20 Matching Twin Beds Design Ideas for Double the Style

Matching Twin Beds

Sometimes, you need to fit more beds into a room than the traditional one, whether for kids or for guests. With Matching Twin Beds, you have even more space on which to be creative, and it becomes a fun challenge to pull elements throughout the room. Meanwhile, having two beds means that you can also focus on symmetry for well-balanced bedrooms and clean looks. And face it, when you have double the beds, you also have double the style.

Orangesicle Dream Room

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Homedit

Except for two different seashells featured on the wall prints, these beds are perfect twins. Bright pops of orange contrast with the neutral shades of this room.

Frilly Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: My Design Chic

Two small twin beds send a charming message when paired with striped skirts and printed wallpaper. Four posts on each bed also lend an antique air to the set.

Retro Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Oomph Online

The funky headboards complement this room’s combination of blue and orange. A shared, orange bedside table center the space.

Traveling Twins

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Emilya Clark

A collage of various travelscapes cover the walls behind this wrought iron traveler’s beds. An antique traveling chest stands in as a cool nightstand.

Towering Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: HGTV

The printed wallpaper is echoed in various pieces of the bedspread. Meanwhile, towering four poster bedframes and tall bedside lamps add height to this bedroom.

Neutral Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: BHG

Though very neutral in color, this room incorporates bold stripes for some subtle flair. Gorgeous white furniture maintains a breezy feel.

Natural Elegance

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Cote de Texas

A simple chandelier hangs above two upholstered twin beds. Natural light seeps over the clean, white beds and creamy accents.

Embroidered Twins

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Carla Aston

No peaked attic space is complete without two beautifully embroidered twin beds revitalizing it. Adding small touches like these can go a long way for a small space.

Unconventional Bunk Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Bored Panda

This carpentry masterpiece packs in loads of additional sleeping space. White, cream, and tan coincide to keep the room from looking too busy.

Industrial Antique Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Curious Details

A very rustic vibe soaks this room from the wrought iron headboards to the roughed-up street sign décor. A soft palette of tan and white play up the old time feel.

Cozy Twins

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Bel Claire House

Everything feels homey in this twin bed room. A simple iron footboard, soft carpet, and rustic pictures make a night in this room seem like a trip home.

Marvelous Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: The Wow Décor

In such a stately space, it makes sense to decorate with two opulent four poster beds. Each is topped off with lush pillows and a comfortable lounge chair at the foot of the bed.

Plaid Love

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Savvy Southern Style

Unique wood slat headboards and footboards complement the cabin-esque look on this room. Plaid curtains create a warm backdrop with the pattern also reflected on the bed.

Perfectly Pink Twins

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Garden Web

Dark and light play well together with soft pink bedspreads and black bedframes. Yellow accents the room from the curtains and pillows, and two pretty mirrors decorate the walls.

Woodsman Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Courtney de Feo

Plaid bed skirts and pillows set the tone in this outdoorsy twin room. Two red pillows featuring antlers would make this a great spare bedroom or kid’s room in a cabin-style home.

Twins That Share

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Décor Pad

While these two share a headboard and a bedside table, they each get their own light and perfectly matching style. An eclectic mix of patterns creates an eye-catching room.

Peaked + Chic

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Katie Ridder

Another option for a peaked attic room, these twin beds sit on gorgeous oak four post bedframes. A single window shines over a shared nightstand, and two intricately embroidered pillows adorn the twins.

Sporty Charm Twin Beds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: South Shore Decorating Blog

This navy and white bedroom has a varsity blues feel. From outlined initial pillows to a striped rug, it’s a subtly sporty vibe with a polished finish.

Country Dreams

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Favorite Paint Colors Blog

Country charm oozes from this twin bed room. Picket fence-inspired headboards and a wash-bucket-turned-mirror start off the rustic feel. Meanwhile, galvanized metal light fixtures and plaid accents fill out the space.

Head in the Clouds

Matching Twin Beds

Image: Home Bunch

This chic twin bed room brings dreams to life. A primarily white theme also uses hints of color from two watercolor paintings in other elements of the room, including the accent pillows and area rug. Finally, a sky mural complete with soaring birds keeps your head in the clouds.

No matter the size of your room, you can find a twin bed set to match it. For smaller spaces, keep elements neutral to open the space. For larger rooms, add elegant touches and opulent designs for a fun twist. If you like the charm that seems to ooze from these doubled beds, you may also like our post, 20 Inspiring Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Cozy for some of the other spaces in your home.

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