20 Cute Round Pouf Seats to Add Versatility to Your Living Room

Round Pouf Seats

Round Pouf Seats are perhaps the most versatile furniture item in your living room. They act as extra seating for guests, a coffee table, or an ottoman. With design options from funky to chic, it is simple to find one to suit your style. Plus, when they are not in use, they are easy to tuck away or to use as an accent piece in the room.

Vibrant Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Home Design Lover

Spunky patterns add flair to these brightly colored poufs. Dangling puffs decorate the seams for a cute finish.

Moroccan Pouf Seat

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Wayfair

The solid blue suede of this pouf helps it stand out. The traditional Moroccan stitching adds subtle style to any living room.

Flat White Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: The Land of Nod

The larger circumference of this white pouf allows it to work well as floor seating around a table or in a living room. Its clean design also suits multiple decor schemes.

Woodsy Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: The Land of Nod

These adorable poufs look convincingly like puffy logs. Try them in a child’s room to give it an outdoorsy spark.

Fur Pouf Seats

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Scenario Home

Fur automatically adds a posh accent to the living room. These neutral Round Pouf Seats enhance modern decor or elegant settings.

Hackysack Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: RH Baby and Child

These two poufs are reminiscent of the 90s with their hackysack construction. They complement a Bohemian room or a kid’s bedroom well.

Oversized Pouf Seat

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Polyvore

An oversized pouf operates well as an ottoman or seat for one or two. Extra padding adds comfort and a small design keeps it interesting.

Embroidered Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Pillow Talk

The flatter appearance of these pastel poufs give this living room dimension. Embroidered with bright threads and finished off with puffs, they also boast a Bohemian flair.

Crocheted Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Overstock

Intricate crochet work sends a bold message with these small poufs. A choice of rich colors fit with your room’s theme.

Polka-Dot Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Nurzery

These cute Round Pouf Seats decorate a nursery or fun living room with polka dots. Its neutral hue keeps it simple.

Natural Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Myhome

Varying in size, these poufs suit the natural theme of this room in their rock-like design. They look like two modern stones in this rustic setting.

Bohemian Poufs

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Maxi Tendance

Reusable materials create these hippy-esque poufs. They enhance this tribal room with their natural touch.

Chic Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Julie Nightingale Design

Another Morrocan-style pouf, this one flatters the classy atmosphere of this living room. It features a traditional style of stitching with modern, clean materials.

Tribal Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Joss and Main

A very natural piece, this tribal print pouf has a rough exterior. It would gorgeously fit into an outdoor space or log cabin-esque room.

Crochet-Top Pouf Seats

Round Pouf Seats

Image: ile-de-france.all.biz

Amazing crocheting covers these small pouf seats. They appear to be draped in knitting for a cute, chic feel.

Tropical Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Etsy

Extremely bold in its design, this tall pouf is wild. It works as a statement piece in a jungle-themed room.

Small Details

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Etsy

A tiny logo incorporated into these knit poufs brings the focus to the details. Their neutral tones fit in with most decor themes.

Patchwork Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: eBay

Soft, pastel patchwork covers this pouf seat. Visible stitching and mismatched patterns create an antique, cozy vibe.

Patterned Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Wayfair

Dramatic zigzags coat this pouf seat. It serves as an eye-catching piece and statement in your living room.

Denim Pouf

Round Pouf Seats

Image: Arquitrecos

Denim plates comes to a point on each of these poufs. They add a retro touch to a living room, den, or bedroom.

Adding a Round Pouf Seats to your decor lineup is less expensive than buying a formal chair or ottoman, plus works as a statement piece. If you would like to fit one into your living room, check out our  20 Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas.

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