20 Dramatic Red Dining Room Walls that Dare to Be Different

red Dining Room walls

Walk into the deep hue of desert sand, the brightness of a fire, the taste of a sweet strawberry, or the heat of a dried pepper. If you’re thinking red, you’re spot on. Red is bold, fierce, daring, and inviting–and today we’re putting it in your dining room – Red Dining Room Walls

Red is a stimulating color that reflects courage and bold determination. A dining room is a great place to feature some dramatic red hues. You can create a dark look with black accents or keep it bright and light with white elements throughout. Either way, you are sure to have the most striking dining room in your neighborhood.

Animalistic Red Dining Room

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Horchow

Deep red walls have undertones of black brought out by the curtains and decor. A bold zebra print finishes off the look.

Bright Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Alicia Britt Woodle

Bright orangey-red walls bring out the fun in this colorful space. A polka-dot tablecloth incorporates the color as well to balance the room.

Dark Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Architectural Digest

Dark red walls brighten up an all black room, and compliment the red upholstery on the dining chairs. A cool light fixture and dramatic artwork stand out with their designs.

Sponged Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Hemispheres

Dining room walls are sponged almost completely for a textured, multi-dimensional red wall. Leopard-print chairs bring in neutral tones echoed in the round rug beneath the table.

Deep Strawberry Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Don Gardner Architects

Deep strawberry hued dining room walls are brightened by white trim. The solid oak construction of the table pairs well with the other wood pieces in the room.

Red Accent Wall

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Design*Sponge

A bright red accent wall brings fun to this artsy dining space. Keep your table simple and build a creative collage to draw the focus.

Matte Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Float Project

Matte red walls compliment a dark wood dining table and its red accessories. Leather upholstered chairs make for a stately dinner party.

Strawberry Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Heathers Heartfelt Stitches

Strawberry walls are complimented by plaid and flowered patterned dining chairs. The walls give the room a rich look while the chairs add a luscious country feel.

Barn Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Blue Passions

Wood paneling is painted barn red in this country style dining space. The room is kept bright with a clean white table set and storage chest and the natural light streaming through the tall windows.

Raspberry Dining Room

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: A Primitive Place

Deep raspberry walls keep this dining room dark and mysterious. A long bench seats your guests on one side with matching chairs surrounding the oak-top table.

Dark Dining Room

Red Dining Room Walls

Image: Yahoo

Reddish plum walls are brightened by white molding and trim around a dark dining set. A patterned area rug fills the space and pulls together all of the colors in the space.

Candy Apple Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Traditional Home

Candy apple red walls brighten this sophisticated Victorian dining space. Of course, no Victorian room is complete without a stunning chandelier and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Functional Red Dining Room

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: House Plans and More

A red dining room hides between two neutral spaces, giving this home depth. An area rug helps to separate the room in an open concept design.

Rich Red Accent Wall

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Jacqueline Gracias

A red accent wall is the perfect way to incorporate color without darkening an entire room. Finish its drama off with sleek black elements.

Deep Mahogany Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: LIFamilies

Deep red walls give this dining space a masculine feel. Rich mahogany wood maintains the dark theme with brightness coming from several white accents.

Simple Matte Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: LIFamilies

Simple matte red walls pair well with traditional dining furniture. Add a functional-yet-stylish chandelier for a focal point.

Bold Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: This Old House

Bold red walls are contrasted with bright whites for a fresh, modern dining space. Luxurious seating makes dining an absolute pleasure.

Half Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: This Old House

Dining room walls are painted half red and split by white molding on the bottom half of the walls. Cool patterns on the rug and two upholstered chairs are different but complement each other.

Plush Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Pro Design

A plush red wall brings texture to this eclectic dining space. Extremely unique pieces, from the dog statue to the Medusa-like chandelier, cannot be ignored.

Pale Red Walls

Red Dining Room Walls
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

Pale red brings a homey feel to this country dining room. Incorporate plaid chair covers and a cute polka dot light fixture for a complete red fix.

A red dining room can be paired with a variety of diverse looks and styles, as seen above. Keep in mind that red is bold and it is incredibly important to choose your paint colors wisely. Be clear about the exact color you are looking for and sample the paint on your walls before you commit to it to make sure it fits your style and space. Once you’re positive it’s the one, you’ll have no problem loving it. If you are a fan of color themed spaces, you can also check out our post 20 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes to Choose From.

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