a purple wall and ceiling. A patterned shower curtain incorporates the color into other aspects of the room.

Pastel Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Cotedetexas

Gorgeous antique features fill this pastel bathroom. A marble sink with stainless steel legs rests on original hardwood floors and an elegant mirror reflects the peaceful beauty.

Amazing Arched Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Better Decorating Bible

As if this arched bathroom is not stylish enough, it has been painted a luscious purple. A bold, patterned chair and tiled floor also act as attention grabbers.

Princely Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom Design

Image: Dye Dreams

Any purple-lover will adore this space. A sparkling chandelier and shimmering bead curtain add opulence to the purple magnificence centered around a painted clawfoot bathtub.

So whether you are looking to bathe like a royal or simply add a bold touch, consider painting your space purple. If pops of color are your thing, you may also want to check out our Colorful Green Bathroom Designs.