Roof Top Hideaways With Spectacular Views

Roof tops, even if you’re blessed with a flat roof with access, are often overlooked. But if you’re lucky enough to have both a flat roof and a spectacular view, you’ve got a lot of potential for designing and creating a luxurious hideaway space to help you enjoy your roof properly.


Image: Building Solutions and Design, Inc

Complete with a spa and a stone bed fireplace, this highly contemporary view offers minimalist furniture and a view to die for.


Image: Doyle McCullar

Set in front of a fireplace, this intimate space offers a refurbished wood coffee table and a gentle color scheme.


Image: Building Solutions and Design, Inc

(this may be the same patio, I’d review it)


Image: EAG Studio

Gorgeous hardwood tiling, plus sleek, stylish lounge chairs create a space that’s perfect for catching rays and enjoying the view.


Image: Karigan Residential

Complete with umbrella and hardwood patio chairs, this tiled roof works well with this charming ocean view.


Image: Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

A wood paneled awning adds an additional wow factor to this already amazing roof entertaining space. There’s even a full fledged kitchen, complete with grill, and a fireplace seating area. Decked out in hardwood, it’s the perfect place to entertain and enjoy the view.


Image: Bowles & Wyer

Charcoal tiles and a full fledged container garden keeps this roof/patio area feeling cool and relaxing.


Image: Chicago Green Design Inc.

While more intimate than some of our other examples, this roof entertaining space is still nothing to sneeze at. Wicker backed chairs provide a sturdy foundation for cabana style furniture, all while oak flooring provides a gorgeous and anchoring element to it.


Image: Pooltableportfolio – Modern Billiards

Featuring a stunning, contemporary fountain and sleek, tiled flooring, this rooftop is absolutely perfect for entertaining or for enjoying a stunning view all on your lonesome.


Image: Vanguard Blinds

While decidedly more simple than the other roofs we’ve featured here, the simplicity of this rooftop patio works quite well here. A full fledged grill and kitchenette system ensures this outdoor dining room is ready to host a small crowd and “windows” allow the view to be enjoyed but cut down on sun exposure.


Image: Ross Painting

This rooftop patio, with planked flooring and refurbished wood furniture, is ideal for enjoying the view and, of course, a magnificent contemporary fireplace.


Image: PITCH Concepts

With wood flooring and neutral toned furniture (splashes of color are, of course, given with the use of colorful throw pillows), this roof is ideal for enjoying the urban view.


Image: Levy Design Partners, Inc.

An impressive chrome kitchenette practically guarantees a prime entertaining space but the view could almost certainly suffice on its own.


Image: Inspired Interiors

Wood tiles and a rich, wicker backed sofa ensure that this rooftop is the ideal hideaway at the end of a busy day.


Image: R2 Construction Group

Cool, fluorescent lighting and a long kitchenette ensure this rooftop entertaining space is ready for anything.


Image: Shuster Design Associates

An intimate seating area and tiled flooring take advantage of a tropical view and Miami inspired rooftop.


Image: Shuster Design Associates

Turf is an interesting choice here, adding color and an eco-friendly element to this rooftop entertaining space.


Image: Terra Firma Design

Wood paneling and a kitchenette take advantage of a gorgeous, urban view, all while knocking the socks off of any potential guest.


Image: Pooltableportfolio – Modern Billiards

Colored lighting helps seal the deal and add a fun, club style feel to this rooftop entertaining space.


Image: Flavin Architects

Rich hardwood seating and flooring keeps this outdoor rooftop patio feeling intimate, despite its large scale.


Image: Stone Event Imports

This outdoor seating area is not only sturdy but stylish, infusing this outdoor space with contemporary charm.


Image: Lebello – Modern Outdoor Living

This rooftop patio goes one step further, adding a pool. With ample seating, this roof is a prime entertaining space, no matter the occasion.


Image: Gardens for All Seasons

Polished wood paneling and wicker backed furniture holds true to this roof’s outdoor roots but ensure this patio is ideal for entertaining large crowds.


Image: PITCH Concepts

A simple color scheme, with blues and browns, keep this patio and roof from feeling overwhelming but instead allow the focus to drift to the absolutely fabulous view.


Image: Anna Rode Designs, Inc.

Wrought iron fixtures and wicker back furniture infuse this gorgeous living room with a Tuscan flavor.


Image: EuroTile & ReModeling, Inc

Granite counter tops and hardwood flooring don’t deter from this patio’s rooftop roots but ensure this rooftop is prime entertaining real estate.


Image: Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Dual firepits ensure there’s room for parties of any size, all while allowing the spacious, fantastic view to be fully enjoyed.


Image: Colin Cadle Photography

Tiled flooring and a raised seating area ensure that the spacious marina can be enjoyed from any angle of the roof.

Have a flat roof and a fantastic view? You’re in luck. There’s no denying that you’ll have plenty of potential for entertaining, potential that should not be squandered. Whether small gatherings or just you and your partner, rooftop getaways are one of the easiest ways to take advantage of everything your area has to offer.