20 Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs Perfect for Escaping

Rattan Daybed Designs

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs, a close relative of the palm tree, is a durable vine found primarily in Southeast Asia. Its strong core makes it a wonderful alternative to bamboo for creating beautiful furniture that is meant to last. As one of the strongest woods, its stalks can be steamed and woven together or its stems can be tied together to create a woodsy exterior. Regardless of the way it is shaped, its gorgeous natural properties allow rattan to lead the pack for durable, beautiful outdoor and indoor furniture. Explore our rattan daybed inspirations and find the perfect place to daydream on a lazy afternoon.

Seashell Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Corido Furniture

The rattan shell of this daybed transforms poolside seating into a private nook. A soft round cushion makes curling up by the pool extra comfy.

Curtained Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Serena-Lily

A light, rattan base supports this airy outdoor daybed. White curtains drape around the bed to protect you from the sun and lend some privacy.

Bare Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: The Design Files

With strictly abstract art covering this bold wall, uniquely folded rattan encases this simple daybed to match the theme. Its light color stands out against the bright green and complements the various wall hangings.

Rattan Daybed + End Tables

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Quatropi

Matching end tables fit against this large Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs. A collapsible sunshade can also be used in the heat of the day.

Rattan Pod Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Helda Site; Furnitures & Home Design

With this rattan daybed, you can crawl into relaxation and rest encased in a stunningly woven pod. It even showcases the surrounding scenery with a built-in “window.”

Adjustable Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Hayneedle

Go from reading to napping in seconds with this adjustable daybed. It combines a sturdy metal base and frame with the natural look of rattan for the baseboards.

Outdoor Loungers

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Crate & Barrel

Bright purple cushions match the large umbrella shading these woven rattan loungers. Their painted exteriors keep them from fading in the direct sunlight and add a touch of neutral to their vibrancy.

Cornered Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Chairish

The 90 degree angle of this rattan daybed adds dimension to a space. It works well around the edge of a patio or firepit for extra seating in tight corners.

Chic Rattan Daybed Design

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Anthropologie

Like most items from Anthropologie, this rattan daybed encompasses all that is trendy in its simplistic, yet impactful design. A single cushion, hosting two different patterns, completes the chic look.

Dark Dreams Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Bloglovin

Soft black velvet coats the cushions of this Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs. Its bi-level design and parallel bars pull together the clean, minimalistic look of this room.

Pastel Rattan Daybed Design

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Lulu & Georgia

A pale rattan base carries this pastel bed to dreamland. A thick cushion and several throw pillows create a cozy atmosphere.

Regal Rattan

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: French Country Furniture USA

This rattan daybed is reminiscent of a French couch straight from the 40s. Though constructed from such a natural material, it still oozes elegance and antique style.

Private Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: My Internet Warehouse

Aptly named a peach rattan daybed, the shape of this piece lends itself to privacy or to a unique gathering in the shade. The side seats pull away from each other to leave room in the center of the daybed for the feet of you and your guests.

Split Rattan Daybed Design

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Shopping Deals UK

The entire frame of this large daybed has been created from the finest rattan materials. A built-in table boasts a glass top for easy cleaning and balance, and the separation allows for two relaxation spaces on one bed.

Nautical Vibes

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: The Inspired Room (Melissa)

Simple diamond designs gives this rattan daybed frame a minimalistic structure. Light blues complement the neutral hues of the space.

Opulent Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: looms Rattan-Möbel

A large canvas shell extends over this circular rattan daybed. A rattan side table follows the round theme and keeps the natural vibe on this luxurious patio.

Relaxation Separation

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Internet Gardener

The ottoman of this rattan daybed pulls away from the main portion for separate seating or more comfortable positioning. A glass tabletop creates a built-in place to hold drinks to to simply divide the space.

Versatile Rattan Daybed Design

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Internet Gardener

In this peach-shaped daybed, you can see the adjustable cushions pulled away to create additional seating inside. Aluminum supports hold up the dark rattan frame for sturdy, stylish tranquility.

Peaceful Pod

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Outdoor Furniture

Crawl into this rattan daybed and lose yourself in a lazy afternoon. It provides a quiet escape from the pressures of life while adding a statement to your outdoor space.

Antique Rattan Daybed

Dreamy Rattan Daybed Designs

Image: Simply Beautiful World

The ornate shell of this daybed incorporates intricate rattan weaving and a bassinet-inspired shape. Brown tones throughout the piece enhance its antique appearance.

Rattan daybeds provide private getaways, whether in your home or your backyard. Lounge in the sun, casually laze, or relax with your favorite novel in one of these durable masterpieces. You will thank yourself later. For tips on incorporating a rattan daybed into your space, peruse our post 31 Outdoor Garden Patio Design Ideas for inspiration.

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